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Daniel Scocco

Everyone knows how annoying it can be having to deal with websites that take forever to load. There are recent researches, in fact, confirming that 75% of the Internet users do not return to sites that take longer than four seconds to load.

In order to check the load time of your site you can use an online tool called “Website Speed Test“. It allows you to enter up to 10 websites, and the results display the size of the website, the total loading time and the average speed per KB.


By the way I would suggest keeping your load time below 2 seconds. In the near future I will post an article with tips to make your pages load faster.

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45 Responses to “Check the load time of your site”

  • mike

    Just awesome… Best thing I did was take away some extra widgets I had.. one was a widget, I just got rid of it, and now the site loads in like 1-2 seconds (as opposed to 15-20)… Wicked.

    (For, I can just make a post an link to the file when I want to distribute eBooks)..

    Cheers, Mike

  • Anime

    Thanks for the tool! I check my site, Animepalm, and it took 1-2 seconds to load on a variety of tools. So I’m guessing it’s pretty good. =D

  • vicky

    Thats good tool.

  • Daily Good Tips : size 38.92 KB, load time 0.23 seconds, average time per kb 0.01 seconds

  • GlossList

    Mine came in at 0.04 secs. Cool!

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  • William


    I thought I noticed something strange with the results so I decided to go back and check again. I am checking because I think is slow owing to the scripts running in the backgroud and size of site yet still growing.

    1 69.71 KB 15.96 seconds 0.23 seconds
    2 73.69 KB 2.72 seconds 0.04 seconds

    I clicked “Check” again and this is what I got the second time.

    1 69.71 KB 2.13 seconds 0.03 seconds
    2 73.69 KB 3.31 seconds 0.04 seconds

    The third time produced this

    1 69.71 KB 3.14 seconds 0.05 seconds

    2 73.69 KB 2.77 seconds 0.04 seconds

    From what I can see, the load speeds are also affeded by the hosting server stress at that time being shared hosting.

    I’ve done some optimization but still look to speed up some more 🙂



  • Egypt Web Solutions

    Mine shows 56K 29.79 seconds

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