Blogging Idol Is Live!


blogging idol

Update: The first edition of the Blogging Idol is over. You can see the winner here.

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322 Responses to “Blogging Idol Is Live!”

  • Ganesh

    Can we use you’re image on our blog?

    One more thing,

    May the best blogger win!

  • SEO Genius

    Wow i have surfed on some of these websites that have entered the competiton and most if not all except from mine is a wordpress or blogger or some other sort of theme.

    You guys have it easy 😛

    I have to manually submit everything and make a new page for everything i envy your first choice in templates and design, i am contemplating changing to a wordpress theme though myself.

    But i do like my uniqueness 😛

  • ChiQ Montes

    Alright, I’m all in on this!! 🙂
    I’ll start tomorrow with my ideas and campaign.
    By the way Daniel, can we use your image above to serve as a logo of sort on our website? you know it helps to advertise it on our blog.. it’ll spark interest in our visitors. what do you think?

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Jill, correct

    @Winning Startups, you mean putting this whole list on my homepage? Sorry man it would not look good.

  • Josh

    Man the blog is killing everyone by the looks of it. It’s sad to see many people are loosing subscribers..yikes.

  • Pandu

    Spicy contest!. But I must wait and learn from other bloggers how they raise their RSS subscribers.

  • uncle wilco

    Thanks Daniel, look forward to getting some great tips from the otherbloggers… and maybe get some more sheds shared in the bargin

  • KushMoney

    Good Luck to you all.

  • pcgamer

    I vouch for universitykid. The guy is brilliant! He amazes me all the time.

  • Transcriptionist

    Wishing good luck to all the contestants, eagerly awaiting to see the results and the techniques used to reach the #1 slot.

  • Debi Zylbermann

    Gerard – it’s not the starting number that counts, but the number of additional subscribers …

  • CoffeeSage

    Exciting! Ok… now, … to have a plan…. I’ve never been to good at getting subscribers, but I’ma going to try it! 😉

  • Gerard

    Looks like is leading as of now..

  • Stock Market Informer

    Great going! Nice to see a huge list of competitors. This is motivating me to increase my subscribers.

  • Krishna

    Let the best blog (-er) win ! Good Luck 🙂

  • Joseph @ Debit versus Credit

    I’m really psyched about this contest! As long as I pull off some more subscribers I’ll be happy. I’m glad you’re sponsoring this and I can’t wait to see the results!

  • Winning Startups

    Hey Daniel, How about putting the contestants on your landing page so we can increase our page rank? you know, share the love?? This page of your site has PR of zero, like my blog does right now!

  • Melvin

    Hey man I was waiting for this list yesterday.. btw, i’m very excited… I thought the bloglist is nofollowed… 😉

  • Jeremy (Discovering Dad)

    I’m not on the list? I know we traded e-mails last week about the site address change, but…. I don’t see me listed. I sent you an e-mail just to make sure, and I can resend our other e-mails if need be. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, but I’m really looking forward to participating and learning from this experience!

  • mitch

    am i too late to join this contest?

  • Mr. Javo

    Good luck to everybody!

  • Felicity

    Thanks Daniel. I’m very excited.

    To start the compettiion I thought I’d offer FREE custom shapes for use in photoshop. My collection icnludes: pen, pencil, notepad, *one red paperclip* and tape dispenser… enjoy!

    Looking forward to checking out the competition 🙂

  • David Shaw

    Cant see my blog on there mate?

  • Debi Zylbermann

    Daniel – I did indeed forget to activate my feedcount. I have done it now, and also sent you an email, so please do add me to the list.

    And good luck to all contestants.

    My blog is about Software testing and Quality, so I invite all of you interested in the subject to sign up and tell your friends, (and those of you who aren’t!)

  • Jill

    So someone cannot hold a contest for RSS subscriptions with a cash prize?

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Yuen, no.

    @Jill, any method where you don’t need to spend money is allowed.

    Cheating is not allowed 🙂 .

  • kailani

    What a cool contest! I wish I had known about it sooner! 🙁

  • Jill

    I’m so excited, there are some great blogs on there. Question, are we allowed to use ANY method to win?
    Obviously signing up ourselves is cheating (BTW, how will we know if someone does do this), but what about bribing people to sign up with money or otherwise?
    Just curious.

  • Adam Singer

    gooooooooo!!! (love the domain name =)

  • Anders Eastgrove

    Cool! We’ll see how it goes. My blog wont be live for a day or two so I’ll be at a disadvantage but I have some trickery up my sleeve. Good luck, everyone 🙂

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