4 Ways to Host Your Website for Free

Mark Zeni

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If you are just getting started online, or if you are testing a new project, you might not want to spend money with web hosting right away. Fortunately there are some ways you can host a website free of charge. Below you will find four of them:

1. FreeHostingNoAds.net

There are many web hosting companies around that offer free hosting, but in exchange plaster your website with their own ads. This one is different because they don’t put forced ads on your website. Not even text links.

2. WordPress.com

WordPress.com is and free and hosted version of the WordPress software (which can be downloaded at WordPress.org). The features offered are very similar. One limitation is that on WordPress.com you are not allowed to display some types of ads, like Google AdSense. Still this is a very interesting option if you are interested in getting a site going without spending a dime.

3. Wix.com

Wix is one of those platforms that offer a site builder integrated with web hosting. The basic version is free, and the site builder is quite useful if have no experience with websites and HTML. The downside is that you are limited to a set of templates and customization options, where with WordPress or FreeHostingNoAds you are able to use a wider range of web technologies.

4. About.me

If you are an consultant or an independent worker (e.g., photographer, designer) and all you need is a website to showcase yourself and your work, then About.me might be a good alternative. You won’t be able to create a full-fledged website with this platform, but creating a simple one with some pictures, and a description and contact information is very easy, and the result looks pretty good too.

5. WildApricot

If you are going to host a membership website then this company is a good choice. They provide both the hosting and the software, and it is used by thousands of associations and nonprofit organizations around the world.

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13 Responses to “4 Ways to Host Your Website for Free”

  • Abhay

    What a great article.Thanks for giving this precious information.

  • Pulau Tidung

    Thanks for sharing this for free from the site. I am more accustomed to using wordpress and blogger Hosting

  • LetteringLad

    Actually I’d also include Blogger.com in the list. It’s great for free hosting, though may not be as customizable as WordPress. There are some great templates for Blogger as well.

  • Anand

    Blogger is one of the most popular platforms to host the site for free. Just curious to know, Is there any particular reason you chose not to mention it

  • bloggerwits

    Well, I prefer self hosted website instead of automatic hosted site.

  • James

    I think static site generators, such as jekyll, plus github pages are a good option as well.

  • abukwaik

    As @asker said, the problem that you won’t own your domain. There are a tons of free web-hosting but I used to use 2freehosting and x10hosting because both are reliable and have cpanel, one-click installer, etc.

  • Asker

    These free hosting solutions have one disadvantage – you don’t have your own branded domain. Instead of “mybrand.com” you get “mybrand.wordpress.com” or something similar. Sometimes it is okay but sometimes it is not solid for business to have just subdomain of wordpress or other system.

  • Cavakia Therlonge

    I wished I’d come across this list of free webhosting sites 5 years when I got started online. This list would have saved me thousands of dollars.

  • psbimran

    I want to make my own website.I need free domain and hosting.please tell me about it.how can i get better performance.

    Thank’s for sharing this article.

  • Neha Verma

    This four can site are really good to make free blog, and these blog can be used as a link platform for other blog or website. Nice article, I like the way you explained. Keep it Up 🙂

  • Varsha Singh

    Hello Mark,

    Thanks for sharing this post. I like your 4 ways to host your website for free, like most Wix.com. I will share this article with my all followers.

    Have a great day!

    Varsha Singh

  • Scoot kincher

    I especially like wordpress.com but now a day i am using custom domain then host it on blogger, this is also a great way to host your site for free, The best thing which you got form this method is that it can also take heavy traffic load.

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