An Experiment: No More Guest Posts and a Focus on Quality

By Daniel Scocco - 1 minute read

As some of you guys will remember, a couple of years ago I changed the direction of my business activities. Until 2010 all my income was coming from my blogs and websites, mostly from advertising, affiliate marketing and from selling my own products online.

That year I decided I wanted to move to software development. First of all because I was having a blast programming, which I started as a hobby. Second because I figured I would be able to tackle larger problems/projects writing software.

I spent most of 2011 and 2012 learning more about programming and working on the development of web and mobile apps. 2013 will follow along the same lines, as I have a couple of large/ambitious mobile projects to execute.

In other words, it was getting tough to keep updating this blog daily as I was spending most of my day coding and working on other areas of the business.

My initial solution was to reduce the frequency of updates slightly to four posts per week, and bring guest authors to fill the days I wasn’t able to write. It worked relatively well, as 2012 was a record year in terms of traffic, but I wasn’t happy with it.

Pretty much every week I would receive a couple of emails from readers who thought the guest posts had a different style and voice, arguing that they came to the site to read my stuff.

I thought about it and decided to run an experiment in 2013: I won’t be publishing guest posts anymore and will write all the posts myself (so be warned: you are stuck with my ramblings now!).

On top of that I will also focus on the quality of the posts and not on the quantity. In other words, I will only write when I have something to say. I won’t be running filler posts anymore.

Obviously the frequency of updates will fall (I am planning to write 1-2 posts per week), but at least you can be assured that whenever you come here you’ll find something worth while to read.

I am not sure if the traffic will increase or decrease with this change, but at least I’ll be proud of the content on the site. And despite spending most of my time coding these days, about 60% of my income still comes from my blogs and websites, so I am still in touch with Internet marketing and website promotion/monetization. In other words, stay tuned for some cool stuff in 2013!

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42 Responses to “An Experiment: No More Guest Posts and a Focus on Quality”

  • Aquarium Setup


    Ha! You’re right. I looked back at the last few and they’re all list or “how to/why you should” type posts. Either way I take one look at the titles and say “pass”.

    Anyway I hope it works out for you. If I had to make a guess I’d say traffic will drop. Of course you may only be losing junk traffic anyway so it may end up not mattering.

  • Avik

    Thank you. It is the reason I was not reading much of your blog and also some other popular blogs for the last few months. Since the guest posts are not written by you, the writing style is entirely different and most of the posts are not as interesting as yours.

    I am not against guest posting. But I am fond of your writings. You have taken the right decision in right time. Looking forward for some great tips and tricks from the blogging guru.

  • Jeri Dansky

    I have no opinion one way or another on the guest posts, but I loved this: “I will only write when I have something to say. I won’t be running filler posts anymore.”

    I wish more bloggers would follow this strategy, and not waste anyone’s time – theirs, or their readers’ – with those “filler” posts.

  • Taswir Haider

    Great news. Make one quality content from ourselves is better and more mean than 100 quality content from other people.

  • Emilio

    Hi. Guest posting is great when you do it having something great to share on a more popular blog. You offer traffic to the owner and you can get some visibility.
    But most bloggers do guest posting just to get a link … and it’s not good. It doesn’t bring any value to the readers.

    So, probably you are right … no or very very few guest posts here.

  • Abdul Basith

    Good Move Brother! I am your blog’s old reader. Filling your blog with more guest post is little annoying. Hereafter i will come often… 🙂

  • Eric

    I honestly see this becoming a new trend in 2013. I can see more and more blogs tightening up and being less generous or even stop letting guest blog posts.

    I have seen and heard of several others already this year. We shall see where this leads.

  • Yin

    Daniel, I really applaud your move. Few years ago when I discovered your blog I was really inspired by you. Your posts are down to earth, useful and practical. You also tok the effort to actually reply emails and offer your advice. So I always visited your blog. But then, the guest posts start to come in. First the guest posts were few on and off. Then they become more frequent and then your blog eventually does not have your voice. When I see the posts are not written by you, I would just exit too.
    I think your loyal readers would be cool about your reduced blogging frequency.. We appreciate your sincerity and truthfulness in your writing.
    Thanks for this experiment.

  • Shalu Sharma

    This is going to be an interesting experiment. I would be interested in know what happens as far as traffic is concerned.

  • LJ Earnest

    I am doing the same thing, disallowing guest posts and cutting back on the frequency so I can concentrate on other interests. I think it’s a good idea…our lives change and so does our focus. We have to adjust to those new priorities or risk getting stuck in a monster we have created.

  • rahul

    Excellent news, I usually leave your site as soon as I see that it is a blog post, I do come to read your thoughts, so thank you!

  • Dean Saliba

    This is an interesting move, especially as everyone is saying that guest posting is the way forward, but I enjoy your ramblings so I’ll still be coming back. 🙂

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