Do You Want to Create a “Make Money Online” Blog? Read This First

By Daniel Scocco

You probably have already seen dozens, if not hundreds of “make money online” blogs and websites out there, right? Their popularity is no secret: people see bloggers earning big time in this niche (or at least claiming to), and they decide to jump in to see if they can get a piece of the pie. Unfortunately most people who follow that route will fail in the long run.

A couple of weeks ago I came across a post from Yaro, titled How To Make Money Teaching People How To Make Money, that explained how this pattern unfolds. Here is a quote from it:

Some people consider making money by teaching how to make money essentially a scam. I mean if you know a system of how to make money, why not just use that system rather than sell it? That smells fishy right? Umm, no, I find that logic quite silly. Why not make money using your system AND teaching it.

So, why can a small minority of people earn big in the Internet marketing industry and the majority fail miserably? Is the make money online niche only full of scammers or those who just got lucky?

As someone who has been making money in this niche for years — and I’ve certainly climbed the ladder over time — I’m in a pretty good position to explain the subtle elements that people new to Internet marketing won’t see.

The interesting thing about Yaro’s post is that he is not only explaining why people fail to make money on the “make money online” niche, but he also lays down some points and tips that you can use to succeed. Worth a read.

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43 Responses to “Do You Want to Create a “Make Money Online” Blog? Read This First”

  • Steve

    I can see not giving away the keys to the kingdom unless you feel that there is no way someone can outdo you doing what you do.

  • Hector Cuevas

    that was a good read..

    I agree with you Yaro, credibility needs to be established before we call ourselves experts in any niche. Just because people can’t see us doesn’t mean they can’t see right through us. Our visitors and customers know when we are genuine or not.

  • Stefan

    You need to see it as a teacher / student scenario. Why does anyone teach others within their own niche? Personally I love the feeling when other succeed thanks to my help and that’s why I give away some of my tips.

    On the other hand I agree with your post. There’s way to many blogs claiming to be making money and then simple selling their visitors different e-books and services. That’s why I don’t have any advertising on my personal blog.

  • Yves

    I’ve just started to read Yaro’s blog as many others. I’ve been blogging as a hobby for years and just recently decided I would spend the time learning how to build relationships and community through blogging.

    And then of course, there’s “monetizing” these blogs.

    I’ve recently been quite happy that one of my blogs has kind of become part of a community of bloggers who share the same interests (or niche). It is very rewarding to me on a personal level and motivates me to write, research… to put more time into it.

    After reading so many of the “make tons of money fast online without much effort” kind of blogs… I thought I’d try and find other voices… with much more sober messages.

    One thing seems clear to me, like everything else developing a blog or a few blogs of value (that people connect with or to) takes time and effort. At least it does today.

    There’s effort and time. Even in Yaro’s statement “I’ve certainly climbed the ladder over time” tells me that he’s put lot’s of effort and time into building what he has built.

    Sadly that’s a message that some won’t give. Maybe because they’re trying to be up the ladder without climbing it.

  • Chester

    Most likely scammers earn most of the money online. Sad thought but it’s the reality.

  • ThreeMoneyMethods Online

    Thanks for referring me over to Yaro’s post. I had missed it, and always enjoy reading his stuff because he doesn’t try to fluff over the work necessary to achieve the results.


  • Peter Davies

    A lot of it my opinion is understanding something of what you are purchasing, reading past the hype and evaluating what the product really does.

    I would define a product categorised a money making product as a tool that helps with your Internet Marketing strategy – it is more than likely only one part of a big puzzle of things you have to do – believing the hype that if you purchased a product it is going to make you rich in itself is the mistake people often make there is often a huge amount of ground work to be done as well, just like any any other business.

    Internet marketing is just another form of marketing only via the internet. Companies invest a lot of resources into this area, so it is a valid process if done properly.

    As with anything if you dont understand the steps and basic principles involved and act upon them in a logical and disciplined way or more often than not you will fail to make money.


