Blog Action Day: Why I Think the Internet Is Key to Combating Poverty

By Daniel Scocco - 1 minute read

Today is Blog Action Day guys. You probably heard about it right? If not here is the quick run down: a day where bloggers from around the world unite to talk about a single topic. The objective is to reach as many people as possible, and to foster action and change.

This year’s topic is poverty, and I want to explain why I think the Internet is key to combating poverty around the world and to changing many other things on our society, for the better obviously.

The Internet is basically democratizing the access to information and making the world flat. Here is what Bill Gates once said about it, and which summarizes the point well:

if you had a choice, thirty-five years ago, between being a B student in the Bronx or a genius born in Bangalore, there is no question; your life opportunities would be so much better if you were a B student in the Bronx. You could be a super-genius in Bangalore, but you really couldn’t translate that into anything. When the world is flat, it is just the opposite. You do not want to be a B student in the Bronx, because every genius in Bangalore can now plug and play more directly than ever.

With the advent of the Internet, it does not matter where you are born or under what conditions. As long as you have talent for something, you will be able to reach literally the whole world.

Sure there is still the problem that not everyone from around the world have access to the Internet. But this is an easier problem to solve, and if you take a look at the numbers, they are very promising. Today almost 1.5 billion people can already access the Internet, which is around 20% of the world population.

It is not enough, but it is growing fast. Just consider that in comparison to the year 2000, that number represents a 300% increase on the number of people that are connected to the web.

Apart from giving those direct opportunities to people, the Internet is also improving the way we communicate and share both information and knowledge. Mainstream media, large corporations and political lobbies are having a harder time deceiving people.

Consumers, workers, voters, everyone is now able to speak up and don’t put down with the bullshit we see around.

This is a game changer.

The Internet is giving people their voices back.

Blog Action Day is a perfect example of this force in action.

So if you had the luck to join this movement early, stay tuned. We are going to change the world, one bit at a time!

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34 Responses to “Blog Action Day: Why I Think the Internet Is Key to Combating Poverty”

  • spencer Black

    Just wanted to say I’m really proud of everything you’re doing.
    Here is the video I did for the young lions competition in hopes of encouraging people to add their names and help Oxfam by joining the movement to encourage world leaders to vote for change at the summit in Copenhagen in December.
    Hope you enjoy!

  • choen

    is not easy , how can the people do not have poor access to the internet and internet users can not touch them.

  • Mita

    Poverty can be eliminated quickly and joyfully once ‘we the people’ can come together with a shared vision of fair and sustainable currency at the local regional, national and global level.

    Please search and share the blog on “Deep conscious capitalism” to change the system via open transparent monetary system.

  • Suz

    ..And I meant “thought-provoking”.. grr.. sorry about the error!


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