5 Things I Hate on Mainstream Websites

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

Yesterday I wrote an article on TechCult titled 5 Sickening Habits of Mainstream Websites, and it looks like it struck a nerve on people. Judging from the reaction in the comments (over 100 in a matter of 10 hours), most web surfers get annoyed with those habits too.

They are:

  1. Breaking stories in many different pages to increase the number of impressions
  2. Using splash pages with ads
  3. Not linking to the sources or mentioned websites
  4. Using pop-up ads
  5. Requiring registration to access the content

Notice that I do walk my talk when it comes to not using those things. A while ago in fact I wrote the 150 Best Online Flash Games, and I’ve put all the 150 items on a single page. I certainly could have broken that list on 6 pages with 25 items each and generated 6 times more page views, but I didn’t, because I gave priority to the user experience.

Anyway just check the full article if you have time, I am sure you will like it. And subscribe to TechCult too, else you would be missing all that cool content!

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31 Responses to “5 Things I Hate on Mainstream Websites”

  • ravi

    Required registration is ok if I will benefit something from it.

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