101 Ways to Promote a New Blog

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Promoting a new blog can be quite daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. As you might expect, breaking down blog promotion into small, actionable tasks eliminates the mental road block you’ve probably experienced when trying to wrap you head around how to get people’s attention. You don’t have to do everything in this list, and some items will have a greater effect then others, but every tactic will at least drive some traffic, and any traffic is better than no traffic.

1. Write a list of over 100+ resources or ideas.
2. Write the definitive guide to something. Spend time making this awesome.
3. Release a manifesto.
4. Release 2 manifestos.
5. Interview cool people. People like talking about cool people.
6. After your articles are indexed in search engines, break them up into smaller articles and submit them to ezinearticles.com (and other article directories).
7. Or just pay someone to submit the articles for you.
8. Write a list of all the cool blogs and people in your niche.
9. Check out the most popular content on high trafficked blogs. Create similar content but applied to your own niche.


10. Start a page.
11. Make that page awesome.
12. Start a group.
13. Make that group awesome.
14. Create a Facebook app for your blog.

15. Wait. After you’ve taken action it can take a short while for traffic to arrive.
16. Be patient. Some bloggers may seem like overnight successes, but if you look back in their archives, they’ve been creating content for a long time.
17. Motivate yourself.
18. Read The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing.
19. Have an interesting story and overall purpose.
20. Embrace the Law of Reciprocity. Everything you give will come back exponentially.
21. Make blogging easier.
22. Take action every day. Just get one important thing done every day and eventually you’ll start getting traffic. The more you do each day the faster your blog gets traction.
23. Find people with blogs at a similar level to yours and help each other out.
24. Turn off your computer, do some cool stuff, turn on your computer again and blog about it.
25. Understand the importance of context.
26. Be consistent. You don’t need to blog every day but try to stick to at least some sort of schedule.
27. Make it a numbers game. Decide upon a definite plan of action (eg. 20 blog comments per day, 1 guest post per week etc) and stick with that.

Online Video
28. Create videos and distribute them through tubemogul.com
29. Or for wider video distribution trafficgeyser.com may work for you (expensive though).
30. Respond to YouTube videos with your content.
31. Include your full blog address at the TOP of your video descriptions.
32. Take your time with devising video titles and tags.
33. Convert your video to multiple formats, with slight editing changes, and upload it to video sites multiple times, targeting different keywords. The content remains the same but you can test what videos and titles work the best.
34. Buy the accounts of popular YouTubers and then add your blog address to the descriptions of their videos.
35. Start the first live show in your niche (Ustream, Justin.tv and LiveStream are popular choices). Make sure you record the shows too so they can be distributed as a podcast later on.

Other Blogs
36. Be the first commenter on the posts of popular blogs. But still provide value.
37. If you can’t be the first then comment anyway. But try to be the first.
38. Stumble and Digg cool blog posts you find and let the blogger know via a comment. If you have something worthy on your blog, they’ll probably reciprocate.
39. Use google.com/blogsearch to find fresh blog posts and then leave intelligent comments.
40. Link to blogs of a similar size. They’ll notice and then good stuff may happen.
41. Write a guest post for a large blog. You may not always get published, but when you do the traffic spike will be significant.
42. Write a guest post for a small blog. You’re more likely to get published and build relationships with the next wave of A-List bloggers.
43. Write some more guest posts. Can’t hurt, that’s for sure.
44. Join a blog network.

45. Start a StumbleUpon Ads campaign.
46. Get reviewed.
47. Buy some ad space.
48. Send out a press release.

49. Attend relevant meetups.
50. Tell your friends and family about your blog. Have them tell everyone they know.


51. Start a podcast and submit it to the iTunes directory.
52. Convert audio files to video files (just use Windows Movie Maker or iMovie) and send them out via tubemogul.com
53. Submit it to some other podcast directories.

Search engine optimization
54. Write linkbait.
55. Have any video or audio content transcribed and posted to your blog.
56. Register your domain name for 10 years.
57. Take advantage of sites scraping your blog’s feed by interlinking posts. Simple way to get deep inbound links.
58. Use Thesis.

Social networks
59. Join every social network you can.
60. Or, just join a couple and be really active.
61. Become active in relevant ning.com communities.
62. Convert blog posts to PDF files and submit them to Scribd β€” include your blog url in the description and document itself.
63. Add your Scribd documents to relevant groups.
64. Submit your best posts to blog carnivals.
65. Join relevant forums, add your blog address to your signature and start posting intelligently.
66. Sign up at ping.fm and use twitterfeed.com to auto post your latest blog content to a bunch of social networks.
67. Create lists on Amazon.com
68. Write reviews on Amazon.com
69. Better yet, create video reviews for Amazon.com
70. Answer relevant questions on Yahoo Answers, leaving your website as the source.
71. Or on Mahalo Answers.
72. Or even through LinkedIn Answers.
73. Start your own Slinkset, and feed your RSS feed into it automatically.
74. Submit your site to alltop.com
75. Write an article aimed at Digg (okay, that article won’t help much).
76. Also, befriend one of the many Digg powerusers.
77. Create a new thread on a forum and write up a really great guide with no self promotion. Simple way to be seen as an authority figure and to elicit comments on your writing (don’t forget that signature link though!).
78. Submit your content to dofollow social bookmarking sites.
79. Or have Bookmarking Demon do it for you (certainly a bend in ethics though).

