Can I Use WordPress to Create Websites And Not Just Blogs?

By Daniel Scocco - 1 minute read

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Malini asks:

I am in the process of building two websites – one about dance and one about music. I gave the dance website to a web developer – so he is using Joomla to create it. The frustrating part about it is – every time I want to update the content I have to ask him to do it. That is definitely not a long term option, so I will have to learn to do it in Joomla.

To avoid the same issue for my music website, can I use WordPress to create a website? I will be updating the content every week – but at least since I am familiar with word press, I can do it myself.

How hard is it to create a website using WordPress?

WordPress was born as a blogging platform, but today it is much more than that. I would call it a publishing platform (that is how Automattic calls it as well), because it lets you publish any type of content online, be it the products of an online store or the images of a photo gallery.

In fact if you visit the official WordPress showcase you will find all sorts of websites that are running on WordPress, from corporate and governmental websites to magazines and online communities.

The first part of your question should be answered. Now let’s talk about how easy it is to create a “standard” website using wordPress.

Well, I would say it is as easy as creating a blog with WordPress.

The installation process is the same. The only difference is that you will need to play with pages instead of posts to create the website. If you want to use a static page as the homepage, simply click on the “Reading” tab inside the “Settings” menu of WordPress. There you will be able to select what page should be used as the homepage.

Finally, depending on the type of website you are building, you might need to load some special plugins (e.g., a shopping cart plugin or a membership management one). That is pretty easy as well, and most plugins come with detailed installation guides.

What about you guys, have you used WordPress to power websites and not just blogs? How did it work out?

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47 Responses to “Can I Use WordPress to Create Websites And Not Just Blogs?”

  • Keith Davis

    The main reason I chose wordpress was because It makes a great CMS site.
    Plus, there is lots of info out there about wordpress. Help and tutorials.
    You can add pages, add posts and sort things in the order you want them.
    So far… I haven’t been disappointed.

  • Pete

    WordPress is very customizable and you can handle much forms of websites. There are so much alternatives to use WordPress. You can do auction sites, a review page, an article submisson service, article databases, directories, nearly everything. The good about WordPress the search engine friendly code. Google loves WordPress and if you do some SEO you can rank well. I’m building up my WordPress sites and I see it as a business. You can learn everyday and take it serious. So why can’t you use it as a static website? I’m not making differencens about Websites and blogs, a blog is a website, the only difference is the chronological listing- nothing else.

    But for a simply website for your company or whatever I would recommend you dreamweaver or serif X2, there is much software. And to learn some coding is not difficult, but it takes time. Time that you could use for other things.

    Cheers and to our success!

  • tacogirl

    seen lots of great wordpress websites

  • Hesham

    I have done this by my self more than once, it depends on creating pages if you know what i mean, and set categories for news and events and other stuff that my client would like to publish on them, and actually by dong this you can have a very good website that is SEO optimized and more!

  • walidmrealtor

    WordPress is so flexible many sites look like websites and are actually blogs. Studiopress builds great templates and some of the designers over there can show you sites that look and function like websites, built on a blog platform.

  • John Samuel

    It’s easy to create websites with WordPress.

  • Dave

    No question about creating web sites. Look into Thesis and Headway framework themes. WordPress is free, the two frameworks are premium themes, but well worth the cost. You only need one of them. 🙂

  • Marty Dickinson

    Of the last 25 new or redesigned website projects I’ve done for company clients, 23 of them we setup with WordPress. New clients have to convince me they need something different and they almost always lose. One real estate guy who was proficient with Dreamweaver and another who wanted us to find a jobs recruiting software for their site were the only two exceptions. WordPress is the new evolution of websites as we know it.

  • Oliver

    I mainly use WordPress for blogging, but I created a site using it a while ago and I found it pretty easy to get my head round after a while. It definitely makes a good CMS and makes it easy to update pages.

  • mark harrison

    WordPress is fantastic. There are thousands of good, easy to implement themes and I have all of my 17 websites using it and I have even moved my 3 Joomla sites across to it. Quite honestly, why would you NOT use WordPress?

  • Maria

    Thank you for sharing your position on this. I know that most web developers are still against using WordPress as a CMS for websites. To be honest, I think they do it to keep the money flowing, as most other CMS are not as easily updated as WordPress is and the website owner needs their constant support, just like you mentioned in your example.

    I have built several Websites on WordPress, and I think the functionality and opportunities with WP are great.

    If you want to see one example, click on my name and you will end up on my website, does it look like a blog or like a website?

  • Scorr

    Thanks for helpful Q&A.

    Am about to set up a site for a small retreat business. Client wants to sell a few things through the site as well. Was going to use Joomla + Virtuemart. Now considering WordPress.

    Thoughts on straightforward e-commerce plug-ins to use with WordPress as CMS?

  • Melodee Patterson

    I’m actually in the process of starting a business using a “foundation-type” WordPress theme called Headway. My fantastic graphic designer and I want to provide affordable websites to blog-savvy business owners who want to maintain their own sites.

    In fact, I’ve got a “Name My Company” contest going on at until the end of the month if anyone is interested. If I choose your name, you’ll get 25% off a blogsite!

  • ryan k

    I just want to say thanks for the post on this topic and everyones comments, i have a good idea were to go with my website..

  • DK

    This article comes at a right time! I have a food based blog and I was wondering if it would be even feasible to turn it into a web site kinda deal at some point and I dint want to go into either the drupal or joomla route since I find them pretty not-so-well-documented. I am getting so comfortable with wordpress and to know that I could actually use the same to extend my blog into something more thrills me to bits. Thanks for the link – will look more into it.

  • Giovanni

    WordPress is the easiest way to build a website.

  • Judith

    I started using WordPress as a CMS over 6 years ago to manage my own site. Since then, thanks to some very creative and intuitive Premium Theme Developers, my consulting business promotes using WordPress as a CMS.

    As someone else said; it is a no brainer! The big bonus is the site owner can make their own changes and additions. Something I’ve been asked for since I started doing sites back in 1994.

    Site owners need to be involved and grow their site — and WordPress allows them to do that. As we all know, brochureware is nowhere – static HTML sites are soooo turn of the century. 😉

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