Careful When Migrating Your Feedburner Feeds to Google


As you probably know, a couple of weeks ago Google decided to open AdSense for feeds to all publishers, and by doing so they also started the migration of Feedburner feeds to their own servers (Google acquired Feedburner a while ago, that is why).

In other words, people that wanted to start using the AdSense for feeds feature would need to apply for a migration, and get their feeds changed from to

The migration process is not smooth and automatic, as one would expect (it is 2008 folks…) Instead you need to manually send a request via this support page, and the Google team will handle the transfer for you.

When I saw how they were going to structure the deal, I immediately thought: “Hmmm, I think I will wait some time and see how it will work out for other people.” Messing up with the RSS feed of a blog is not a small thing.

I am glad I did that, as there are many people complaining about the migration process.

Some experienced long downtimes on their feed pages. Others reported that Google Blog Search stopped indexing their blogs once they migrated their feeds. Just consider that if you search the Feedburner Help Group for “migrate or feedproxy” you will find 208 results – read 208 bugs or problems that people faced doing the migration.

My friend from also sent me an email mentioning that after he migrated his feed he became no longer able to see the list of email subscribers. That feature just vanished from “Subscriber Management” page, as you can see on the screenshot below:

He told me that he has over 4,000 email subscribers, so this is not a small problem.

Apart from losing the details about your subscribers, this missing feature also locks you with Google’s email service. On Feedburner you could still switch to another email delivery service, say Aweber, by exporting the list of email subscribers and importing it on the other side.

If you plan to make the migration soon, therefore, I would save and export the list of email subscribers forehand.

Hopefully Google will fix those problems soon. Until then, cross your fingers!

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42 Responses to “Careful When Migrating Your Feedburner Feeds to Google”

  • medyum

    Google seem very unorganised currently with everything, are they trying to bite of more than they can chew? I think so…

  • stop sweating

    I had a feedburner account . Not really paying much attention I just hit burn a new feed and plugged in the address to the feed I already have.
    Thanks for your post and thanks for letting us know!

  • Beth

    Great tip, which I wish I would have read before last week. Google completely screwed up my feed. Like others, it would not accept the name of my feed, stating it was not “valid.” After checking, I found, it was of course, valid. Some point during the “migration” process, (and after having to change the name of my feed), I ended up with an extra “http…” in the feed. Not a happy camper at all.

  • Lito | TheFilipinoEntrepreneur.Com

    Thanks for your post. I was hesitant at first because it seems a little complicated.

  • Liane

    Keep a good work man!,

  • Eulalia

    Tammy, You have a lovely site with so many wonderful accolades.,

  • Jehzeel Laurente

    this is pretty scary.. good thing i have no plans in using adsense for my feeds. 🙂 thanks for the heads up DBT, specially the thing about e-mail subscribers 🙂

  • Riz

    I have requested the transfer today. Lets hope every thing remains smooth.

  • Mikel

    I tried it yesterday But little confusion …

    I will take care abt it now thanks for letting us know

  • Buffyfest

    I have no idea what’s going on. I just started using feedburner a couple of days ago for my blogger blog feed. Yesterday I started using the adsense for feeds and used the google login for that. Little did I know I was using 2 different accounts and the adsense one was not the one my feed was redirecting to. i kept trying to delete the google login one to no avail. I also just wanted to change the name of the other but of course it said the name was already taken (by me!!) Is this the same thing everyone here is talking about??

    So finally I realized about the migration thing, but I don’t know how it’s going to work out. I don’t really care about the ads anymore I just want the feed to be straight.

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