Best WordPress Plugins: Contact Form


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The Contact Form plugin is a must because it will make it easier for readers to get in touch with you. If you just place an email address somewhere on your blog visitors would need to copy the address, open the email client, paste it and write the email. Quite annoying for a simple message, that is why the Contact Form is very useful, it cuts all the extra steps.
Check out some the plugin features:

  • Drop in functionality – upload to plugins directory and activate
  • Easy to change options – recipient, subject, thank you message, and error message
  • Location detection – put it on any page on your site
  • Quicktag support – click on the contact form quicktag and the form is inserted right where you want it

You can download the Contact Form plugin here.

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2 Responses to “Best WordPress Plugins: Contact Form”

  • Daniel

    Mike, I have being using the plugin for a couple of months, and so far only 1 spam. But I guess you would be able to insert a spam filter if necessary.

  • Mike Chapel

    The contact form in other CMS is a door for spam. I don’t know how do it, but it’s so easy for robots.

    The other solution has the same problem.

    Does The new plugin have a secure code or other prevent spam utility?

    Best regards – Happy 2007 – Very kool and nice blog



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