Contest: Win Premium Hosting from Zyma for 3 Years

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

A couple of days ago I was talking with the guys at Zyma, one of the top hosting companies from the UK, and we figured that it would be fun to run a contest about ideas for websites.

The contest is pretty simple: you just need to leave a comment below explaining what kind of website you want to launch. The more details you can add about your idea and about why you think it might be popular, the better.

If you already have a blog/website, but it’s not self hosted (i.e., it’s using Blogger or you can also participate with your current site, and if you win you can migrate it.

The contest will be open for ten days (so it ends on July 5), and after that period we’ll pick three winners. I’ll pick one (based on the quality/creativity of the website idea), the Zyma guys will pick another one, and the third one will be picked at random. Each winner will win a domain name and a paid-up hosting plan for 3 years with Zyma to develop the website idea.

I think this contest structure is cool because even if you don’t win you still get to to read about other people’s ideas and to get feedback on your own, which could help you to get an insight or two.

Winners will be announced on a post on July 10, with a round-up of the best ideas.

Good luck for everyone and let the ideas flow!

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55 Responses to “Contest: Win Premium Hosting from Zyma for 3 Years”

  • Bako

    Thanks for the opportunity.
    i have an idea, of starting a social networking where bloggers and non bloggers will interact and share videos, articles,tweets, pictures and podcasts in the niche they choose.
    The social media will have a forum too where bloggers they’ll seek for solution to a problem.
    The social media will also provide a means where bloggers will earn money via google adsense and send more traffic to their website.

  • Jon

    I am developing a comparison site for consumers to compare their central heating boiler installation quotes with what a qualified installer would charge – to give the homeowner a better guide to what they should pay for a a quality job

  • Steve B

    My idea is to start a shopping site where a part of the proceeds would go towards a charity or charities. If not ecommerce, perhaps a directory for online stores that give to charity. It’s not the most original idea, but the goal is to do something positive for society.

    I don’t have all the details yet, but I have been sitting on a domain for a few years. It’s called


  • pinoy cad+coin

    Hello im adrian from Filipinas(philippines), i already have a blog(self-host) and its mixed relating to software/application and financial would be a grEAt idea if i separate this. the blog is about education as my career expertise in my field and the other is education for financial literacy, home based business and how to make money design/themes would be related to my niche blog and contains only one sidebar at the right side composing ads, recent post, labels, blogroll etc. in my home tab first row is the news stories whats happening in technology, business and social media. the next row is my blog post which is only image are displayed when they click, its open to a new tab. the last row is for forum to people where they can interact, share opinions and insights to a specific topic. My aim here to be clutter free.If i win i wish i might have a page tab for e-books to sale, where people can buy low price and safe ordering. my intention is they will not got to amazon and ebay.

  • dr prashant shetty

    I would like to have a website
    1)giving importance of road safety guidelines.
    because in india more number people die due to accidents etc .Giving importance to this may serve atleast some % of people will be benefitted in long run.

  • Nkwasibwe Geofrey

    Am Geofrey and i have this great idea of launching my news blog that will allow users mostly from my country to log in and upload breaking news with evidence in (pics), corruption issues and abuse of human rights in Uganda and globally. With a good gadget responsive version.

  • Anh Le

    I am a Vietnamese girl studying and living in Helsinki, Finland. I have made a few blogs as a hobby and also as a channel to share my knowledge with other people.

    But the idea I would like to submit for this content is something I haven’t done before. I am working on my business plan of running a Vietnamese street food cafe/bar in Helsinki and I would like to make a website documenting how the idea is started from brainstorming to being actually achieved.

    And through this I also want to promote and encourage other International in Finland to dream big, be bold and create a business with passion. Since it is not easy for foreigners to find a job without good Finnish language skill (unfortunately it’s one of the most difficult language in the world). And I know a lot of people with bachelor, master degrees who have to do cleaning, newspaper delivery, etc for living.

    So this is a bigger point I want to reach: create a playground to share stories and encourage foreigners to create a good life in Finland.

    Thanks for letting me share!

  • Amar

    Awesome giveaway. I would love to win the hosting service from Zyma. I am thinking of having my own online portfolio to display my graphic design work.

