6 Keys to Content Marketing Success

Mark Zeni

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Everyone knows content marketing is where it’s at. Sure it takes a LOT more time and effort than other forms of traditional digital advertising, but it works! Its no secret that people tend to tune out the old school forms of advertising. So what makes content marketing work so well, and what tools and tips are needed to make it even more effective?

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Here’s a few key tidbits we’ve picked up from mashing up several articles in our heads:

1. Document Your Strategy – Seems pretty basic, right? It’s hard to know what’s working well if you’re constantly shooting from the hip. Make sure your efforts support your business goals, which can vary based on your industry, otherwise it’s all just a waste of time.

2. Measure and Track ROI – Of course this is not always cut and dry. Content marketing is not meant to have an immediate impact on sales, it’s more about building trust with customers. Metrics such as web traffic, social interactions, and other metrics are common forms of measurement, but are they really impacting your business over time? Although content marketing is a long term strategy, over time you should be able to see an uptick in qualified leads and sales. Your tactics ultimately need to make an impact, or it’s time to tweak your strategy.

3. Use Infographics – This just makes sense. Humans tend to digest information better in graphical form, even information that seems kinda dry on the surface. Need some inspiration? Check out this collection of the best infographics from Hubspot.

4. Distribution of Your Content – it can take some trial and error to determine what works best for you. LinkedIn is typically the most popular (and successful) option for B2B, while Facebook or Pinterest are best for B2C. And many ad paid search and sponsored posts to the mix as well. More the likely its gonna take a mix of free and paid methods to get your message out there.

5. Produce Quality Content that Aligns with Your Goals – the popularity of content marketing breeds the mediocrity of content. Focus your efforts more on quality than sticking to a strict rule of “must create one piece of content per day” rule.

6. Get Contributors With Multiple Perspectives – ok, so I get it that you’re not comfortable with everyone writing your next rad article. But chances are they either have ideas on what would generate interest, or they can give you a good draft to work with. So talk to product development, the sales team, your IT department and so on. Even if you need to sit down and conduct an informal interview, a different perspective can be very refreshing.

Nobody ever said content marketing is easy…but your customers like reading stories, or learning more about topics that help them become more educated on an important subject. It’s well worth the time and extra effort in the long run.

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    I found an image from twitter but i am not able to upload here, the point is that there are same info as here. but here you explained it very well. Great posting and learning as well. 🙂

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    I really enjoyed reading your blog, you have lots of great content. I look forward to reading more posts from you.

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    This post is really helpful for newbie blogger like me. The tips and tricks you provided are really informative and gonna help in my blogging adventure.

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