Announcing the Retweet Club

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

Twitter is gradually becoming a cornerstone of online marketing. Most webmasters and bloggers are using it for one purpose or another. Some use it to interact with their readers, others to network, others to drive traffic back to their sites and so on.

Regardless of why you might use Twitter, there is one factor that will certainly affect the reach of your tweets: the number of retweets. That is, the number of people who will pass on your tweets to their own followers.

Thinking about that I had an idea: how about creating the Retweet Club? That is, a place where like-minded webmasters and bloggers could support each other with retweets.

Obviously you need to have some rules in place to make sure that quality standards get enforced and that members won’t abuse the group (for example members should not be obliged to retweet stuff they don’t like), but that should be easy to implement.

So that is it, I am launching the Retweet Club today. It will work as a private mailing list, and new members can only join with an invite from the owner.

Initially I will limit it to 100 members, to get an idea of how the club will work and what kind of activity we will have. If you are interested here is how to get in:

  • Your Twitter account must have at least 500 followers.
  • Send an email to mentioning that you want to join the club, and include your Twitter id (e.g., @johndoe).
  • Make sure to have a Google account enabled on your email address (because we’ll be using Google Groups).

See you inside!

Update: Entrance to the Retweet Club is now limited to the members of

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33 Responses to “Announcing the Retweet Club”

  • Lisa

    I realize this is an older post, but I’d love to join, if you still have room.

  • elmot

    This is indeed a great idea. I am very excited to join this one.

    Count me in Daniel 😀

  • Boerne Search

    Count me in!


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