Daily Blog Tips Now Features Post Excerpts on the Homepage

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

I have been considering the option of displaying only post excerpts on the front page for some time already. In fact, a couple of months ago I wrote a post titled “Post excerpts on the Homepage?” where I presented both advantages and disadvantages for this issue.

There was quite a vivid discussion on the comment section, but the result was a wide spread of opinions. Some like it, some are neutral, and some don’t like it.

Why did I decide to go with post excerpts?

First of all to make the content more accessible. The reader can now easily scan through the most recent posts. Previously we had 4 full posts on the Homepage, so even if you were not interested in the most recent one you would need to scroll down through it. Now we have 8 excerpts, so readers can pick only what they want to read.

Secondly, I think that this might increase the reader interaction as well. Now you will inevitably see the comments at the end of the single posts. Sometimes the comments that emerge are more interesting than the posts that I write in the first place…

Some people prefer to read full posts on the Homepage, I know, but hopefully one extra click will not represent any hassle.

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41 Responses to “Daily Blog Tips Now Features Post Excerpts on the Homepage”

  • JTPRATT’s Blogging Mistakes

    I still prefer the entire post on the home page, but that’s just me personally.

  • Ray Fowler

    I show the full post both on the home page and in the feed unless the post seems long enough to warrant using the more tag. I figure if people just want to scan more quickly they will go to the archives page. (But I could be figuring wrong!)

  • Steven

    I like seeing excerpts on the homepage. It’s much easier to scan several titles to see what’s of interest.

  • Daniel

    Currently I am doing it manually, but also working with a friend to see if we can make this automated.

  • Bret

    Good idea. I do something similar and like the idea of displaying the full content of your most recent article and then excerpts of the rest. When I do this I have to manually keep changed how articles appear using the more tag. I’ve been thinking about coming up with a PHP solution that will do it automatically. Daniel, are you manually adjusting each article as it ages in the loop or is it happening automatically for you?

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