1,021,740 Spam Comments Blocked: Thanks Akismet!

By Daniel Scocco

Another day I was taking a look at my dashboard and I came across this:


Holy shmoly, over 1 million spam comments already blocked. I guess it would be pretty rough running a WordPress blog without Akismet.

Today I will also activate a Pro-Blogger API subscription, which costs $5 monthly. It is a small way of thanking the Automattic guys for the wonderful job that they make (both with Akismet and with WordPress as a whole).

What about you, how many spam comments has Akismet blocked for you?

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43 Responses to “1,021,740 Spam Comments Blocked: Thanks Akismet!”

  • Rarst

    I am probably minority but I am far from happy about Akismet. Can’t say I am very active commenter (comparing to some) but I lost count of times when I had to email fellow bloggers and ask to fetch my comments out of Akismet spam (and it’s always Akismet except few times with crappy IP blocks).

    Akismet is overhyped, bundled with WP and bloggers rely on it so much they often don’t care to check what the heck is that thing blocking together with spam.

    I am for antispam solutions that are chosen and tailored to specific blogs, not same silver bullet for everyone.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Rarst, with 100,000 new blogs being created every day, it would be tough to have tailored antispam solutions for specific blogs. Unless I got your idea wrong.

  • ignacio

    I have 7000+ spam comments. But akismet tells me I have 5,994 spam comments the second I activate it…

  • Rarst


    I meant that each blogger (especially tech-savvy ones) can spend a little time once to determine what type of spam he is getting and what filtering to use that won’t inconvenience readers too much.

    I strongly think that issues is individual. Types of spam, amount of valid comments, content of comments, total volume of comments… These things are all different for different blogs.

    In many cases that would be more effective and less harassing than simply enabling bundled Akismet.

    PS I should release at last my own anti-link-spam plugin made for my blog so I could plug link, hehe 🙂

  • Vincent Chow

    Mine is just one fifth of yours (my main blog), at 202,076. Several case of false positive, or maybe it’s just that few of commentator bother to let me know that their comments did not pass through.

  • Robert Hruzek

    Since I installed Akismet, it’s blocked 82, 697 spam comments. So with 7,351 legitimate comments so far, that means the ratio of spam:real is about 11:1! Sheesh, more than 11 spam comments for every “real” one!

    Thanks, and a big tip o’ the hat, guys!

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Rarst, yes that would be optimal, but also a lot of work. In my case Akismet works pretty well out of the box. I have had very few cases of legitimate comments getting blocked.

  • Rarst


    I don’t consider that to be really lot of work for blog average size. Just one of numerous maintenane task.

    I think it boils down how many effort blogger consider worth spent on antispam setup against how much he is worried about spam comments appearing and valid comments spammed.

    Personally I hate when my perfectly valid comments get spammed. So I consider it high priority that my readers don’t get in such situation ever.

  • Jeffro

    For my WordPress centric site, it’s blocked 2,184 comments since March.

    For my personal site, over 50,000.

    Man, just think of what your commenting area would look like if you approved all those spam comments LOL

  • Ron Pereira

    14,323 for me!

  • Rhea

    Tens of thousands.

  • Greg Ellison

    I had around 1,000+ spam comments. I love akismet, and put it on all of my blogs that I have. Thanks Greg Ellison

  • mark harrison

    Oh dear, I feel a bit stupid but….17 comments! However I’m a 2 digit kind of guy so I’m happy enough 🙂

  • Cassie

    One of my blogs has caught 19,894 spam comments and so far I’ve been nothing but happy with Akismet. If the odd one slips through, it’s not a big deal to delete it in the dashboard.

  • Glen Allsopp

    Damn, I’m only on 6,093 😉

  • Tom – StandOutBlogger.com

    only 8,558 for me. I mustn’t be blogging hard enough 😀

  • Melvin

    Me it’s about 6000 as well… I agree its hard to blog if Akismet didn’t exist..

  • Mr. I

    Aksimet? What’s that? OK, I know about it and have tried it but deleted it some time ago. I use Defensio now and its very better than it. It categorises caught comments accrding to spamminess level (like Spammy, Very Spammy, Obvious) and makes easy to filter out good comments from there. Also, it is better learner than Akismet and really shows the effects of my actions and does not block blindly like Akismet!

    In last 2 months, I have received just 50 spam comments thanks to Raven’s anti Spam plugin.

    Raven’s anti-spam shows a math question if Javascript is disabled(mostly bots have it disabled!) and spam bots cna not pass through. Humans still can submit spam but Defensio takes care of that.

  • kate james

    i was same thing with me with the total number of 5,163…

  • kate james

    i was having same thing with me with the total number of 5,163…

  • SEO Tips

    Thats pretty incredible, now lets all imagine life without Askimet…a terrible terrible life with hours of our time wasted deleting spam comments.

