Be Everywhere!

By Daniel Scocco

I am currently reading a book titled The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure. It’s a great book, and if you haven’t read it already, do yourself a favor a pick a copy!

All the chapters are awesome, and it will certainly change the way you think about productivity, making money, success, passion and so on.

One of the final chapters (chapter 20 to be precise) is called “Omnipresence.” In that chapter Grant talks about how you need to be everywhere if you want to grow your business, make more money and so on. Website, social media, radio, television, magazines, newspapers, interviews, you name it! Whatever opportunity you can get to put out the word about yourself, your business, your mission and so on, you should take it!

Prior to reading that chapter I already believed that everyone should have a strong online presence, regardless of profession, age and so on. Now I am multiplying my efforts to make sure that relevant people (e.g., investors, partners, employees, etc.) can find me on whichever platform they might be using. For instance, here’s a list of my current online profiles:

Apart from that I am also taking all opportunities I can to get featured on other websites and publications. For instance, over the past couple of years I was turning down interview requests because I felt I was too busy. Heck, the day my company does an IPO I’ll consider myself too busy! Until then I will be glad and flattered that someone wants to interview me, and I’ll take the opportunity to talk about my goals, projects and so on.

You never know where your next business partner or opportunity will come from, so make sure people can find you everywhere! Pump up those social media posts, blog articles, Instagram photos and so on. Be everywhere!

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5 Responses to “Be Everywhere!”

  • Katie

    Hey Daniel, thanks for this great post! I agree its good to be everywhere. This way more people can find you from all sorts of places. Not everybody uses Twitter and Facebook.

    Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Reddit, Forums, Youtube, Guest Blogging, giving away free eBooks and publishing your own book, are a handful of ways to get your business or website out there. So people can find you.

    Thanks again for your amazing post! Take care 🙂


  • dhivya a4n

    i like to post my article in your website…what are the producer to do this?


  • dhivya a4n

    how was promote my website?
    pls tell some tips…


  • a4ndinesh

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  • dhivya a4n

    Did You Try the Revamped Google Trends?


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