  • Ing. Peter Petrik

    Hi Everyone,
    name´s Pepe (at 99design as pEpE_DD). After 7 years living & working in the UK, I came back to my country Slovakia. 9 months run down the river & I still got no job. Despite the government´s proclamation to help young people to get involved into the society, my request for financial support was denied. Therefore I decided to do it my way. I´ve subscribed to Mr. Scocco´s daily blog tips and found them very useful and helpful. Like this one offering a chance to win 3 years of premium hosting, which basically would be a one proper start-kick for me to start a new life.
    My idea isn´t revolutionary, but it´s something I´d love to do and by professionalism and creativity to help other people follow their own dreams. It´s a Web-design. I´ve bought a domain, but still not able to buy a hosting, so I believe I´ll be lucky this time.
    What would I offer to my clients?
    * graphical design tailored to the clients´needs,
    * unique logos,
    * representative business cards,
    * static or animated ad-banners,
    * all-inclusive web pages/sites,
    * SEO, consulting etc.

    Recently I´m studying this subject at HLC, having the exams in August. Besides other little projects, I´m working on my web site, hoping to launch it soon. The best with your help.

    Follow your dreams and be happy:-) pP

  • istockgfx

    I Am ABdullah Currently Studying Software development and engineering..
    I Wish to Host a website by which young professionals like me who’re new in the field of Software development can Expose their Softwares to others In the field And Do troubleshooting With the aid of Professionals..

  • Neil Kosterman

    As you can see, I already have a framework for my website (consider it merely a model or prototype for what is to come). I seek to provide low cost interactivity with the site to business users, such as entrepreneurs, product managers, or executives responsible for their company’s strategic thinking, so they can quickly define their optimal strategic framework, thereby elucidating optimal marketing and business development tactics and action plans to more effectively support their strategic business framework.

    Googling for terms apparently competitive to my effort produces dozens, if not hundreds, of existing informational sites for strategy and tactical marketing things to do, a lot of theory, but little, if any, cost effective and meaningful assistance to users hungry for serious business action. After you review a couple dozen, you will find, as I have, a relatively high degree of consistency reflecting what various parties have learned from their MBA programs or from real world experience. All good stuff. A site where you can interact with the elements of your strategic variables to review the most appropriate tactical action plans recommended by your strategic framework does not seem to exist. So often in my corporate and client experiences, I found they did things, “…because that’s what we’ve always done.” In my humble opinion one should seek to follow the sound advice provided by Ted Levitt in his seminal article, “Differentiation of Anything.”

    I intend to offer the first 50 or 100 clients wanting to use the site the opportunity to “try it on for size” at no, or at least nominally minimal, cost (with the proviso that it is in development, etc.). By that means I build in my own market research and development effort at no serious cost to myself, other than my time. While I have dozens of my own experiences over 40 years in various marketing and business development fields, it is not as valuable as new users seeking new information about their own special situations. Combining the new data with my own historical experiences, I intend to build a database to drive my responses to the client answers to my questionnaire. I doubt it will ever be “fully automatic,” although over time I expect I hope to minimize my personal time on the responses. I do seek to drive bigger consulting projects via the website, though, so personal interaction should have its just rewards.

    While I do simple websites for my own use and for clients, to do it right, this one requires a level of sophistication using a database driven, interactive site that I do not currently possess. It also requires, of course, a hosting location that can facilitate the database driven, interaction. For my simple sites I tend to use free hosting, like I need to step it up a bit for this one. I will also need some effective SEO efforts to get at the top of the search engines.

    Thank you for this opportunity to be considered in your contest.

  • World News

    After traveling countries like India, South East Asia and talking to people knowing spirituality I want to start a website like a forum for travelers like this

  • Saqib Khan

    I think this is an interesting contest. I’ve gone through most of the ideas submitted. Many of them, although good are basically ideas for a full-fledged site like those planning to start a social networking site, something that cannot be done by a single person.

    And many of the hopefuls haven’t outlined their line of action, how they intend to take the idea forward if they win.

    Personally I like Arnold Singson’s idea of doing something for the IPs. Now that is something pretty much doable in the context of this contest.

    And now here’s my own idea for a website:

    Photography to Riches:
    Photography to riches would be an experiment in creating a source of income through photography by way of a website.

    Right now I’m earning zero income through this passion of mine. In one year I intend to earn $2,000 per month through multiple sources of income all related to photography and by highlighting this journey of going from zero to hero in just a year, all channeled through this website.

    The site would be targeted towards all the photography enthusiasts who have been unable to take their skills to the next level.

    USP (Unique Selling Proposition):
    Most of the sites pertaining to photography are either how-to sites, camera review sites, stock photo sites or sites by photographers showcasing their talent or promoting their services, which is mostly wedding photography.

