Big Data Winners – The Top 5 Third Party Business Data Providers

Mark Zeni

Marketers have been talking about database marketing for decades, since the 1980s. Now it’s finally here, finally making the impact marketers have expected it to make for so long. The sheer level of detail available is remarkable, and the consumer insight you can glean from it is changing the face of marketing.  Welcome to our world, where data drives better lead generation, better creative treatments, better targeting and segmentation, and most importantly of all, better sales conversion.

The sector is full of new players, large and small. But who, exactly, are the top 5 third party business data providers? We’ve pinned them down for you.

ZoomInfo – Large and detailed business directory

ZoomInfo is operating on the business intelligence market for over a decade. It has 140 million contact details available for use by marketers collected since the company was formed in 2000. They have gone on to win many awards for their services, including a position in the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private companies.

Zoominfo has plenty of available contact details. They also claim to have 31 million direct dial numbers in their dataset. The company provides additional data processing that adds additional value for its customers. Adding context to the data allows for more granular segmentation and finer campaign targeting.

DueDil – Helping businesses nail due diligence 
The due diligence process often involves checking out a company – whether they’re  client or supplier – to ascertain the level of risk they pose, which makes DueDil’s name perfectly appropriate. DueDil provides rich insight and context about businesses and the people who run them, which helps companies evaluate risk and identify opportunities. And they make information about private organisations just as accessible as it is for public companies.

DueDil data allows marketers to identify the perfect prospects, segment markets and make lists designed to target appropriate people at exactly the right time. You can harness their system to automate and streamline the B2B onboarding process, and to make sure you comply with the law. And you can check on the risks and opportunities presented by your suppliers, customers and prospects.

Global Database – All sorts of essential insights 
London-based Global Database provides an astonishing amount of data including comprehensive details about businesses in 195 countries. They provide email addresses and phone numbers of key decision makers as well as current credit checks and information about which tech a company uses. As a result you can find and segment your perfect prospects and customers by industry, company size, location, sales revenue and a great many more useful and powerful criteria. You can even integrate their data seamlessly into your app or CRM.

The key to Global Database’s success is the sheer variety of data sources they harness, everything from annual reports and credit agencies to telephone interviews, web research, Companies House details, public filings, stock exchanges and many more. And their 100-plus in-house employees collect, organize and validate all these data sets constantly, so they’re always up to date. As the creators of patented business web crawling technology that adds to and updates profiles daily in real-time, they’re at the top of their game. Their finger is well and truly on the pulse of the world’s business scene.

D&B Hoovers – A division of Dun and Bradstreet
D&B Hoovers, part of Dun and Bradstreet, harnesses the world’s biggest commercial database of 120 million business records plus associated analytics. The result is a sales intelligence solution that helps salespeople and marketers focus on the right prospects and generate faster business growth. Their service is used by marketers, account managers, sales staff and researchers to better understand target accounts and decision makers, thanks to its wide-ranging search capabilities, business intelligence information and analyses.

D&B Hoovers gets its revenue via a suite of subscription products, business reports, data licensing agreements, strategic partnerships and more, and splits its services between American and non-American businesses.

US Kompass – Granular data from the USA

New Jersey-based US Kompass presents all the companies in the USA plus 68 other nations, sorted by sector and category. They have a presence in more than 60 countries and have been around for 70 years. Their extensive business directory is full of accurate, locally sourced information that’s updated regularly, featuring an impressive 11.6 million businesses of every imaginable shape, size and flavour.

Their search tool classifies organisations by region and business sector, making it easy to pin down positive  partnerships, ID hot prospects and find new customers. You’ll often be able to find out the number of employees, as well as details about the business’ products and services plus their contact details. US Kompass can help your organisation promote your wares to the world, analyse global market sectors for opportunities, find suppliers, clients, agents, partners and distributors, and gain insight about your competitors.

Taking your business to the next level with big data
Whichever B2B Data supplier you choose, being able to examine and manipulate detailed data about businesses and the people who run them delivers vital commercial insight. It’s a game-changer. Big data helps marketers and sales forces track down the very best, hottest, most relevant prospects at every stage in the sales funnel. It helps businesses reduce the risk of trading by providing essential insight into company finances, pinpointing the risks. It helps people like you beat the competition, get to market first, make a splash like no other. If you haven’t explored the potential of data yet, now’s the time to get busy. Your bottom line will thank you for it!

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