Blogging Idol 2: Voting Session Is Open

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

All right folks, the voting session is open. All the readers and followers of the competition will now be able to vote for their favorite bloggers. The polls will be open from today until Friday 28 (midnight EST).

Just a reminder, you should vote for the competitor that you think are using the most clever and/or effective strategies to promote his blog and to gain new RSS subscribers. You can see the live scoreboard to check the RSS subscriber gains, and you can also read the strategies that the competitors shared with us (batch one and batch two). The three competitors will the highest number of votes will win 1 point each.

Competitors may ask their friends, family or readers to support their cause, that is allowed. You can’t vote more than once for yourself though, or ask people to vote repeatedly too. The poll itself should block this (it uses 2 methods to block repeat voters), and I will also monitor the IP address of the voters to see if anyone is trying to work around this rule.

Finally, PollDaddy only support polls with 99 answers, so I was forced to split it in two polls, but it won’t affect the final result.

Good luck to everyone!

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54 Responses to “Blogging Idol 2: Voting Session Is Open”

  • Monique Cloutier

    My vote goes to Suzanne Franco of

    She showed me that she wanted it. I wanted to show my support of her goal.

    Congrats to everyone.

    Monique Cloutier

  • dawntrenee

    Suzanne Franco over at really put her heart, soul and creativity into this contest and deserves to win. She would make a great blogging Idol and I don’t think it would stop just because the contest ends. She is and always will be creative with her readers and soon to be readers. She won my vote.

  • Cherry

    I am voting for Susan Franco

  • phanvanphuc312

    Thanks you.

  • Raghu

    This was one exciting month and 5 days of voting. Lots of lessons to take from this and I plan to use some of the tips.

    Voting has come to end. I have to say, its not easy to get votes. Good Luck to everyone. Keep refreshing the count to it wouldn’t move!

    I’m not a morning person at all. But, to see the RSS counts, I started getting up early. So, this experience has made an impact in my lifestyle too. 2 More Days!

    Big Thanks to folks who voted for me and Happy Schools Blog.

  • heroesultrafan

    Vote for Heroes Televsion 🙂 . That’s what I did.

  • Lynn

    Voted for Suzanne Franco!

  • Money Making Ideas ~ Suzanne

    Rain ~ is it the number of votes that bothers you or you’re wondering how they are going about it?

    It’s easy to see that the more subscribers and site visitors someone has … the more of an advantage they would have at asking for “more voters and subscribers” … but I haven’t let that stop me from trying.

    I started this contest with 52 subscribers and only 2,000 monthly visits … and I knew it would be difficult for me to outperform some of these sites number wise … but that’s why the voting and judge votes are supposed to be based on creativity and effort … not the numbers.

    I can only speak for myself. I have worked very hard at this and truly want to EARN the title … not buy it … not cheat to get it … just hard work.

    If someone has found a way to cheat the system I believe Daniel will investigate it and they will be disqualified.

    I’ve seen some “interesting” jumps in some of the numbers … but again … I just can’t focus on that … just keep working away.

    We have Thanksgiving holiday this week so hardly anyone is working Thursday or Friday … so that’s been tough … but I’ll give it my all until the very end.

    Check out my site and if you feel I’ve earned the title … you might vote for me LOL #7 … *SmiLes* Suzanne

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Rain, DBT has 15,000 RSS subscribers and over 6,000 daily unique visitors. On top of that the competitors are also encouraging their own readers to vote.

    Ergo, what is the problem with 499 votes?

  • Rain

    499 votes???????????????????????

    Someone’s stuffing the ballots to rig the competition in their favour. That’s why we never enter this cockamamie contests. You just can’t leave it up to your readers, huh?

  • prathyusha gangineni

    The information provided through the Blog is exellent and it is guiding me always as i am applying for Graduvation course in USA for Fall 2009

  • austin franco

    I voted for suzanne franco
    go! mom!

    Austin Franco

  • ivantheterrible

    goo tofugu

  • jagannath

    here is my vote raghu!!!!!!

    Happy Schools Blog

  • ManuelV

    I voted for Suzanne Franco of

  • Robert S. Walker

    Good luck Suanne. Great Work! Happy Thanksgiving and love to mon and dad.

  • Anne

    I vote for! I have learned so much from her and she is an awsome marketing person! You can learn so much about internet marketing at her site. Check it out! 🙂

  • erin tales

    Voted for Suzanne Franco!

  • Gautham

    As an international student and after getting much needed information from one site, my vote is for happyschoolsblog. Raghu has been helpful with his articles… Keep doing .. U r doing an awesome job for international students…. All the best…

  • adi

    My vote is for Raghu,
    Its a great site for young US aspirants for higher education.

  • Brigitte

    As I said before Suzanne Blog is informative and resourceful!

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