7 Things to Avoid While Leaving A Blog Comment

By Daniel Scocco - 2 minute read

Many people already wrote about the rules of blog comments before. Most of them, however, focused on the so called blog comments etiquette. That is, they told you how you should always add value to the discussion, respect the other people, never feed the trolls, be genuine and yada yada yada.

While that advice is solid, I feel that it lacks some practical sense. There are other points that I see people doing almost daily when leaving comments, and they can be equally annoying for the blog owner and for the other readers and commentators. Below you will find them: 7 things to avoid while leaving a blog comment.

1. Using the bold or italic attributes to highlight your whole comment

Blog comments can send good traffic to your website, and if you manage to catch people’s attention with your comments, this traffic might increase. Now, attention should be grabbed with a funny or interesting comment, and not by making your comment text bold or italicized.

Use bold only or specific words that you want to put in evidence, and italics on names and titles of books and similar.

2. Signing your comment

As you probably have already noticed, most comment forms ask for your name on the first input box. That is, you already signed your comment even before writing it, so there is no need to finish the comment with your name a second time.

Apart from being redundant information, it is also annoying for some people. For more on this topic read “If You Sign Your Blog Comments, You Are a Dork.”

3. Including a second (or third) link to your website

The previous point applies to website links also. Most comment forms allow you to include a URL that will be used to hyperlink your name. If you include that URL at the end of your footer a second time it will give the impression that you are just spamming the comment section for some links.

4. Leaving a comment without reading the article first

Common sense you say? I wouldn’t bet on it. I have seen a huge amount of comments, both on my and on other blogs, from people that had no clue about the topic of the article in question.

Sometimes they knew what the article was about, but they interpreted the message from the author on a completely different way.

If you are going to leave a comment, make sure that you have read and understood the article to begin with.

5. Leaving a one-word comment

It might be the case that people leaving comments such as “Great!” or “Thanks!” truly read the article and mean it. Regardless, those comments will be considered as spam.

Just take the effort to come up with a complete sentence, will you?

6. Leaving a second trackback

If you link to another post on your blog, your blogging software will send a notice to that blog, which will in turn create a link pointing back to your post on the comments section. This is called a trackback.

Sometimes trackbacks will not work, and in this case you could leave a comment mentioning that you wrote about the post in question. If the trackback worked, however, you would be spamming that blog by leaving a second comment with a link pointing to your article.

7. Leaving a comment as if you are the know-it-all guru on the subject

Whenever I come across a comment that begins with “This is just stupid…” or “You are so wrong…” I already arm myself against potential nonsense ahead.

If you disagree with the opinions of the author, express it politely. Even if you are right about the issue you will be seen as a jerk if you come with the I-know-it-all attitude.

Just take it easy.

Update: Obviously these are my opinions, so feel free to disagree. And if you are guilty of one of these points, remember that it is not a big deal. Just keep it in mind for future comments!

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97 Responses to “7 Things to Avoid While Leaving A Blog Comment”

  • Vaneeesa Blaylock

    I’m confused by #6.

    kk – so SOME blog comment forms do include your URL with your name on the comment… but if I wrote something relevant a couple of months ago… having my main URL will never get readers to that post… don’t I have to give them the URL for the specific post?

    I was also unclear why you call that a “second trackback” – do you mean because the url at the top of the post is the first?

  • Naveen

    Thanks for the post.

    But you didn’t mentioned there whether we use any keyword related to our website theme in Name field Like “furniture Blog” if i have website related to furniture.
    please clarify this.

  • scott

    I think the most important thing to avoid is leaving a comment that’s only a couple of fluffy sentences with no real meaning. I’ve found that comments that spur discussion are the best, so whenever I leave a comment I seriously try to think about what value I could add to the post.

  • Priyk

    There is no point as that to disagree with your opinions.. But some times come that we have to get many links within a certain period. That to for different types of websites. It happens only in seo companies. I think most of the seo service providers spam these blog comments.. Although they have good resource to write comments in different types of blogs, but when they need many links to show their clints then the all spam comes..

  • Steve

    All in all a good post. I disagree with one point. To me, signing your comment adds a personal touch. One thing that annoys me as a blog owner is when people use their anchor text as their name. My name is “Steve”, not “Internet Business”. Yes, the link in the comment isn’t anchored with the preferred anchor text (unless your name is your preferred anchor), but it’s usually a nofollow link anyway. I delete those comments automatically.

  • Rusia Moldova O’Neill

    Thanks for your hints.
    I also read many people write about this topic. However your post is very useful for me.

  • kinderdagverblijven nijmegen

    Sometimes they knew what the article was about, but they interpreted the message from the author on a completely different way.

    Think its a most common thing. And that many people, (also here) dont know what the article is about, or can tell you the headlines. Its a shame for the people how writes this post.

