How to Build and Sell an Online Business

It’s the dream of every online entrepreneur. But it seems to evade most. Stuck between one idea and the next big thing, most online entrepreneurs struggle to see any of their websites really create traction and substantial financial return.

How to Generate Blog Content

So, is it better to write content for people or write content for search engines? I trust you know the correct answer to this question. However, writing content for search engines and writing content for people doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive.

No More Authorship in Google Search Results

Around two years ago Google introduce the Authorship project, which aimed to introduce a new factor to classify and rank web pages: the author of the content. First of all the site would need to follow some guidelines, including clearly displaying the author name of each post, using a rel=author meta tag, and making sure the author had an active Google+ profile.

Write and Promote Your Posts the Right Way

Once in a while I like to recommend resources and posts from around the web. I believe this helps to expand the community around the site (as the bloggers I mention usually become readers themselves), and it also enriches the content, as you get to read stuff from other people and from different perspectives.

Down on Blogging? How to Beat the Blogging Blues

“I am tired of blogging,” a friend told me.

As I resisted the urge to play him the world’s tiniest violin, I asked him why he was tired.

71 Ideas for Blog Post Titles

It looks like this will be “Inspiration Week.” Wednesday I mentioned a report I came across containing 212 blog post ideas. Today I came across a similar post. Instead of a report it’s an infographic, containing 71 ideas for blog post titles.

Check Out My Interview with Zac Johnson

You probably know Zac Johnson, one of the best affiliate marketers around. Earlier this year Zac started a podcast called Rise of the Entrepreneur, and last week I was featured on the latest episode.

Check Out This Report with 212 Blog Post Ideas

Last week while browsing the Web I came across a report titled “212 Blog Post Ideas.” It was created by the guys, which I had seen in the past, and the report seemed useful, so I decided to download it. It has 73 pages, and the ideas go straight to the point. Here’s a […]

5 Tips for Writing Comments that Build Your Blogging Brand

Who would have thought that sharing your opinion would lead to an eBook endorsement from a New York Times bestselling author? Blog commenting opens doors for the mindful blogger.

How To Get Small Design Tasks Done

I am a pretty good programmer. I can crank out code in several languages (e.g., C, C++, Java, PHP, Python, Lisp, Javascript), and usually it takes me half an hour or so to build a simple script to do something on one of my websites. That being said, I can’t design anything. If my life depended on doing something on Photoshop, I would be in deep trouble.

DailyBlogTips is Welcoming (High Quality) Guest Posts

Back in 2013 I used to feature a lot of guest posts on the blog. Some weeks we would have 4 or even 5 guest posts published. However, not all posts had a high quality standard, and readers started complaining.

How to Find the Traffic of Any Website on the Internet

Have you ever wondered how many people visit TechCrunch every month? How about the New York Times? How about how many people are visiting the site of your competitors?

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