Blog Project Three: Final List

By Daniel Scocco

First of all a big thank you for everyone who participated on the Three Blog Project. I was expecting to beat the number of entries of the last one (48), but not to double it. We had a total of 118 people participating!

blogprojectthree.gifBelow you will find the final list of entries. You have one week to browse around them and to post a list with your favorite ones (minimum 3 favorite entries, no maximum). There is no need to send me an email, I will check your blog and assign the points.

Most of the entries are pretty interesting, some are outstanding. I am sure you will have a good time reading through the list!


Business & Career


Health & Fitness

Make Money Online



Web Development & Design

Random Topics


86 Responses to “Blog Project Three: Final List”

  • Tejvan – net writing

    Cool list! 112 is a great number of participants – now to find a top 3..

  • Jesper

    Great list of posts. Look forward to read all this. It is really nice that you have indexed all the posts in categories. Thanks.

  • Mario Andrade

    Interesting list of posts. I’ll definitely be using some to create posts of my own

  • 60 in 3

    Can we campaign for our own post? 🙂

    On a slightly more serious note, should we rank our choices?


  • Daniel

    Gal, you just can not list your own entry with your favorites list. You can rank them also, but there is no need to, entries will receive a point every time they get mentioned.

  • AmeyJah

    hey just curious, have you listed those entries depending upon the quality or the day of submission.

  • Arpit Jacob

    ouch that’s a really long list .. looks like the whole night will be spent reading them. I like that you took my suggestion to break it into categories makes it easier to scan and focus.

  • Daniel

    Amey, inside the categories the entries were listed by date of arrival.

    I wanted to be as impartial as possible, so even the categories were listed alphabetically.

  • Ramkarthik

    That’s a big list Daniel. Nice to see your article in and good to see your guest blogger Ryan’s post in there. Thanks for putting mine in the list. All the Best for all Participants. Hope the best 3 articles win.

  • Pallab

    Enough articles to keep me busy for a day 😀

  • Jamaipanese

    hey thanks for the opportunity to participate.

    and remember everyone Jamaipanese for president!

    Now to go through them all to choose my favourite 3 ^_^

  • Nirmal

    Wow! Great list. Will take time to read all the 112 entires. 😀

  • Daniel

    By the way guys, I know that if you post only a “Top 3” entries list you are maximizing your chances of winning :), but try to be generous with the participants, I am pretty sure there are at least 10 entries that you will love!

  • Nirmal

    I didnt get a pinkback for this link? What could be the reason? 🙁

  • Daniel

    Not sure, pingbacks and trackbacks act weird sometimes. Hopefully it will arrive shortly.

  • joe

    Do you mean we’re to post our winners here? or in a separate post on our blogs?

  • Daniel

    joe, post your favorites on a post on your blog, that way everyone will share the link love and traffic as well.

  • Nirmal

    Got the ping back now. It arrived late 😀

  • Genesis

    Wow, that is some list! Good thing you gave us a week to go through it. 😀

  • Better Blogging with Michael Martine

    My goodness, that’s a lotta linkage!

  • Mr.Byte

    Thats a huge list!!! WoW!!! Now how do I choose the best from here??? Thats gonna be some work put in there… 🙂

  • Jamaipanese

    made a post with links to all the entries on my blog

    Post with my favourite 3 coming soon ^_^

  • Rajaram S

    Daniel..I guess that my post from my blog (Three puzzles to puzzle you) is missing.
    Can you pl check.
    and btw, a great compilation ..should provide for great reading entertainment!

  • One Man –

    Wow, you’ve been a busy guy
    Sorry I didn’t hear about the contest earlier!

    One Man. One Year. $100,000 online.

  • Daniel

    Ranjaram, sorry about that, I guess your submission email went to the spam folder. Just added it to the list, which is up to 115 participants!

  • Dj Flush

    Finally the list is here 😀

    Looks great and the entries seem so creative 😉

  • Rajaram S

    Thanks Daniel for the update.

  • kuanhoong


    I am wondering why my submission is not included. Thanks

  • kuanhoong

    I am sorry that I didn’t submit through the contact form. However, I posted my link in the comment. Hopefully it will be listed. Thanks.

    P/S : I submitted through the contact form.

  • Daniel

    Kuanhoong, sorry about that, your entry was missing because I had not received the email through the contact form. I just added it.

  • Jacob Share

    Terrific roundup, I just Stumbled this post.

    I’m looking forward to going through the other entries and choosing my faves.

  • Sean Aune

    Yikes, will take me all night to read this, but yay for so many participants! And thanks to everyone who has posted the full list, appreciate all the pingbacks!

  • Jo

    Thanks for the contest! I really enjoyed going through everyone’s posts.

  • TechZilo

    Sorry for coming in late – is there ANY way I can participate? When’s the last date? I was away from the ‘net, and now I suffer 🙁

    Daniel, please do consider- I’ll post if you allow, and that too within 2 days at most.

  • Daniel

    TechZilo, sorry for that the deadline was last Sunday. It would not be fair for the other participants.

  • Alexander

    Hey, here’s my list:

  • Brown Baron

    That is an impressively long list! Time to read them all 🙂

  • Cherry

    This is a nice list and some of the entries are really wonderful. Looks like there’s no chance for me in winning the contest but I enjoy reading many of the posts nevertheless.

  • Daniel

    It has been a lot of fun to collect the votes, keep them coming :). Only 2 posts have more than 1 point so far, so it is pretty open.

  • Gaje Master

    Thanks for the list. I am going to go and check them to see what they are all about.

  • TechZilo

    Information overload…..going through the posts.

  • Hans

    Could you please give some more info about how this voting thing is being carried out?

    Should only those who have submitted posts who can also vote for other posts from the list? Or can it be anybody that can select their favs posts from the above list even if they haven’t submitted something in the contest? Can one blogger for e.g ask on his blog to his visitors, to come and vote for him, that is by creating a post and linking to his post?

    Thanks in advance. Good luck to everyone.

  • William Profet from

    The links are very interesting and well organized… But I agree TechZilo that they are too much.

    I’ll try to read all the posts.

    Thank you!

  • Cherry

    Just curious, will you determine the number of points just through pingback? Or do you personally check every blogs to see which posts they are voting? Some blogging platform (including mine) are suck in tracking ping back 🙁

  • Daniel

    Hans, I think it is better if only the participants can vote. Otherwise people would start asking friends to pick their posts, even if they had not read all the entries for the contest.

  • Daniel

    Cherry, I will visit the blogs of the participants, so don’t worry if the pingbacks are not coming, sometimes this happens.

  • Sheila

    Daniel, Can you please remind me of the deadline for posting your favorites? Thanks.

  • Daniel

    Sheila, I will finish counting the points tomorrow (Sunday) night.

  • AmeyJah

    in case you miss it, here is my entry (vote)

  • Adam Pieniazek

    Not sure why but my pingback isn’t showing up here so…

    3 From Every Tree: My Favorite Blog Project Entries

    Great posts everyone.

  • Chester Tugwell

    Hey just found this site. A really useful resource. Thanks

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