    There’s no site that actually takes the reader on a journey of how one became a photographer, what were the hurdles in starting out, what were the pitfalls along the way and how did you overcome them.

    So instead of publishing how-to articles of how to take a photograph, what camera and settings to use and what props to use – things that the internet is already brimming with, I will showcase my own trials and tribulations. Instead of taking a condescending tone of an expert, it would be sort of an autobiographical account of sharing all my experiences and mistakes as I delve deeper into the world of photography.

    The Works:
    1. how did I research for my first DSLR, who did I ask for, which sites helped me out
    2. what camera I finally ended up with
    3. What other equipment I bought along with it?
    4. What other equipment I intend to buy
    5. Whether I’m satisfied with my camera and what other camera I intend to purchase
    6. What places I’ve visited to take photographs and difficulties faced
    7. What objects I’ve photographed and how did they turn out
    8. Photos I’ve submitted to stock photo sites and their fate
    9. How much I’ve earned from the approved photos.
    10. Why any particular photo was not approved, asking about it on the stock site forum and sharing the responses and advice I get with my readers on this site
    11. Sharing how much I earn from each stock site and which stock site pays the best and on which one it is easier to sell photos.
    Most of the posts would be accompanied by photographs I’ve taken, both the good and the bad and how did I compose a particular photograph.

    Most niche sites never interview the successful people in that category. Most webmasters are so caught up in their own expertise that they fear admitting and showcasing someone else in their field to be an equally good expert.

    I on the other hand will find and interview all photographers I can find to inspire my readers. Right from the pros down to the amateurs. The rationale is to drive home the point that making good sums of money is very much possible, as proven by these fine people already earning substantial income from it. And just because I haven’t started earning good money from it as yet doesn’t mean that the path I’m following and guiding others towards won’t lead to a path of riches and prosperity in this niche.

    In addition to the day-to-day photos that I take, I would also be showcasing the thousands of photos I’ve taken with point and shoot cameras, both reel and digital, taken over a 20 year period.
    That would show my progression before and after I started taking photography seriously.

    The sidebar will show the statistics of how many photographs I’ve taken with a particular camera or mobile phone.

    In the sidebar would also be a meter showing how much money I’ve earned in a month as well as cumulative from stock photos, website advertising and freelance photography opportunities. The web revenue would be further sub-divided into adsense, direct advertisers or ads served through OpenX network. All these details would be shared with the readers of the site.

    Apart from the sidebar meter showing monthly summary of revenue, a monthly report in the form of a post would also be published highlighting the detailed breakdown of all revenue streams. It would also show the opportunities that materialized in that month and lost opportunities along the way.

    Promotion would be done through your usual Web 2.0 tools. Both Pinterest and Instagram would be probed and leveraged intensely while my existing profiles on Facebook and other networks would also be used to promote the website.

    People are interested in a human voice, be it in the form of words, to connect and follow. Most of the sites in any segment or niche fail to achieve that, following the format of a news site. Pat Flynn is a successful blogger whose secret to success has been the path he has taken, sharing his wealth reports in a transparent manner with his readers so that they know precisely how much they’ll be able to benefit in monetary terms by following his techniques.

    I intend to do something along the same lines but in an even more personalized way.

  • Ishan

    Actually I want to create many sites! The main thing is that has gone dead due to hosting problems! So I would invite them to host to zyma as a friend! Also I have a developer website and I want to create tools that help all newbies! Also many secret programs that would rock the world!

    I dont want to elaborate, but My Destination is fixed! If you help me or not!

  • Artiffex

    Sounds really great contest and i hope i win because i’ve got so much love for what i’m doing and i’m sure my work is being appreciated!
    Well i just finished my cooking school and i’m already working on a greek cooking website and i’ve got pretty much good population for the only 2 months the website is running.
    My posts about recipes and other stuff have full informations and not just ”take , put , sprinkle , etc.” ..
    I’d like to work on an english one too , meaning that i want to expand my knowledge and also learn on the english part!
    I remember some nights that random people emailed me just to ask some few things about their cooking plans , and i left all my work ( blogging etc. ) just to stay with them on skype and analyze everything ..
    I love writing-reading and share my ideas with other people!
    My moto is that if you love doing what you do , you can bring the world upside down and make your life a better place.
    Would love to work with zyma .I’m sure they are a great company and we will together make a perfect project about cooking.
    Artiffex From Cooking Experts Greece

  • Rekha Seshadri

    My website cum blog under construction (will be hosted by blogger for a while) focuses on the very topics I write for clients for now. It’s are basically aimed at girls and women from the age of 18 – 65.

