.sex, .dbt, .crap: Coming to a Domain Near Your Soon

By Daniel Scocco

So now it is official. I was hoping the ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) would have enough common sense to discard this proposed regulation, but they approved it yesterday.

Basically it allows any person or company willing to spend $100,000 and with enough infrastructure to become a registrar, to create any domain extension it likes. That is right, ANY DOMAIN EXTENSION will now be possible.

Some examples I am sure people are already rallying to get include .sex, .porn, .orgy, .girls, .casino, .poker and so on. You get the idea.

Honestly I think this will be a huge mess, and the only motivator for ICANN to approve it was probably the money that they will be able to make thanks to the porno domain name industry and from companies wanting to secure their own extension.

Over at TechCult we started an initiative to fund TechCult.Shuttlecock 🙂 .

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35 Responses to “.sex, .dbt, .crap: Coming to a Domain Near Your Soon”

  • uncle wilco

    .sheds – now where’s my wallet 😉

    it’s confusing enough for the normal punters…

  • SEO Genius

    What the hell? Are you joking…thats stupid it will be a huge mess and people just will not surf these websites, say bye bye to direct traffic.

    Just another money making scheme..

    It is not going to turn out good.

  • Melvin

    Yeah but they’ve said that they will do it moderation, or maybe the would be very picky on what to approved right?

  • Daniel Scocco

    @SEO Genius, I agree this will be a mess.

    @Melvin, I am not really sure. There is a big monetary incentive for them to create a many new extensions as possible.

    The only hope I see if that those new crap extensions won’t drive traffic, and .com will keep rocking.

  • Gerard

    This is very obviously a bad idea.

    Gerard.greatness doesn’t really sound very good even if its my name.

  • SEO Genius

    @Daniel thats what will happen, no one is going to get traffic from a stupid silly unknown extension.

    Most people will not even know about the extensions, most people today don’t even know about all the extensions that are currently out, mainly because there are too many already but secondly because people would rather choose a more common extension like .com, .net, .org, .info.

    Bringing these new ones out is just a new cheap tactic to make more money (don’t they make enough?) .Asia must of made them millions…


  • Winning Startups

    The promise of big bucks led to this decision, I’m sure. I think this will be difficult for users to remember.

  • Rich Hill

    I’ve been following this for a few weeks and also been looking into the craze of investing in domain names.

    I was shocked by the outrageous prices people were paying at the big time domain auctions. I’m thinking good champagne might have something to do with it.

    That being said, there are a couple of keyword urls that I would like to own with any TLD whatsoever. Just because.

    So my question is how can we know when any new extensions are available and where you can jump to be a first bloomer.

  • Rick

    It would have made more sense to drop extensions period. It’s going to be a trademark nightmare. So what are the we to do now, register mydomain.crap, mydomain.sex. etc.?

  • David Shaw

    This is gunna suck big time!

  • Adam Singer

    who will purchase .blog, .blogging, .seo?

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Adam, I guess Google will 🙂 .

  • Tom-StandOutBlogger.com

    I have enough trouble with .net .org .info then they brought out .tv and the rest…that was hard enough and now more :S

  • team ray

    they should have just reserved .sex extension and others for those particular market

  • Mike Panic

    .TV extensions never took off like the hype said they would, what makes people think that unique ones will? .net still (imho) holds less value than .com. People just know what .com is and use it.

  • Cranberry Corners Gift Baskets

    Hi There Daniel,

    I am in full support of your opinion regarding the new extensions. They are just going to add another bad rap to internet business.

    There is way too much garbage and shady advertising on the internet already.

    This will only make it worse and hurt legitimate online internet companies in the long run.


  • Edward Lomax

    I’m against the idea as well. I’m programmed to use the .com so if the domain has another extension I have a hard time remembering it.

    Plus I’m not really in the mood to get into some kind of bidding war over extensions. In the long run, I think .com will still be the preferred and most valuable extension.

  • Ben Moreno

    Hmmm….that does sound pretty scary. At least it is limited to people who have a lot of money which is a small percentage of the population. It will no doubt be interesting. I wonder how the search engines with react to this.

  • PublicRecordsGuy

    As a parent I actually thought that the previous measure of requiring porn sites to perhaps have the .xxx suffix would be helpful for filtering purposes. I don’t want that smut in my house. I guess that for those who set up extensions that don’t pass the “decency” test, will face the wrath of the U.S. Department of Justice. Very interesting minefield we’re wandering into.

