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Probably the hardcore WordPress users will be familiar with the plugins I will present on this series, but there are a lot of people out there just starting to use WordPress, so I figured it could be helpful to have a list of the “must have” plugins.

The first one to be presented is the “Subscribe to Comments“ plugin. I was until waiting to install this plugin over Daily Blog Tips because the blog is relatively new (therefore I was not expecting many comments), but recently some entries received a lot of attention so I decided to upload it, and the installation process was really smooth.

The advantage of this plugin is that readers will be able to receive email updates whenever someone puts a new comment on a certain post that they subscribed. As you can imagine this feature will improve the interaction with your visitors and it will also promote the conversation.

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    Check this out!

  • SEO Website Builder

    I also recommend this plugin, it is very useful for readers that want to keep in touch with a certain post.

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