Daily Blog Tips Has a New Look

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

Daily Blog Tips is approaching its one year anniversary and I felt that it was about time to redesign it. The elements from the last theme were conserved, but now the site should be even cleaner and using the overall space more efficiently.

In simple words, the site is looking just as I want it, and hopefully this theme will support DBT for a long time.

The monetization scheme was also needing an update, so the sponsors gained more visibility, with all of the 125×125 blocks being displayed above the fold now. Other changes include the width of the content column which was slightly increased (in order to keep the legibility of the content high) and the “Categories” sidebar that was moved to the left side.

The logo and template were created by a designer that works for me. My friend Brian Gardner implemented it into a functional WordPress theme.

If you have any suggestion or find any bug please let me know and we will solve it promptly. It will probably be one day until we polish all the details, so do not worry if you see things flying around.

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  • AgentSully

    do you allow others to use this theme? It looks great!

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