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If you are getting out of ideas for blog posts here’s a list with some new ones to get your creative juices flowing again. Best of all, most of these ideas will certainly bring a good amount of traffic and backlinks if you execute them well. Enjoy!

  1. Top 10 Lists: Those never get old on the Internet!
  2. Top 100 Lists: If Top 10 is good, Top 100 is awesome. Those attract backlinks like nothing else.
  3. Interviews: They help to build relationships, and can also bring traffic if the other person links to you.
  4. Group Interviews: Why not do an interview with a bunch of people at the same time? Multiple answers to the same questions enrich the post.
  5. Awards: Say you blog about cars. Why don’t you create the “Top 10 Car Blogs of 2011” award? Adapt the idea into your own niche and spread the word!
  6. Statistics: People love facts and numbers. Why don’t you gather some and publish them as a report?
  7. How-tos and tutorials: Teach something to people and they will certainly be grateful and spread the word about your post.
  8. Best of: We are getting close to the end of the year, so why not publish a “Best _________ of 2011” list on your blog?
  9. YouTube Videos: YouTube is so popular because people love videos. Why don’t you create a compilation with the best YouTube videos related to your blog niche and publish it?
  10. Best books: How about creating a post with the best books related to your niche? Use your Amazon affiliate link and you could make some money with it as well!

What about you? Do you have a post idea or style I have forgotten here? Let us know in the comments below.

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17 Responses to “10 Ideas For Awesome Blog Posts”

  • prasad

    This is very helpful to write popular posts.thank you

  • Jasmine

    I like the top 100 lists type of posts… that’s why I name my website as 100webhosting.com! I am on the way to list 100 best web hosts! 🙂

  • Lenia

    I just started blogging a month ago. Thank you for your tips. It helps me a lot to learn how to do things better and improve my traffic. There is a lot of work but I am motivated.
    Thank you very much again.

  • Kelly

    Hi, Thanks for the great ideas!

    They’re very insightful and I could use more backlinks for my product review blog

    Many Regards,


  • Mohamed Shajid

    wow awesome post mate. i always post about top 10 and 100. now only recognize getting higher backlinks on that

  • Madhav Tripathi

    Hopefully I am using 5 ideas out of 10. These ideas are good because they can drag attention.

  • Shahzad Saeed

    That’s nice. A bad move from the folk to increase backlink and it is a lesson too. This sort of move wont give extra backlink and it will hurt the author’s credibilty also.
    Never follow such tactics

  • Total Bounty

    I think you’ve pretty much covered all the most important points to making a great post. My favorite are the Top 10 tips and How-Tos because they attract more readers. I like the Top 100 but they’re they take time to write. Thanks!

  • Daniel

    A short list, but a good list at that.

    Some sites I visit quite often, tend to do a mix of those ideas in your list.

    Usually they tend to do quite a number of list and best of posts, then occasionally throw in some stats posts, to add a bit of variety.

  • Extreme John

    I think your ideas are awesome. The topics sound interesting and it would be great to have these as your posts. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  • Galina

    Valuable ideas. I have noticed statistics really attract people. Thank you.

  • Morné

    Hi some nice tips, I think number 7 applies to my site 😉 I would like to add that reading other peoples blogs also help come up with some great blog posts.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Shazhad, the author had submitted the same post to several blogs, and I didn’t check it before publishing…

    I removed the copied post and wrote a new one though. So yeah content is unique now, and useful in my opinion.

  • Shahzad Saeed

    Hey Daniel,
    What happened? Article is not unique and no author byline is published here.

  • Ehsan

    one of the great post. Thanks for post.

  • Harshad

    I’ve seen same post on 6-7 other blogs.

  • Jamie Northrup

    This is a great post, but it was published on John Chow 3 days ago.

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