4 Ways to Overcome the “Nobody’s Reading My Blog” Blues

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Blogs are a great way to brand your business and create a buzz about personal and professional agendas.

But, let’s face it; the R.O.I. (return on investment) can be a bit low in the beginning.

In my many years as a professional writer and relationship columnist, I’ve started several, gotten frustrated, lost the momentum, and decided to move on to bigger and better things. Then I would visit other sites, love the energy, read the success stories of how Blogs were turned to book deals, and well, have since reconsidered.

After all, it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. Right?

Here’s the problem: because I enjoyed a pretty good “following” as a relationship columnist and feature writer, I expected to have as much traffic on my site as Chicago’s Eisenhower Expressway during rush hour! Wrong.

I would devote hours to choosing a hot topic, penning my thoughts, finding the perfect graphics, and see 0 “comments” posted for all my efforts.

This happened for several consecutive months. I started to call it quits, but much like a romantic relationship, I felt I was too far in to throw in the towel.

There would be nothing to show for my sweat equity.

So the strategist in me decided to work smarter, not harder this time.

I started visiting other sites with a mission. I wanted to know what was out there, how it compared to my online journal, and essentially what worked and what didn’t as a reader.

Here’s what I discovered and you will too. Even Blogs that have huge followings rarely have a lot of comments posted. Readers either don’t take the time to post their thoughts, don’t know how to register their comments, or don’t recognize the importance of their input.

In fact, the only way I knew folks were even reading my work is that my friends would call me on the phone or send Emails to tell me how much they enjoyed my posts. Go figure.

So, the next time you suffer from a bout of the “nobody’s reading my Blog blues” here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Recognize that success doesn’t come overnight. Blogging, even more so than any other form of writing, requires a lot of time and patience before it begins to bloom and take off.

2. Know that numbers can sometimes be deceiving. Have you ever gone on a diet? Most folks who have can tell you that the scale sometimes will show the same weight even though you’ve lost inches and your clothes are baggier. Pay less attention to the numbers and more attention to the needs of your readers.

3. Write with the right purpose. Rather than penning your way to popularity, use your adventures or misadventures in Blogging to become a better story teller, or to write tighter, or to develop ideas for editorial pieces. No writing done well is ever truly wasted!

4. Don’t get bogged in the Blog. Work on other projects that provide immediate gratification. Write a poem, do research, say hi to your Facebook friends. Like all areas in life, balance is important.

Follow these four tips and even if you don’t “win friends and influence people” your blogging blues might make you a hit song writer or the next American Idol!

You just never know where space travels can take you.

About the Author: Jennifer Brown Banks is a veteran freelance writer, columnist, and editor. You can read more from here on her blog: Pen and Prosper.

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50 Responses to “4 Ways to Overcome the “Nobody’s Reading My Blog” Blues”

  • Jennifer Brown Banks


    Great observation and feedback. Thanks!

  • Liz

    This was a great article. You’re right, there comes a point where you kind of have to just sit back and try to enjoy the blogging process. It’s easy to get obsessed, especially when you’ve just started like m’self but i think it’s important not to loose focus and actually enjoy the writing process, once that is done you’ll at least have a satisfaction that is not externally driven or up kept

  • alan savage

    The quickest way to get a blog audience is to paste in the link of your blog to facebook. That way, you have a ready audience of friends. You appeal to your facebook friends to spread the word about your blog. In only one month I had lots of people visiting but you need to realise that not all people leave a comment.

  • HP van Duuren

    Just as an experiment I would like to ask YOU to read this reply carefully and THINK about possible COMMENTS you possibly
    could write about this reply….,

    (O.K. and now for the actual reply)

    Once in a while I do have some (positive) feedback from readers
    Commenting on Blogposts, only I would like to see a lot more!

    (Especially more comments in languages (and with
    an alphabeth) that I can actually read :))

    Recently on an other blog I noticed how little encouragements – at the beginning of posts – to think about possible comments they could place in order to involve a reader more into reading a post.

    (That is exactly something that I was aiming for
    at the beginning of this reply also)

    An other thing that I discovered on a an other Blog was that
    they simply had a sub-heading reading ‘Discussion’ with a certain question for the readers. Combined with a short explaination how
    you can place your comment. Just an other encouragement I saw to simply make people more aware and communicate clearly that it’s possibly to give their feedback and that it is appriciated
    to GIVE their feedback.

    So now I am experimenting with these techniques
    and recently I put up these things in my posts and
    I wonder if this has a positive effect.


