Daily Blog Tips Has a New Look

By Daniel Scocco

Daily Blog Tips is approaching its one year anniversary and I felt that it was about time to redesign it. The elements from the last theme were conserved, but now the site should be even cleaner and using the overall space more efficiently.

In simple words, the site is looking just as I want it, and hopefully this theme will support DBT for a long time.

The monetization scheme was also needing an update, so the sponsors gained more visibility, with all of the 125×125 blocks being displayed above the fold now. Other changes include the width of the content column which was slightly increased (in order to keep the legibility of the content high) and the “Categories” sidebar that was moved to the left side.

The logo and template were created by a designer that works for me. My friend Brian Gardner implemented it into a functional WordPress theme.

If you have any suggestion or find any bug please let me know and we will solve it promptly. It will probably be one day until we polish all the details, so do not worry if you see things flying around.


66 Responses to “Daily Blog Tips Has a New Look”

  • Ian Stewart

    Looks great! A clean look like this should serve you well for years. And I’m glad to see your logo finally linking back to ‘home’. Now I’ll stop clicking on it in frustration. 😉

  • Kidblogger :: Carl Ocab

    Wow, the theme sooo slick and clean! It almost doesn’t load. I like the logo too.

    Though Maybe you an brighten the rss pics. It’s too lonely up there. 🙂

  • Michael

    I really love the new design, it looks great. I have been thinking about getting a new design made up for my blog but my budget is a little small which makes things a bit tough. Maybe I’ll have to resort to making my own theme by modding someone elses, I just wish my photoshop skills were a bit better (they are actually quite terrible to be honest).

  • Daniel

    Thanks for the nice words.

    Ian, yeah I was planning to fix the “unclickable” logo for a long time already :).

    Kidblogger, I might experiment with an RSS box on top of the left sidebar, thanks for the input.

  • AL

    The new logo’s pretty sharp (better than the old pale one). Good work.

  • Darren

    congratulations – very professional!

  • Daniel

    Thanks Darren!

  • Andrew Flusche

    Daniel – This looks great! One suggestion – I loved how the old theme differentiated “official” DBT comments with the little image. Are you going to integrate something like that again?

  • Tibi Puiu

    Love the new theme. Looks sleek and clean, very professional :D.

  • Daniel

    Yeah I will Andrew. Just need to change the code on the comments form.

    If you want to know how to customize that check this post:

  • Sotek

    Congratulations! Very neat, simple and professional.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Shankar Ganesh

    Finally what I asked you for in the last theme – Clickable logo! Very nice and neat 🙂

  • David Airey

    I think this is a great improvement over your last design. The last one worked well, but this, as you say, will keep you going for some time.

    I’ve never been a fan of reflections in logos, but great job Daniel, and best of luck for the next year.

  • Todor

    Very nice, clean theme for great reader experience. Nice work!

  • JohnTP

    Congrats Daniel! The new theme loads even faster.

  • julian

    Great work Daniel, well done.

    I agree with Sotek, “Very neat, simple and professional”.

    I think that a “search” or “find” button may be useful for the search area. Most people will know to push return to do a search but some less experienced users will not. Just a suggestion. 🙂

  • Sandra

    Congrats on the new design. I love the colors, it’s very sleek! Nice improvement…

  • Jamaipanese

    I like it, excellent work

  • Nice from Thailand

    hmmm somehow I like the old look more 🙁 Maybe it’s too white/bright for me, my eyes hurt. The white/blue color scheme make it look like those “Make Money Online” websites.

  • Daniel

    Julian, yeah a search button might help.

    Nice from Thailand, there is a lot of white space on the new theme, hopefully once you will get used you like this one better than the last :).

    As JohnTP noticed I paid particular attention to the load time and responsiveness, that is one of the reasons for going minimalistic (the other is that I really like clean stuff).

  • Kevin Muldoon

    I love the new theme Daniel. The color scheme is much more welcoming.

  • Egon

    Wow, looks great Daniel. I remember when you switched from the old “Fresh” theme to your now old one, haha. Seems like just yesterday 🙂 So will you offer the recently old theme up for free download now like you did the other one?

  • knupNET

    I like it… Good stuff! Always refreshing seeing a new theme.

  • Daniel

    Egon, I am not sure if people would be able to use my old theme since it was heavily customized for my needs. What do you think?

  • Ash Haque

    Looks very nice! Just a few thoughts, why don’t you go to a image sprites technique? It could save you a few kb in total image size and you could also do some nice hover techniques.

    For example the rss buttons on the top right would look pretty slick if they got brighter when you hovered over them.

  • Egon

    Daniel, I see what you mean. Perhaps if you went in and generalized some of the code for more of a widespread use, it might work. I can see it still being very valuable to people that could use it though. How hard would it be to go in and generalize the code?

  • Daniel

    Not that hard, give me one week or so and I will see what I can do.

