Big Changes in the Alexa Algorithm

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

My Alexa rank was on the 200,000 range over the past weeks, and yesterday I noticed that my toolbar was showing 14,000 for it. I thought that it was a glitch, but today that 14,000 returned. I went to check out on the Alexa website, and here is a screenshot of the info I got there:

alexa change algorithm

So yeah, it looks like Alexa loves Daily Blog Tips again.

Jokes apart, I also went to check the Alexa rank of several Internet marketing related websites, and they all went up significantly. It probably means that Alexa changed its algorithm again.

If you don’t remember it, some months ago Alexa rolled out an algo change that supposedly weighted out the traffic coming from social media websites. As a result, many blogs and websites saw their rankings go downhill overnight. Daily Blog Tips, for instance, used to have an Alexa rank of 12,000 before that change, and it went to a ranking of 200,000 over the past six months.

Maybe Alexa realized that it messed up with the last update, and it is trying to fix things now.

Did your Alexa ranking chang a lot this week?

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37 Responses to “Big Changes in the Alexa Algorithm”

  • ravi

    Yes, I notice it. Congrats! Especially the Alexa rank of popular blogs seem to have improved to a large extent. My main site writer4me had the rank of 88,000 last week; this week it is 89,000; not much change. But I noticed your blogs, and a few other popular blogs have hugely benefited from this change. Any idea why?

  • medyum

    So the reason is alexa changed their algo. Honestly i do surprised when my blog A-rank increased by 500k n PR went from n/a to 4 in 30 days.

  • Joe Scada

    Nice info very usefull, thanks.

  • siva

    this alexa is piece of shit, mine was in 20k, last year wen they chnaged their code, droped to 70k, me having double times users and around 90k page views daily,page views 2.5 greater than last year, still 70k,:( ,coz of this most advertisers not placing higher bids in ads,

    alexa .|. u

  • heartburn solutions

    I am not to focus on alexa rank or page rank …just getting traffic and money, enough for me

  • Boerne Search

    yeap, went up from 4.9 million spot to 220,000 spot. A hugh jump for me. But what does it mean???????????????

  • pakdejack

    there’s no significally change in my alexa rank.

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