    As in the real life, there are no short cuts to making money in blogging as well. If you see it closely, a lot of principles that apply to other businesses apply to blogging as well. There may be a charm because of a few exceptions being blown out of proportion, as is the case with any industry, when new. The lower initial costs are not always a boon as people tend to start a blog (as it is easier to start) and leave it half way, wasting all their efforts. At least in the real world, only those who are serious about starting businesses do – as there is a substantial amount of investment needed there and they fight it out till the last moment.

    And in the real world, this technique of teaching others how to do business is called MBA – Master of Business Administration 😉

  • Adam Baird

    LOL I have an MBA and I can tell you for a fact that Yaro has given me more helpful info than that entire program.

    Really though Yaro’s blueprint really isn’t complicated. Provide solid, compelling, original content over time.

  • Tom Bradshaw

    Interesting article, there’s definately money to be made in blogging but only if you’ve got something interesting to say

  • George Serradinho

    I agree that there are just too many ‘make money’ websites now days and I’m even sure that most don’t even bring large amounts of money.

    The thing is that us users need to try and find a program that works for us and tweak it a bit to suit our own needs. In doing this, we might find our own way of doing things and then make money from it and then we could share it with others if we wanted to.

    It’s a trial and error thing. Try all the programs and find what we like and whats working for us. If it’s not working then leave it and move onto the next program. And so the cycle goes on.

  • David Walker

    Hey Daniel,

    I was delighted when this article appeared in my inbox today because this is exactly the type of blog I am running. Where most people get this wrong is they set up a blog in this niche because they “think” that’s what they should be doing to make money.

    “Well, John Chow and Yaro Starak make money from it, so why can’t I?” seems to the attitude most have.

    But, all they do is just reprint a load of generic “do this and this to make this” type articles which are boring and don’t really add any value. Nobody is interested in them and the writer soon loses interest in the blog.

    What the really successful bloggers like Chow, Starak, Rowse and others have is soul. Their “back stories” are evident on their blogs so people connect with THEM, not their “make money” content.

    Plus, the real monet is not in the blog, it’s in the mailing list you create as a result of people coming to their blog. Chow himself argues he’s not a blogger, but a marketer who has a blog.

    Just my opinion, anyway.


  • Bill

    In my experience I have seen many programs that claim to teach and give you everythign you need to be successful and make money online but the truth is that the real keys are hidden. They hand you over all the BS but nothing really you can use. This is why experience, trial and error is the only way you can make money for sure.

  • odtaa

    The key to success with blogging is

    develop content
    network and market
    develop more content
    network and market some more. (ideally with and through higher level players)

    When you’ve got the content, when you’ve got the traffic and been around maybe 6 months or a year you’ve got authority.

    What Yaro has, and most of us haven’t, is the high level network. If he approaches one of the big boys then they’ll listen to him and work with them.

    I’ve signed up for one of Yaro’s courses, as it’ll give me a structure on how to market and some good suggestions on how to organise my content, eg pillar articles – longer posts that form the backbone of your site.

    However, I think one of the main reasons in joining his course, certainly mine, is that you can network with ‘Blogging – the Next Generation’. These are the ones to network now and some of them, and hopefully you, (exclude hopefully if you are dedicated enough), will be big within 3 to 4 years.

    Yaro is legitimately entitled to teach people how to make money out of blogging and the web, as he has made money out of the web.

    What I don’t like is quite a lot of schemes, spelt scams, which are written by people with little or no experience and have just set up their ebook or network with what is in fact regurgitated info packaged from the better, more helpful, authoritative sites.

  • Ben Moreno

    Yaro always writes pretty good content. I was so close to joining his mentoring program when I first started.

    I still might someday.

  • Hesham

    I was not believing it at the beginning and thought it could be a scam to follow people who talks about thousands but after involving more on Making Money Online, I may change my mind!

  • Yves


    Great comment.

    I don’t like all those schemes and scams. After taking the time to read around various blogs I’m very happy to have found Yaro’s blog…
    (This one also!)

