15 Tips For Those Who Want to Make Money Online


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If you are hoping for some kind of ‘secret’ or ‘magic pill’, I am sorry but you will not find it within this post. In fact, I can assure you that you will not find it anywhere else on the Internet either.

However, that doesn’t spell doom and surely doesn’t mean that you will never be able to achieve your goal of making money online. While there are no secrets or magic pills, there are tips and points that can help you in your journey. Below you’ll find 16 of them.

1. Have a concise goal and plan

You need to have a goal and a plan. Don’t even think of running aimlessly and blindly. It won’t work. Be realistic in whatever you set out to achieve. Do not expect to make millions within a month or so. Have the courage to take actions and constantly remind yourself to why you ought to set out doing so.

2. Don’t even think of doing it alone. You are no genius

You may be good at a certain field, but you’ll inevitably need others to achieve success. Find a great mentor and learn to trust that person. It doesn’t have to be someone you personally know, as long as you can learn from him/her and build a relationship that is mutually beneficial.

3. Don’t ever think of quitting. Failure is just part of succeeding

Do you want to know the real truth behind most millionaires? There were willing to do what it takes, and they persisted even when things were falling apart. Nothing will ever come easy or cheap. Success comes to those who work hard and don’t quit.

4. You are who you are. Don’t even for a second think of faking it

Be genuine about who you are. Don’t try the “fake it till you make it” strategy or you might get burned. People can see right through to what you are, and they will move away if they perceive you are posing.

5. Think outside of the box

Get creative. Create the opportunities instead of waiting for one to come falling onto your lap. Keep your options open. Build networks and drive in ideas. It could be crazy, it would be silly, it can be wacky, but such ideas have eventually make many millions online.

6. The art of multitasking — expand your horizons

I understand the importance of focusing, but to an extent, you must deliberately learn to expand your horizons. Do not constantly put yourself onto a fix, rigid position. Don’t tie yourself down. Learn to diverse and see opportunities in a many different things as possible.

7. Trust your gut and your instinct

Your head speaks of what you think is logical, where else your gut and instinct takes you to what may seem impossible. Are you willing to strive into the unknown?

8. Have a vision

You need to be able to visualize how your life will look like when you achieve your goals and consider yourself successful. What kind of business will you have? What kind of customers? How will your day looks like?

9. Turn obstacles into opportunities

We all face obstacles, be it in our personal or professional life. The ones who succeed are those who know how to turn obstacles into opportunities. For example, even if you fail at something, make sure to learn something out of that experience.

10. Take action

So far we talked about goals, vision, not giving up and so on. It is all cool and dandy, but at the end of the day you need to take action if you want to succeed. Roll up your sleeves and start working! And repeat this day after day.

11. Be willing to take risks

Life in itself is a all about taking risks. If you want to succeed and make money online you must be willing to risk. You need to step out of your comfort zone. That is when real things get done.

12. Develop the ability to listen

We have one mouth and two ears, but few of us behave proportionally. Learn to listen. You will see there are many benefits when you talk less and listen more. You get to collect more new ideas and inspiration, earn trust and respect and ultimately, know more. Utilize what you have congregate wisely and see that you benefit from it.

13. Have the power to believe when others don’t

Don’t let others be the reason and support you need to achieve your goals. Believe in what you can do and decide to stick with it. You don’t need others telling you what you can do or can’t. Convinced yourself that you will be able to do it in any way possible. If you fail, that is just part of the process of succeeding. Be strong! Stay Strong! It is ultimately your own responsibility to see to where you are going, not others.

About the author: Febap Liew is the author and owner of Blogxic where she shares her ever igniting passion on everything she ought to know about the best ways to make money online today. You can also grab her RSS feed here.

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31 Responses to “15 Tips For Those Who Want to Make Money Online”

  • Brad

    Your second point is one that people really need to take more attention too. I thought I could do it solo but you just never have the time to do everything! Bringing in a partner cost me money to start with but at the end of the day we have been able to grow much faster and increase profits from our sites accordingly!

    Pay attention to point 2 peeps!

  • Richard

    These are great tips to become successful in any field actually. It would be good advice to incorporate these characteristics in one’s daily life. No need to limit your success just to blogging.

  • Web Marketing Tips

    Good thing about this article is … its separated with heading and also have small reading and to the point.

  • Christina ( @CashCampfire )

    Wow, a good variety of tips you have there!

    While I agree with your whole post in its entirety, I especially connect with – “Don’t ever think of quitting. Failure is just part of succeeding.” I’ve considered just giving up many times in the past. However, if I did that, I would have never gotten to where I am today and learned so much along the way! I hadn’t thought about obstacles in this way before, but it makes sense. Failure IS part of succeeding. It’s very hard to improve if you don’t first make mistakes and learn from your mistakes.

    I also love to think of obstacles as just challenges that I have to overcome. Everyone needs to be challenged every now and then, or else the work just tends to be dull and boring – not in the least exciting. Instead of facing obstacles with frustration, I now use the extra energy to work to overcome these obstacles and learn as I go along.

    Great post.


  • Christian Guico

    Two thumbs up for these absolute advice! Definitely worth remembering if you really want to make a decent income online.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Elias

    I agree Stephanie, only over systematic work you can see results, it takes time but there is no other way.

