Take the DWT Spelling Test

By Daniel Scocco

Over at Daily Writing Tips we are trying to create a nice collection of writing tests, from vocabulary to spelling and grammar tests. The second one has just been published, the Spelling Test 1.

Daily Writing Tips Spelling Test

If you are trying to create a popular blog, at the very minimum you want to make sure that your articles do not contain spelling mistakes, right? Taking the test, therefore, should be both funny and useful.

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14 Responses to “Take the DWT Spelling Test”

  • Michal Splho

    Nice, I like it.

  • SE7EN

    uhh, I don’t know the vocab in #13
    and misspell another question.

  • Bitten

    Couple of mistakes but not bad. Btw, on the answer page there’s a little mistake on the #5. There’s no number and the answer is wrong:

    “The men forgot ______ meal yesterday.
    Answer: an impartial person who watches for administrative abuses inside organizations”

  • Daniel Scocco

    Oops that is an answer from the previous test :). Thanks for spotting that out.

  • ITrush

    Cool, very interesting.


  • Jeremy Steele

    75%… Writing was never my strong point.

  • Stamford Talk

    My first reaction was to point out that those questions seem like 8th grade level… but then I thought, well, you shouldn’t have to be a great speller to blog. The point of your spelling test was to point out that bloggers do need to have the basics.
    I aced the test, but then again, I was the county spelling bee champ in 5th and 8th grade. Supercentrifuge, anyone?

  • team ray

    60 percent lol

  • team ray

    60 percent lol

  • Deborah

    Too fun! I missed one.

  • Mike

    I’m sure 75% was well above average for this LOL

  • medyum


    very good


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