  • Tool Guy

    Interesting points but are we all starting to put things under the microscope a little bit too much. I mean what is wrong with signing your name at the bottom of a comment just seems like good manners and a polite thing to do.

    If someone wants to do it great but I don’t think we should call them “dorks” because they have.

    BTW Good article.


  • Darkfall Gold

    it’s so cool…

  • Darkfall Gold

    Saying that read the article first and comment next is very much correct and then only the comment add new and relevant discussion happens in the form of comment and gives improved ideas for authors.

  • Smackitta

    i read your blog everytime i can, because it’s so interesting !! and i agree 70% on this post, because the readers also have rights on commenting, and the “you’re comment will be published after moderation” thing is sooooooo annoying and comment-killer ! 🙂

  • Zafar Majid

    Oh dear!
    I hardly dare leave a comment…
    I didn’t realise that there was a protocol to be observed when commenting.
    It’s a bit like learning which knife to use first or how to curtsy to the Queen

    At this point, I usually put my name… better not.

    Thanks for the advice.

  • Mike K

    Heh, I admit to being guilty to “signing” posts when I was a newbie to blogs – it was leftover habit from the Usenet days. But you’re right, and this is all good advice. BTW, I just found your blog and find it invaluable. I’ll definitely have to spend some time going over some of your older posts – good stuff!

    – Mike (ok, just kidding)

  • Ron Givens

    It’s funny,

    I used to leave my full name, URL, title with my company, etc, etc, etc… Until someone pointed out to me that this a blog comment “party foul”.

    Needless to say, I have dropped the bad habit!

  • Chef

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  • jane blast

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  • Site Rank

    Your ideas are quite interesting. Glad to have found your blog in my online travels. Cheers.

  • No Fixed Office

    I am just new to blogging and thankfully, have not (at least not against these points, over stepped the mark on any to date. I did only notice the trackback comments the other day when one appeared on my blog, sometimes kind of helps to see things like this to properly understand them sometimes.

    It would be interested to know how many people shunned point 4 and did not read this post before commenting?


    Hello Daniel Scocco,

    Your suggestions on the things to avoid while blog commenting is good. New thing I have learned here is about the “second trackbacks”. Though this has not complete understood internally, I thank you for that.

  • Bill in Detroit

    I’d say that one of the major mistakes made on blogs is little more than a holdover from Usenet. That is the tendency to try to dictate the fine points of manners to others. It didn’t work on Usenet and it won’t work here. Here we have better tools to deal with spam, but we still have to deal with the variances between people.

    Put another way, what harm is incurred if a person signs their name?

    Why put up a barrier that doesn’t need to exist? It doesn’t take much to push traffic away.

  • Matt


    Haha, got ya. 😉 BTW, very good tips, thanks!

  • Freya Sykes

    Ummm… well I think my halo slipped on this one and has been throttling me…I’m clearly not as good as the commentors above who have a clean driving licence when it comes to netiquette!! lol! I’m guilty of put my blog address at the bottom of every comment I make…it could be that I’ve done it now for so many years it’s simply a matter of habit, or it could be that I’m a bit like a dog marking his lampost…kinda like…it’s my comment and here’s my scent (??!) However if it’s taken as spam…apologises…it’s not meant that way! The way I view my comments and commentors are as follows: If you want to comment – feel free, and if you want to leave your name or blog address at the bottom…well you took the time out to comment on my blog, so yeah, feel free to do it…I’m pretty relaxed like that. If you leave a malicious comment…I’ll post it, even with a fake email address…but I’ll make you look a moron after it – I always put a “Freya Says” section on the comments as I moderate them onto my blog. That’s just the risk a spammer runs on my blog! When I say “moderate” too, I don’t think I’ve yet changed anyone’s comments. I’ve only ever not put one comment up in it’s entirity as it was legally slanderous about someone and that I don’t encourage or allow. I also bold out my own reply…am I self sinning here on my own comment I wonder? *giggle* Heck nope – the way I view it is it’s my blog and if you don’t like it…well “move along there’s nothing to see here” eh? Smilies don’t bother me either but that personal preference I think. Finally, as every blogger knows, comments are the life blood of every blog – otherwise it’s just a monologue. As long as you comment I’m happy. And here endeth my sermon!! lol! Good guidelines though as to what you don’t like (as such I’ll refrain from putting my blog address here! 😉 )

    http://www.fre…..oh knickers…flaming habit – sorry!! *chuckle* 😉

  • SEO Genius

    I dont really think there is a time frame, if you think an article was rather good then comment on it. I also dont think article writers should discard any comment that was either 3 or 1,000 words long if it was a possitive comment i love getting comments which say thanks great article exetra exetra…

    Anyways yes good article 🙂

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