BlueSensation WordPress Theme Released

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

Last month we missed the free WordPress theme release, but the one for July is available now. BlueSensation is a clean theme with a traditional look: large content column on the left and a single sidebar, ready to display 125×125 ads.


Here are the features of the theme:

  • Advertising ready: The theme comes with 6 125×125 blocks styles already. The sidebar could also fit 300×250 and 120×600 units.
  • Big RSS Icon: On top of the sidebar you have a big RSS icon, making sure that visitors will get encouraged to subscribe.
  • Logo integration: The theme has a text logo out of the box, but it already comes with the possibility to use a custom image (420×60) as logo, by simply changing a line on the CSS file.
  • Comments styling: The comments section has been styled to change background color on alternating comments.
  • Search Engine Optimization: As usual the title and meta tags are already optimized, and theme displays on post excerpts on all the archive and category pages.

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64 Responses to “BlueSensation WordPress Theme Released”

  • Allison Gardner

    How do I change the tag line and also insert an image in the header?
    Do like the theme though, bright and eye -catching without being too busy

  • Dominican Fishing

    The theme looks and works great. I have one problem. And that problem is when viewing the theme on a Mac. Using Firefox on a Mac, the Title wraps and so does the menu items on the menu bar. Also the items on the menu bar seem to be right justified when viewing via Firefox on a Mac.

    Using IE, and Firebox on WinXP it looks great! I just tried it with Safari on WinXP and the title and menu items are all screwed up. Just like on the Mac.

    Anyone have a stylesheet to fix this? Anyone else test on a Mac or Safari browser?

  • Husain Kurwa

    This is a great theme. I have had one issue though. On my blog, the font for the title is not the same as the theme template and the font for the text of my posts is also much smaller. I suspect I have to amke a change to the stylesheet but I am not sure where in the stylesheet to make the changes. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


  • Brad


    Regarding my post last night which was deleted:

    There’s a problem with Blue Sensation: it doesn’t create navigation links when creating new pages and that’s why I was so puzzled. I just installed Vistalicious and the nav links show up in the header. I’ll go back to using Blue Sensation as soon as you fix this. Regards,


  • ma2nis

    Im new to word press. i cant get the images to work. Blank where the header is suppose to be… help?

  • Program Afiliasi

    This is what I’m looking for, thanks for your hardwork.

  • Sukabumi

    Nice and simple themes. I love it

  • Jeff

    Hi Daniel,

    I uploaded the theme to WordPress, but it is not showing the
    banner and navigation. It is all white. Any tips to fix this?


  • Abhinav Sonkar

    Hey Daniel, the theme is breaking in Google Chrome browser. Will you please look into it?

  • Kostik49

    Wow, cool

  • Daniel Scocco

    We have a new version live, it will fix a small IE and Opera bug. You can download it right away.

  • Gabo

    Great theme
    i like a lot but what´s up whit page template

    please help me

  • Matt

    This is a brilliant theme! Well done.

    Just wanted to let you know I’ve added it to, a collection of the best of the best WordPress themes available today.

  • Arjen

    Looks good! Im probably starting a second blog soon, and might use this theme, as it is optimized for search engines and advertising.

  • ajua

    This is a very good looking theme, but i think that the main menu and the fonts are a little big. I saw the demo page with 1280×1024 and 1280×800.

    Also, the post header cuold look better without using caps for the categories and other info.

    Good work.

  • Tinh

    Great theme, I will give it a try now. Thanks

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