  • Rod

    Great design, Daniel. I’m toying with the idea of a more minimalist theme for my site, as well, but just haven’t found the right one yet. This is very clean and well laid out.

  • thewild1

    new theme is looking very clean and nice

  • Scoot

    I like it. Also wondering if you like the 3 column format. I have been trying different themes on my new blog and it seems the 3 column is the most versatile. Is that why you changed?

  • Daniel

    Scoot, I was already using 3 columns before. What changed is that I had 2 sidebars on the right and content on the left.

    It depends on what you have to be displayed. For DBT, moving one sidebar to the left side made the distribution of the content more efficient.

    I think any setup can work, even 2 columns works great for some blogs. Depends on what you want to put there.

  • David Finch

    The new theme looks really great! Very clean and professional. Great job!!

  • Vincent Chow

    Clean and simple. But the old one give me more”DBT” feel. Keep it up 🙂

  • darin carter

    man brian does good work!!!

  • TheGreatMaster

    I liked the old theme, but this theme is also a great choose. Congratilation and keep on the good work.

  • Ryan Imel

    Looks good. I’m a fan of simple and clean too. I look forward to seeing this one develop, just like the last did.

  • Mohsin

    This looks amazing. Clean, simple and lightweight.

  • Malin

    It’s looking great. Awesome eye candy. I like how it’s so clean and organized.

  • Stanimir

    Great new look keep up the good work!

  • donald

    More readable and noticeably faster load time.

    The submit comment button styling needs correcting, as it is taking the styling from the form inputs of just plain white (Firefox). I assume this was likely an oversight, as it is most definitely poor usability to have a submit button look visually the same as a textbox input, it is also missing a hover state and cursor pointer indicator that it is clickable.

  • Daniel

    donald, thanks for the input, fixing that.

  • Bob

    nice design! seems to load a lot faster

  • Skellie

    I like it too. It’s very clean and simple.

    My only suggestion would be to change the ‘RSS Feeds’ graphic to ‘RSS Feed’, as it only links to one feed — at the moment it seems like it might take you to a page of feeds.

    I’d also move the feed count above the fold as it’s great for social proof. I think you can do away with the other subscribe buttons under the subscriber count as we’re all bloggers here and know how to extract a feed from a feedburner chicklet ;).

  • Roberto Alamos

    Mmm yeah it’s pretty fast, that’s good but I don’t like it 🙁 it’s just too clean 😛 It’s like the exact opposite of other problogger’s recent theme switchs: john chow and darren rowse made the switch to bloated themes, while daniel did came with a perfect example of a minimalist theme. I prefer the exact average between those 2 approaches 😉

  • Jeremy Steele

    Nice and clean, I like it.

  • Steven Snell

    It looks great. I like the fact that it is still recognizable and somewhat subtle changes from the old theme.

  • inspirationbit

    Not crazy about the “Web 2.0”-ish logo with the reflection, but the rest of the site is very easy on the eye, clean. I’d spruce up the comments section a bit, though it fits well with the minimalistic style of the new design.

  • Ramesh

    Beautiful theme Daniel. Are you going to change your favicon? O.k how about releasing your old theme? You know someones trash could be others treasure.

  • Jermayn Parker

    I actually think it is a bit too bare and empty. The footer also seems fairly pointless and seeing it is coloured/ styled it kinder sticks out like a sore thumb.

    Also maybe some more ways of finding content under the ‘popular posts’ could be an option.

    Overall I do like it and while the minilist look is good and can be practicable, I personally lean towards colour and style

  • Costa Fong

    NICE! Very easy on the eyes and I agree with most of the others, Loads much faster now.

  • Technobuzz.net

    Nice design

  • srini

    neat and well designed… nice look n feel

  • Daniel

    Thanks for all the inputs!

    Skelling, I think RSS Feeds is not wrong since when you click there you get an Atom feed, an RSS 0.9 feed or a RSS 2.0 feed depending on your reader :). But yeah I also thought that maybe RSS Feed was better.

    Ramesh, the favicon is changed, but I think you need to reset firefox to see the new one, I never understood how come favicons are so sticky.

    Jermayn, as the time goes we will ad more stuff to the theme, so it will fill the empty space.

  • Patrix

    Love the clean clutter-free look. Hopefully you won’t have animated flashy ads on the right.

  • Daniel

    Patrix, I will not :).

  • David Culpepper

    Very nice! I like it…

  • Jermayn Parker

    @Daniel, thanks for answering my comments.

    I look forward in seeing what you will continue to do with the theme, its got potential and heaps of room to add stuff too 🙂

  • Hyder

    Congratulations on the new look, it’s look very professional.

  • dan

    clean and simple, but more up-to-date/modern, like it 😉

  • Thilak

    The new theme looks pretty impressive. It loads faster than ever. Simple and Sweet, just as I like it!

  • AgentSully

    do you allow others to use this theme? It looks great!

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