    ‘Are my Blogposts interesting enough
    to give me YOUR Feedback…?’

    GoAhead Check it out
    and Feel Free to read all my Blogs Posts and Go NUTS!!!! 🙂

    All the Best,
    To your Happy Blogging Inspiration,

  • Paul

    Where do most people do your blogging? In terms of getting traffic, Blogger.com is worthless. Any others? It’s easy to just say “what’s the use?” when the counter never changes. I’ve had a Blogger blog for 3 months with TWO page views (and one of them I think was mine). That despite submitting it to 20+ search engines.

  • Desiree

    I started my blog about a month ago,and nobody has read it. I think the stuff that i write about just need to be bit more interesting. Even though i’ve had zero success so far i will keep blogging. Thanks for the yip ^_^

  • Vaghela

    Hi Jennifer Brown

    I can’t express my view in words because your blog is better and better good as compare to all another. You give me perfect method for writing blog and also give me write way for how I write books. I think my command on english language is not very good so that’s why some time I confused so give me some tips how I improve it.

    I hope you can understand my problem.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • muhyar

    “Blogs are a great way to brand your business and create a buzz about personal and professional agendas” you encourage me to be the best, any way I agree with this post.

  • Pinoy @ How to blog

    Most bloggers do give up on their first 6 months of blogging, and that’s becasue of the #1 you stated. One more reason is they don’t make a plan, they just blog and hope they’ll succeed soon.

  • Kyle Webs

    I’m not gonna lie, I skipped over all the rambling to the list…no offense, I usually always do because lack of time. Anyway, those are some great tips, thanks for the list!

    • Jennifer Brown Banks

      Kyle Webs,

      No offense taken. 🙂 In this fast paced world, many people skim materials quickly and zoom into what is most useful for them.
      Glad you liked the tips!

  • Knowledge

    Great tips. Thank you SO much for writing this. It’s a great feeling to know that even though super popular blogs experience the same worries and concerns as us little guys. I love to write and this has fueled me to continue blogging even when I think no one is reading, or there are no comments.

    Once you stop worrying about those minor trifles, you can focus on maintaining great content even if your readers are too shy to share their voice in return.

  • sushie

    Thanks for writting this article.
    True, it is very hard to have people commenting on our posts, sometimes it is depressing to see that a blog has munch readers but very few comments!
    Patience patience! XD

  • Share Results Mark John

    Well, you can have the best writing in the world, but if nobody can find it, it’s not going to affect anyone. It’s like opening up a shop at the far end of a street with no lights, no sandwich board and no sign on the door. Without those things, nobody can find you, so all of the tools that we use to get traffic are extremely important. Combined with great, and relevant, content, it’s a winning combination. 🙂

  • Mandy Lehto

    Jennifer, thanks for sharing your experience, which really resonated with me. Coming from a world where you have authority and reinventing yourself, hoping some of the patina of the old world would stick. As you said, it ain’t necessarily so! But aside from patience, persistence and good old fashioned determination, it also makes you shift gears, doesn’t it, away from the self and towards the audience you’re serving. It’s not about you; its about your readers. I heard a great line today: ‘tell your audience a story that they’d want to repeat’. Give them valuable content. Consistently. I realized that it’s not about writing an article or a blog, but rather about building a community. That takes time. Thanks for your honest, witty, intelligent take on a subject close to many of our hearts. I’m looking forward to more!

  • Tom – marketing tips

    Thanks for sharing these tips.I have several blogs that I work on and in the beginning I expected to see hundreds of visitors per day to a fresh blog.Will not happen.As you pointed out, just keep going and success will follow eventually.

  • highnurse

    thanks .the patience is very important to successful work.

  • Paul Smith

    That’s a great stuff Jennifer! Yeah success don’t come in one day. Might be more comments will encourage us to keep going and write more stuffs.

  • Jennifer Brown Banks

    Dear Randal, (A.K.A #17)

    Thanks for your comments, dear. But I beg to differ. I’m a poet as well. Many folks dig poetry these days.
    And a man who writes it…well let’s just same it’s a good thing.:-)

    If you do a Google search online, in fact, you’ll find a lot of online communities, bulletin boards, and organizations devoted to verse.

    Keep writing and keep moving forward.

  • Kiesha @ WeBlogBetter

    I’ve got an American Idol hit right here:
    “You’re blog’s going down… you’re blog’s going down…feelin like a fool cause my stats on the ground… readers’ eyes cross-sideways lookin like some fools…I slipped on babydrool… and my stats on the ground…”

    I’m sorry, you opened the door for this one… 🙂

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