Deep Blue WordPress Theme Released

Daniel Scocco

I am glad to finally release the first free WordPress theme by Daily Blog Tips. The plan is to release a new one every couple of months. All themes will be functional and optimized, since I know what bloggers are looking for when they download a theme for their site.


Deep Blue is an elegant theme created by Nathan Rice. The theme was specifically designed to include a 336×280 Adsense unit on top of the sidebar. Google confirms that this is the best performing Adsense format, so the layout should enable bloggers to monetize their site efficiently without compromising the user experience.

Nathan did an outstanding job creating many useful features for the theme, including:

  • Easy Adsense Integration: The theme comes with a ad.php file where you just need to paste your Adsense code and it will be displayed on the sidebar automatically
  • Search Engine Optimization: The meta and title tags are already optimized for search engines.
  • Easy Feedburner Integration: The “Theme Options” section inside the WordPress control panel enables the blogger to insert his Feedburner URL, which will be used all over the theme.
  • Customizable Sidebar: The sidebar already comes with a pretty “Popular Posts” section, and it splits automatically into two sidebars below it.
  • Expandable Menu Tabs: The tabs will automatically resize to match the size of the links on the menu.
  • Comments Styling: Author comments have a different style.

Update: Due to popular demand we have also included a theme version designed to display 6 125×125 ad blocks on the right sidebar. This version comes with an “Ads” folder inside the “Images” folder. You just need to place your banners there and update the ad.php file with their name. Below you will find a screenshot with the 125×125 ads.


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258 Responses to “Deep Blue WordPress Theme Released”

  • Idrees Patel

    Hi Daniel, I use your theme on my Writers Treasure site and love it. I have one question: how do I put a logo in my header? Right now I’ve just changed the typeface in style.css, but I want to change the entire header. Any tips?

  • Alex

    I am having a hard time pasting code from adsense into the top box.

    Where exactly do I place the code?

  • jim

    I’m having the same problems as Marcelo. I want my default page to be a “Welcome” page that I created. I want my blog page to be a “Blog” page that I created and assigned as the blog from the dashboard. The “home” tab will take me to the “welcome” page but what I really want is to delete it. The “home” page is not available on the dashboard like the other pages. I would make the “home” page the blog but I still want the static page “welcome” to be the default. If I make “home” page the blog but “welcome” the default it won’t access the home page (redirects to the “welcome” page). How can I delete the “home” page altogether? I’m very excited to use this theme for an upcoming campaign. Great design!

  • Steve

    Perfect for my needs, but how do I enable user registration and login?

    Also would like to allow comments added for all pages. I checked the boxes, but no possibility for comments. Thank you for any help. I need it.

  • Michael J Ottman

    Hi, this is a great theme. I do graphic design and have a client that needs a header graphic added to this theme. Could you let me know how to add a header graphic to this theme please.

    He already has the theme installed and I’m ready to add the header graphic for him if you let me know how.

    This is kind of urgent so please get back to me soon. Thanks for your help.

    Michael J Ottman

  • Austin Estate Planning

    Really nice theme. I like it a lot. I like the added features like seo optimized, adsense ready, etc. These are good features. Thanks for putting this out.

  • dendi

    simple and goodlooking theme, I realy like it. I want to apply on my blog, n get fresh new look. I wonder my visitor will like my new theme with these deepblue sea.

  • bisnis internet

    I like this theme, i will use it. thanks.

  • Michael Erik

    I really like this theme and am using it for two blogs right now. Thanks so much for making this available for free. That’s a huge benefit to so many of us.

    I do have one problem though. Notice on my homepage my sticky post is also showing up on the right (below the Google ads) in the “Popular Articles” section.

    Yet on my individual pages my “Popular Articles” are listed on top and my sticky post does not show (the way I want “Popular Articles” to look on my home page!)

    Will this go away when I post more articles? If not, is there any way that I can modify something somewhere? I’ve tried to no avail, but suppose it’s something easy and quick. Do I have a choice to mod it so I can still keep “Popular Articles” and if not how do I remove it? Previous advice on how to remove it didn’t work. Thanks!

    – Michael Erik

  • Lana

    Excellent theme – simple and functional =)
    Good luck!

  • netspiren helse

    Great Theme. I will test it for one of my WP blogs awsome!

  • Alex

    Is this theme licensed?

  • bingo

    This theme is popular…A wonderful template.

  • helse

    Great Theme. I will test it for one of my WP blogs aws!

  • lÃ¥n

    Hello. I’m looking for sites where there is a lending guide. I found this, but there must be others in Denmark.

  • Shannon Aronin

    So I’m using Deep Blue and I love it. But I can’t figure out how to put my blog logo in the upper left corner of the header. HELP please!

  • jones

    This is absolute one of the best WP themes!

  • Craig

    Is anyone else having issues with the Google Sitemap Generator Plugin by Arne Brachhold not working correctly?

    It adding extra trailing slashes after my domain name in the xml file.

  • Trixi

    Blue is a serious color, the Page looks like more professional!

  • Trixi

    The theme looks like very professional. Great work – thanks!

  • ArmPauloFerreira

    This template is really wonderful.
    But today there is a problem with the resources of this templates. All images have desapeared and started displaing an error… i’ve change it from the location of your demo…

  • Web Hosting

    This theme is popular…A wonderful template.

  • fr0st33

    kool,i hav been looking for this for my blog

  • Matt in SF

    This is a pretty slick theme. Thanks for making this available.

    I am having the same issue as BestDesi. In IE7, IE8, and Firefox 3, there is an error with hover.js:

    missing ; before statement
    Line 1

    This does not result in any visualization errors, but visitors with IE have to confirm that they want to continue in spite of this error. Any idea how to fix this?

  • Pouladun

    Its a wonderful template, 🙂


  • Menol

    Great work!

    I’ve already installed your theme!

    Appreciate your generosity to give away such a great theme for free!


  • Annika, sista minuten resor

    The theme looks great.. But when I try to put in the adsense code in its rightful place, it doesn’t come out. I should take a look again after a few hours, maybe Google hasn’t put the ads yet.

  • Harvey

    Don’t worry i have found out what the problem was with AdSense. I had too many ads on the page!

  • LÃ¥n penge

    Thanks for the nice themes, they will definitely add some sparkle to my wordpress site. I prefer 336×280 ads.

  • Scott

    I wondered what it would take to put an additional widget block above the 125×125 ads that is full width like the ads, then another widget block below the l & R sidebars that was full width?

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