    No, I am not going to change the world…just trying to create a go to website for technology, software, blogging, health and fashion, personal finance, culture, lifestyle and travel with tips, tricks, to dos, trends and the like.

    Guys aren’t banned from visiting but they have enough sites that cater to them. I feel a lot of women, especially Indian, shy away from using technology, sweep away their health related problems and avoid dealing with their finances.

    I want to see if I can swim against the current and succeed with a generalist overview rather than going for a niche site.

    If all this talk leaves you puzzled and confused, couldn’t possibly blame you. 🙂

  • Elena @ Blog Giveaway

    I have a passion for health and fitness and would like to start a new website about anti aging to give tips about how to slow down the aging process through healthy living.

  • Abdullah

    I Am ABdullah Currently Studying Software development and engineering..
    I Want to Host a site in which young professionals like me who are new in the field of Software development can Expose their Softwares to others In the field And Do troubleshooting With the help of Professionals..

  • Otavio Tavares

    Nothing so original, but really needed in my country, Brasil (or Brazil, as you like): a site coaching people to earn profits with the Internet and Social Networks.
    Brasil rised at the 5th largest economy in the world, but still far away from this position in Internet market, and I hope to grow in this niche.

  • Shirley

    great contest

    Would love to transfer my blogspot over. it’s all about fashion.


  • Ian

    After spending two years travelling in India, Nepal and South East Asia and meeting many people doing similar journeys and delving into the alternative therapies and spirituality that is on offer in these countries I would like to create a website as a forum for these travellers.
    There are so many different courses, retreat centres, yoga schools etc on offer and it is often difficult to get clear information about the content of the teachings, quality of accomodation and food.
    As a result it is hard to choose which is the right place for each individual to study at. Every monk has his path and this forum would be an opportunity for people to share experiences, rate (in a non-judgemental way) the facilities and quality of teachers and provide a place for like minded people to share.
    I see this as a kind of Spiritual Tripadvisor and would love to make this happen with Zyma.



    I would like to launch a social and legal helpline website, where we help and protect needy people those unable to handle their court cases due lake of o money, knowledge of law and other reasons.
    In this website we find this type of people and help them to give justice

  • Lakhyajyoti

    Great contest. You make it really simple Daniel. I am not participating here, as I have already own 3 years hosting package from Zyma.

  • Arnold Singson

    I am an Indigenous People (IP) belonging to the Mandaya Tribe of the Philippines particularly in Davao Oriental, Mindanao. My community addressed me as Datu Makugi, a title given to an individual as a Tribal Leader with political and leadership skill.

    I want to have my first blog website with a domain name “Datu Makugi” because i want to help empower the indigenous peoples not only in the Philippines but as well as indigenous peoples in some other countries. Indigenous Peoples are belong to the marginalized sector, though they owned hundreds of thousands of hectares of ancestral lands full of natural resources.

    There are more than 300 million indigenous peoples around the world. Some lives in the most developed countries but majority are in the Third World countries.

    I want to start a blog advocating and promoting the rights of the indigenous peoples. Empowering them through knowledge, information, peace and development. Economically and politically are the only missing link that would take the IP to the next level in order to achieve power, health and happiness.

    Currently i,m working with an Indigenous Peoples Organization (IPO) as member of the Executive Committee. I have so many interesting contents that would eventually help create a community of empowered indigenous peoples.

    I hope this comment to Daniel Scocco and my entry to the contest with Zyma will find it’s merit for your consideration. I have researced and compared with other popular Web Hosting companies and I found Zyma with premium services. Thank you.

  • Arpit Pratap Singh

    Hello there!!

    What I think of is side by side displaying of posts of How to’s or any informative Blog posts .
    Both on the same topic , One Thats Geeky ,Has some nerdy messy terms ..

    While the other is easy , grandma would understand .
    Therby catering the needs of both audiences .

    ( I see this as a very common problem , for eg. On issues related to

    computer software , I dont want the stupid 3 page

    explanation of each and every thing , While the

    reverse for something related to say Meta cognition )

    One can make two characters like jack says :
    while james says : and call the Blog as jack vs james
    and the reader chooses which one to read or both .

    Well Thanks for the opppurtunity and pardon my english.

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