  • Harrison

    There’s more money to be made from poor schmucks who hope to make money online than to actually make the money online yourself assuming you’re that good. Take Tony Robins for example.

  • teratips

    thses tips really impressive for me, thanks

  • Jason

    Sometimes I wonder if these gurus make money, as they say that they do…?

  • Liane YoungBlogger

    I’m basically a Yaro fan, so anything he says, I’m all for it.

  • Zemalf

    I think the biggest reason why people fail in the “make money online” niche is that it’s the most competitive niche there is, as many of those who are making money on the web from other niches really know their stuff and the new marketers interested in making money online should look elsewhere for that money.

    On the hand, for people taking the “chronicle the journey” approach, I liked how Yaro stated the “you absolutely must take action and try different systems and methods to make money, and then report back real results to your audience”. And for this type of blog, I think it’s still needed that the business/niche experiments are done on various niches, not just on the make-money-niche.

    I think the key here is that to make money online, you don’t have to (or even should) blog/write about making money online, but look for low hanging fruits in the other niches instead as it’s a whole lot easier to get hang of things in a not-so-fierce niche..

  • David earn money web Shehan

    I think there are people with really good “make money” courses out there that are willing to share their “secrets.” And I think most people have pretty good radar and can tell the truth from the BS. But when people fall for the scammer’s BS, I think they overide their own radar in order to believe that there’s an “easy way” and that it doesn’t takes tons of hard work, time and effort. That’s just a lesson a person has to learn on his own.

  • harson

    That’s from Yaro..great. i have read lots of his articles including free ebooks about his offers. i have been meditating on joining his latest coaching on membership site; but so far i haven’t.

  • Blog Ebooks – Claus D Jensen

    Thank you for sharing!

    It’s interesting. And as others have said, it would be fun knowing, how many of the “gururs” are really making money blogging!!??

    Claus D Jensen

  • Muhammad Faisal Jawaid Attari

    Nice Post, thank for sharing.

  • Boogle

    I quoted from Yaro’s statement:

    “Some people consider making money by teaching how to make money essentially a scam. I mean if you know a system of how to make money, why not just use that system rather than sell it? That smells fishy right? Umm, no, I find that logic quite silly. Why not make money using your system AND teaching it.”

    Well i’m thinking contrary from his statement, IMO why should i visit sites/blogs that basically need you to pay if you want to join their “teaching system”, although their sites/blogs provide good contents, but i think that contents smell fishy, “half genuine”, because the “genuine” one are out there in the paid one, well that’s IMO anyway.

  • Boerne Search

    The only recession proof income is selling recession proof opportunities. 🙂

    Just something I have noticed. And I wonder if those people are making any money doing it.


  • Amol Wagh

    You need to have following to make good money from internet.

    Older presence, which gives high authority & page density

    Have good quality of writing/ products

    And have number of pages that promotes your product or writing

  • Rocky

    I’m also a big fan of Yaro as well as Daniel. Glad you’ve reached this far, hoping someday I’ll be one in the row. Thanks reminding this post to us.

  • Neil Marsh


    It is just a case of showing people the blue print of how to make money. What steps people should be making, but to actually make money takes time and determination. If you think it will hapened over night then you are in the wrong business.

    When people fail it can be for a number of reasons, lack of knowledge is high on the list, but what is it for those who fail with knowlegde. Well for me it is obvious, they have no plan, no clue which direction they are going. So there end up stumbling along from one thing to another with no real purpose.

    To have success you need to know what you are going to do today, tomorrow, next week and even months ahead. So you can take each step one at a time to reach your goals.

    This is not a fun thing or a hobby it is a business. So it needs to be treated like one, cawhat would happen to the large complanies in the off line world if they did not have a plan for what they are going to do next. They would go burst/fail etc…….

    Neil Marsh

  • Nevin

    Due to the recession, there are fewer opportunities for bloggers to write online for extra income today. The payment for bloggers’ post has been greatly reduced by the advertisers.
    But there are many signs of recovery these days. Let’s looking forward to the rise in post payment soon.

