FileZilla FTP Client

By Daniel Scocco

Whether you have a blog or a normal website one of the most important applications that you will use is the FTP. The File Transfer Protocol is the most efficient way to get pictures or files to and from the server that is hosting your site.

Not all FTP programs are the same, though. One of the best alternatives around is the FileZilla. This open source FTP client is fast and reliable and it also has all the advanced features that you will probably ever need.
You can download FileZilla here.

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5 Responses to “FileZilla FTP Client”

  • Thilak

    FileZilla has been my all time favorites, good to see lot of people turn towards open source !!

  • SEO Genius

    FileZilla is definitely the right FTP client for me, i downloaded it ages ago and it was the first client i used and i ll never change it.

  • Bang Kritikus

    Thanks for your filezilla downloading link.

  • Daily Good Tips

    Yes i like open source file zilla ftp client software

  • ayman

    good work

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