Convert HTML Websites into PDF

By Daniel Scocco

On some occasions you might want or need to convert a website or a specific web page into a PDF document. For example, if you came across a really interesting article that you want to save locally in your computer for future reference.

html website to pdf convert

There is a really efficient web tool for that purpose called HTML-PDF-Converter. You just need to type the URL of the website or page, and in a matter of seconds a download window will open asking where you want to save the PDF document. The quality is pretty good, too.


34 Responses to “Convert HTML Websites into PDF”

  • emden09

    Sorry to say, but the Headline is missleading. The tool does not convert Websites but webpages to html. Very anoying to me to try this and fail.

  • ravi

    PDF files are always easier to read locally than HTML

  • Jijo

    The site looks unique and nice. But i don’t find any difficulty to create a PDF file without converting and HTML page.

  • HTML to PDF

    that was some sort of good solution – there are some other good solutions available into the market but this sems to be the best so far.. .

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