    I am going to go and check how many comments have been blocked on my blog…

  • iCan’t Internet

    Akismet does a wonderfull job keeping spam away from my blogs, so I love it for that. At the same time, it also kills comments that are not spam, but I guess that’s the price to pay. So checking out the spamfilter once in a while is not a bad thing I suppose.
    The worst thing is that it also often hits my comments on other blogs… Now, that is a problem in my opinion 😉

  • Ben

    Holy shmoly is right. Good grief. I just looked at mine before coming over and I was extatic that it had caught 160 in the last week or so. That 160 was added to the couple thousand that particular blog has gotten hit with.

    I think I may have had 1 or 2 false positives across all my blogs.

  • Hendry Lee

    I was surprised when you revealed that number during the live WP Weekly show. That’s a lot of spam.

    The only thing I dislike about Akismet is that it is not free if you have a WordPress Mu site. Also the fact that they tie into a WP.com account. But that’s an effective business decision from Automattic, imho.

  • Crazy Oldie

    great plugin that has done wonders. I am not sure how much wasted space and discouraging daily comment cleaning a person would have to do if it was not for akismet!

  • Christine

    Akismet blocked about 1700 spam postings for me, but I always had a high number of false positives and instances of spam seeping through.

    I’ve since switched to WP-SpamFree, with 25000+ spam blocked, no spam missed, and only 2 false positives in four or five months.

    I highly recommend WP-SpamFree — I’m never going back to Akismet!

  • John

    Wow, that’s amazing, my highest ever blocked was just around 6,000.

  • Al

    Protected me from 870 spam comments so far… little by little!

  • Al

    Hey!! Does this mean that all those comments with tons of links I’ve been leaving did not work?? 🙂

  • Matt

    Christine, if that plugin is working so well for you, you shouldn’t tell anybody about it because the more people that use it the more likely spammers will work around its simplistic methods. (Before Akismet I wrote an anti-spam plugin with a similar approach.)

    CAPTCHA or math or JS/cookie methods also work best for smaller blogs — on many larger blogs most of the spam they get is left by humans, so checking if their browser is real or asking them to do some simple arithmetic isn’t going to stop it, ultimately you need a content-based solution.

  • Miss Gisele B | EatSmartAgeSmart.com


    I must say that Akismet Spam arrest is an incredible pluggin and I don’t know what I’d do without this brilliant tool!

    Miss Gisele B.

  • Arafat

    I have 3846 for long time. Thanks to Simple Captcha which protect me from bot spammer. I think it’s better to use captcha in comment to protect you from bot and use Akismet to get protected from human spammer.

  • blackzero85

    1 million? ….uh..

    For our blog, we’re using Defensio. Never paid any attention about how many spams got caught. >_> Let the plugin does the job.

  • Boerne Search

    You should look at it like a complement. Thats alot of spammers. Or one spammer with alot of content.

  • Bash Bosh

    Over 1 million blocked spam ?!
    Congratulations for Aksimet!

  • Make Money Easy Online

    I use Akismet before and I did not have any legitimate comments.

    After I have uninstalled it, am beginning to see some comments.

    Since I am not getting too many spam comments, I have since do away with it. Might consider Denfensio instead when I have the time.

  • gausarts

    I wonder what created spammers:)

    Btw, I don’t have Akismet. I am running drupal and installed Mollom instead. But it blocks approximately 131653 spammers in the past 227 days. Mostly are hitting my contact page. So I decided to change my contact page into a dynamic blog entry kind with a comment form provided by disqus as a replacement for my contact form. I know it’s a strange kind of contact form, but it does the trick. I never get a single spam since then. I don’t bother my comment form since disqus is already doing the filter pretty well.

    At least it may confuse and hopefully stop bad robots for some time, before I revert to traditional contact form.

  • True Song Media

    Holy moly!!!! That’s a LOT of spam…Haha. I need to start using Askimet on my blog then. Wow.

  • bebek oyunları

    Holy moly!!!! That’s a LOT of spam…Haha. I need to start using Askimet on my blog then. Wow.

  • Hariharakumar

    Is it necessary to have those spam comments? i want to delete all those spam comments from my blog. What do you say?

  • Medyum

    Mine is just one fifth of yours (my main blog), at 202,076. Several case of false positive, or maybe it’s just that few of commentator bother to let me know that their comments did not pass through.

  • David Kamau

    I did not use my URL in this comment because it would not have gone through. This is one reason I’ve decided I don’t want anything to do with Akismet in my blog. They can blacklist a website and block all comments from ALL blogs using Akismet. This is plain wrong. If a site owner thinks I’m a spammer he can block my IP if he so wishes. But for Akismet to block me from ALL blogs (with Akismet activated)? This is totally ridiculous.

  • Costas Tryfonos

    David i totally agree with you. I had never previously commented on a blog in my life till a couple of weeks ago and was like a kid with a new toy commenting on all sorts of blogs that i regularly read but have never commented on before.

    Now i am banned by Peskymit and i have no idea why!!!

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