  • L-Jay

    I thought the whole idea about suffixes was to categorise types of companies/organisations and state where they are in the world. In Norway you have to ‘earn’ a (.no) – it is like proof of credibility for businesses.

    However it seems like the only ones who would use this new vice are the gambling and sex industries.

    Other businesses will not benefit from this outcome because it will doubtfully make them more accessable to the general public or search engines.

  • Yuen

    It’s really you, Daniel!!!
    English isn’t my mother language, that’s why I can’t read to understand all English blog as well. On this morning I read a post with content same here (the writer also has too much traffic), and I can’t understand what he said about these things… Now, through your post, I understood a to z what coming up from ICANN.

    Your writing skill is the best I know. Can’t wait, I’m learning your blogging and writing styles…

    Thank, your informations are alway useful.

  • Blackhat Boot Camp

    Wow! A pretty gloomy crowd here. 😉

    First of all, it will cost a lot of money to create a new extension which
    means that people with money will not do unless they think it will be profitable, (that’s how they got rich to begin with, knowing where the profit is).

    Some of you are complaining that the new extensions will not be used, but why would you care? Personally, I think most average users do not even look at the extension, they just click on the anchored text.

    I just hope some of the new extensions are as cheap as .infos


    have a nice day,

  • redwall_hp

    I’m not a fan of this decision either. I don’t think anyone really is, unless they’re going to make $$$ off the decision…

  • Greg Raby

    Mmm, not sure I do get your point here. Why would that be such a bad thing to have more choice when defining a site url ?

    I’m not questionning the fact it might be a difficult transition BUT (1) I guess we all know there’s not many url left for making good names and (2) as Daniel pointed out in a comment, I guess the price makes it only accessible to google and the likes…

    So yes .sex and others will blossom: just like for every trend ! Then it’ll slowly become mainstream and maybe the .com will have some other friends like .pics.

    Let’s just be happy we get more freedom.


  • Rajaie AlKorani

    Oh No!! This is the beginning of the internets destruction!

  • Jaan Kanellis

    Greed beats common sense again. When we will learn?

    Soon ISP’s will be able to throttle us online anyways so who cares.

  • Adam Pieniazek

    Terrible idea. They can find other ways to make money without confusing a whole lot of people like this will. Question is will this launch the next flurry of short names?

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Greg, my point is that confusion and uncertainty is never good for business, and this new regulation will add a lot of both to domain names and to the web as a whole.

  • IHG

    I think a lot of people will just turn off to the mass of extensions. I am in the uk so only think of .co.uk & .com, we have a few different *.uk.* extensions and thats a real pain at times.

  • anand

    how about sex.sex 🙂 it is a cool extension

  • The Stir

    Totally agree with SEO genius this will just create a mess, i have no idea what they’re thinking.

  • Freya Sykes

    I don’t think it’s a bad idea to be honest…I like things to be comparmentalised and .com for a world wide site is to my mind good, likewise a .co.uk for a UK based site is a good stamp of what it is and where it’s from; same with a .gov site, so why not for a .porn, .gay, .sex or .xxx? It splits them away from the mainstream .coms and in turn moves them aside from the less smutty/rude/dodgy sites.
    As for the cost being prohibitive in any way…I personally know of two individuals who own major companies in the sex industry and having spoken to them they’ve said that $100,000 is nothing to guarantee “control” of what to them is an attractive .name, plus that sum of money is a tax write off for them…they’ll gladly spend it to reduce liabilities elsewhere in their companies and hey if they’ve got the money to do it…let them get on with it I say…it’s not likely to affect me cos I’m not likely to wander over to a .sex, .hotlez or .bonk or whatever – so why stress about it? It’s there at the moment – just mingled in with all the other .coms and the only one I’ll be remembering is .com so it’s not really going to be confusing me anytime soon. 😉

  • Jan Middleton

    OK, so I was about to give my two cents here about how .questionablewebsites was pathetic, but, now, after reading the post from Freya Sykes (above), I have changed my mind about it. It would certainly give us a more specific direction while looking for websites/information.

    I love hearing all the different slants about topics and try to keep an open mind.

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