80. Become an active stumbler to understand what stumblers like.
81. Friend people who stumble your content (they may just want to stumble more in the future)..
82. Have other people initially submit content (or β€œDiscover” it as it’s known).
83. Place a Stumble button in your post template.

84. Sign up at su.pr and use it for all your short url needs.
85. Post content to your Facebook and Twitter stream.
86. Install the WordPress plugin to automate the process.
87. Identify the times that result in the most clicks and schedule tweets for them.
88. Setup your blog as a promoted website.

89. Include hash tags (#tagname) in your tweets.
90. Search for your niche and answer any questions people have.
91. Place a Retweet button in your post template.
92. Follow relevant, popular, and interesting people.
93. Send @replies to relevant, popular and interesting people.
94. Tweet links to your content at multiple times during the day.
95. Love a product from a company that’s on Twitter? Review it and they may just notice and tweet about the review. It’s happened to me.
96. Sponsor some tweets.
97. Find cool people in your niche who live nearby and organize a tweet up (a meet up where you invite anyone on Twitter).

98. Install All In One SEO Pack.
99. Automatically ping lots of ping services.
100. Create a theme, include a link to your blog in the footer, and then release it for free.
101. Create a plugin and release it for free. Add a link to your blog within the admin area. If it’s a good plugin people will love you for it.

David Turnbull is a Buddhist blogger, Apple fan boy, lousy musician, designer, book worm, simplicity freak and dedicated computer geek. You can visit his blog on davidturnbull.com.


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  • V.C

    This is an awesome post, I would say.
    I agree with most of your ideas.
    From my point of view, I think advertising is a good way to promote blog. IN your list I’d like to suggest Google Adsense.

  • Costa

    I am but prompted to say, by the time I reach the ‘facebook’ stage, I will already be one exhausted blogger, abandoning whatever I have started and never to return.

    Maybe I’m just plain lazy, but blogging is no fun this way. LOL.

  • David Turnbull

    Great to see my name up on the blog again. And thanks for the comments so far guys. You definitely don’t have put *everything* listed into use, but I thought a bunch of practical tips could be useful. πŸ™‚

  • sibaho way

    Good job, David !

  • Antti Kokkonen

    Thanks for compiling such a great list and sharing it with us David! Quite a bit of things I’ve seen and knew already, but forgotten about it over time. Lessson learned, I really gotta start writing these things down and put them on a plan.

  • Oscar – freestyle mind

    Lots of useful stuff here, I need to update my todo list!

  • Cassandra Jade

    Some great advice and information here. I love the organisation of this list. I found it interesting that even though I use a lot of these options, I’m probably not using them particularly well. Thanks for a great post.

  • TR

    I’d add two, which are related:

    1. Don’t even THINK of promoting your site until you have been writing it for at least a month. Very few survive a month. Running around telling everyone, hey, come read my site! when it’s day 1 and you have one post of, is a waste of all that effort.

    2. The best thing you can do is write really good content. If you write it, they will come, and you don’t have to do too much crazy artificial stuff to promote it. I’ve seen people put up a lame weekly post and waste time promoting it. They may come look – and then never come back. By the way, I disagree with you WRT daily. DO write daily. If you don’t have at least an idea a day, what are you doing writing a website? Just go contribute occasionally to someone else’s.

  • Irina Kremin

    Great post, it looks like there is nothing I can add or can I?

  • Mark Harrison

    This is an excellent post and contains a lot of ideas on promotion that have never occured to me previously. I guess people who are daunted by it should choose their immediate choices (ie.the ones on the list that are an absolute must and vital to your blogs success)and work down the list.

    The great thing about a list like this is that it allows you to pick and mix your options and whilst some of them will only be a case of ‘if I ever get the time’, the blogger can decide what is important to them.

  • Young

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    I have tagged this message (email) as important for future reference. I have mixed feelings about some of these things – it begs the question, how serious do I want to be about a blog?

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    With different types of social media out there on the Internet, utilizing those sites can be very key in promoting a blog. Being a blogger myself, I do send post links through Facebook and Twitter as a way get the word out about my blog. After doing the blog for about a month, I was a bit surprised when a couple of my friends told me they started bookmarking my blog and read it on a daily basis! I don’t think that would have happened if I didn’t utilize social media as part of my plan.

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