  • Stephanie

    I love this post! There is so much false advertising that you can make money quickly, easily, and automatically online. If people focus and treat their online “store” or business pursuit the same way they would a physical business, and put the equivalent work into it, the potential is incredible. Thank you for the great tips.

  • Elias

    Very interesting tips. I believe that number 4 is one of the most important however, sooner or later you will give up faking, it is not easy to do, so better be yourself from first day.


  • Laurent

    Thanks for the interesting list, i’ve been VERY glad to read trough it since i noticed i’m naturally using a few of them allready 🙂

  • 11 Step Website

    Awesome tips.

    #10 Take Action – In my mind, this is the most important. It is the most overlooked step. Everybody wants, but so few DO.

    This is why it SEEMS like so few are able to succeed at making money online. So many give up before they try.


  • Robert Latchford

    Great tips. I agree on the mentor side haven’t found anyone to do this in real life so I network with twitter and blog posts to build up a feedback loop. My next step is to consider the platform I am staying on Blogger as they are making big strides in catching up with WordPress but will be interested to hear feedback from Blogworld in October.

  • Conversational Agent

    In making money online, a site must have google adsense right? What other services like adsense are available? My adsense was disabled and I still wish to monetize my site.

  • Dan

    I agree with having a mentor or a good friend. I like to use them as a sounding board, pitching ideas and the like. Try saying your ideas out loud, they bring on a new meaning. Thx, Dan

  • Oto modif

    the list number 13, that’s my problem… I always Hope my family and my friends become good motivator for me, but in their mind making money from blogging is virtual job and they always said that wasting my time… I hope one day I can prove what i talking about

    thanks for your post my fren ^__^

  • Jamie Northrup

    Great tips Febap, I think taking risks and not quitting when you fail are the two most important, without those I wouldn’t be where I am now.

    Also the title says 15 tips, the paragraph before the tips says 16, but there seems to be only 13.


  • sujith-Techlineinfo

    For a single Google search “How to make money online” we can see millions of results, but the reality is something else. It is not easy to make money from net. First and foremost thing is to make a strong platform, for that the requirement is 99% hard work and 1% luck. Once you are in a right track, things will automatically favor you.

  • RFA | Schoolkid.Ph

    Tip #4 was one of my recent realizations. I had my website for 2 years doing everything. Then it got to a point that I couldn’t keep up and the site started getting boring (even though the main function of my website was still being served). When I finally accepted that I just can’t do everything, I took the responsibilities that I was weak and delegated it to persons who can do it better for me.

    I also think that if one wants to make money (online or offline), one must do honest work and earn their visitors trust. Provide something (and even extra) to your visitors.. make them feel your website is truly adds meaning to their life that will make them worth their time to check your website daily and/or buy your products. In short, you must give something first before you can expect to receive.

  • MediaGrow

    Amazing post, very inspiring the only way to make money online is by #2 “Don’t even think of doing it alone. You are no genius” if you do you will quit because it will be overwhelming to get the traffic and get any sales, so stick with number 2


  • Susanne Myers

    Great post, and while all of your points are very important, I can not stress enough how important it is to take action. It’s so easy to get stuck in the “got to make it perfect” mode when you first start out. Unfortunately things will never be perfect. Instead, take some action, get that website up and running, write those articles, create your first product and get it out there. The beauty of the internet is that you can always go back and improve on what you are doing as you get better at this.

    What Action are you going to take today?

  • Farouk

    so true, i love point number 3

    • Web Marketing Tips

      Seems to me that point no 3 is quite famous among commentators.

  • suraj

    I think first three points are most important. You are right without the goal doing things is not good idea 🙂 Facing criticism is also one important thing.

  • Andrew @ Blogging Guide

    All important points but the one that jumps out for me is…taking action.

    Without that one, the rest are almost worthless.


    • Web Marketing Tips

      Quite agree with you.

      I must say that the composition of every one thing is must, if you want to get the success.

  • Alex Dumitru

    Really useful tips, though I’m doing it quite alone, because I hate the idea of somebody telling me what to do. So I have a few partners, but I’m the big boss 🙂

  • Selboy

    The thoughts presented are all true. Just like for example in number two. When i started blogging, I always read the tips and articles of those who are established bloggers. I just couldn’t blog with my own. Although I don’t know them but at least I learned a lot from their articles.

  • Stefan

    Sounds good … but how could I find a mentor? That is the big question! 😉

  • Samir@Indihow

    Your post was amazingly inspiring. However, don’t you think having a mentor is not always possible? Like if you are working on a new website idea, you can’t share the basic details with anyone!

    • Andrew @ Blogging Guide


      You have to find a mentor who is reputable and trustworthy. If you are concerned about the mentor ‘stealing’ your ideas ten have something in writing up front.

      That way you can still get a mentor…and I suggest we all have mentors.


      • Prasetya

        By having a mentor, we can indeed succeed faster, because a mentor is like a shortcut to success.

        But, in this world mentor is not everything, because we are human beings, where we live to help each other. We can learn together and build mutual success.

        But if you want to use a shortcut to the road to success, a mentor should keep you possess.

        Just sharing 🙂

      • Mike

        But I’m really concerned about the cost of hiring a mentor. It may cost a lot and not an easy payment to make upfront.

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