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Daniel Scocco

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Recently I had some problems with my hosting service (I will not include names because they have been reliable so far) and as a consequence the website was taking a lot of time to load. In order to solve that problem I decided to install the WP-Cache plugin.

WordPress already has a very fast structure so that under normal circumstances you will not need this plugin. WP-Cache becomes useful if your hosting server is slow, if your site has been featured on Digg or if you want to save bandwidth.

The plugin stores your pages on a static file and serves the visitor requests from that file instead of loading the dynamic pages from the database, improving the responsiveness of the site.

The only problem I found through the installation was that it was serving blank HTML pages the first time someone tried to visit them. Once the pages were cached, however, they would appear normally.

In order to solve this problem you need to locate the WP-Cache folder on your server and open a file called “wp-cache-phase2.php”. Once you open the file search for the function “wp_cache_ob_end”, and look for the line “ob_end_clean();” inside that function. Finally just change this line with the following “ob_end_flush();”.

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  • Tony

    I cam here trying to decide which caching plugin to use on my blogs, and I am none the wiser unfortunately. One problem with plugins is that there are so many that do more or less the same thing, and it’s really hard to know which is the best.

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