  • Sky

    You obviously put a lot of work into that post and its very interesting to see the thought process that you went through to come up with those conclusion. Thanks for sharing your deep thoughts. I must admit that I think you nailed it on this one.
    I think blogging for money is just like doing any other kinds of business. It is not easy money at all, but requires dedicated work.

  • Eric C

    I’m a bit late to this post but I have to chime in. My problem with Yaro is that he sells the “secrets” to blogging success, the same secrets that Rowse and Daniel give away for free.

    Another commentator summed up Yaro’s program (Consistently provide good, compelling content) in one sentence. Why should I pay $40 for that?

    Also, there are waaaaaaaaay too many money making blogs out there. Just saying.

  • Difference Between

    In my opinion,the situation is like gold rush. Most of the people who are making real money are earning that by selling the tools for digging gold not by digging Gold.

  • Yves Arsenault

    Difference Between:

    Interesting comment… I’d have to agree some people likely are.

  • Graeme Ashe


    Brilliant post!!

    It took me a while to realise what Yaro is saying to be correct. I used to be one of the sceptics who as Yaro said “I mean if you know a system of how to make money, why not just use that system rather than sell it?”. But my outlook has changed.

    If you can build a following of people who trust you and teach them the exact ways your making money online, then the ones who really do implement your strategies will make money, if you’ve been truthful and just by doing that showing them, you will get nothing but trust and respect from them, hence they will support you in any future products.



  • odtaa

    Without doubt a combination of a regular read of Daily Blog tips and Darren Rowse’s ‘the 31 day build a better blog book’,
    cover at least 80% of the material of any make money online course or paid membership network.

    There are other good sites to gather this information. The free material on Yaro’s site is also very useful.

    Building links with the right forums, eg Darren Rowse’s forum linked to the above book, or by following up the more useful comments on sites such as Daily Blog Tips helps build networks and gives prime examples of how to do it.

    The advantage of paying for established ‘get rich on the internet’ courses is four fold.

    1 It motivates you – if you’ve paid the money out you feel you must follow the course or work with the network to get your money’s worth.

    2 It builds your network. A significant minority of those paying for the course will succeed. If you do it right you will network with them and yours will be one of the success stories.

    3 It gets you up to speed with trends and the leading players in the business.

    4 On a paid course you should be able to get a lot of objective feedback, which you should not have to pay any extra cash for.

    5 It gives you the experience as a customer, which you may want to develop later on.

    However, you should remember that the majority of people who buy Nike trainers, with the intention of getting fit – Just Don’t Do It.

    If we ignore the established, such as Yaro, and look through Clickbank, you will find quite a few courses where the main activity is long, miles down the page promotion where you are offer a couple of thousand dollars worth of savings, (on stuff you wouldn’t in a month of Sundays pay $2,000 for).

    To be legit there has to be quite a bit of depth in the training package. On the net you have to be aware.

    (Please note the odtaafiles is just a site I’m playing around with, not my business site)

  • Ryan

    Nice post here, my thoughts are that you can make money in any such field/niche. The MMO niche is one of the most popular and so there is massive supply and demand up-for-grabs. Get on that front page of Google and you’ll make stackloads.

  • Aan; Marketing guru

    Nice post. I never knew a blog could make such a heaby amount of money. I will be searching for this topic now

  • Master101

    Well, I can say I am fully agree with what Yaro said. I mean, if you somehow know how you got urself wealthy from following particular path, and then u share it to the rest of the world to get more income, that was actually something brilliant!

    yeah there was always some hype talking going on. But really there is nothing wrong of selling ebook/video/articles with the guidance how to make money. Especially if their earning would not be effected by more people using their trick or recommended program.

  • Farouk

    the problem is not in selling systems, the problem is in the way they hype their systems

    “Learn how i made 12189342.23 dollars overnight using my super duper ultra money making system”

    why did he bother to add the 23 cents loool

    that’s how most of them look like

  • Paisakamana

    Good read thanks for sharing 🙂

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