Did You Buy YourName.com Already?

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

All right let’s put this straight: if you read Daily Blog Tips regularly, there are good chances that one day you will become a web celebrity. If that is the case, you should register YourName.com before someone else does.

Now jokes apart, even if you just blog for hobby, I think it would be a wise idea to secure YourName.com. You never know what might happen in the future, what direction your career might take and so on, and for $9, registering your name on the Internet should definitely be worth it.

Take for example my situation. Right now I have no time whatsoever to start another project, even a small personal blog one. I am pretty sure that in the future I will want to share my personal opinions on different issues though, and perhaps even blog about topics like productivity or personal development. For that purpose I bought DanielScocco.com a while ago, and will just park it until I get the time or will to develop something on it.

Depending on your professional field, you could also use a website as a resume, and YourName.com is definitely the right domain for such a site.

Finally, owning YourName.com also reduces the chances of someone googling your name and finding the website of someone else. Google ergo sum is what they say. So what are you waiting for?

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  • Jerrick

    I do get it myname with.com to do my blog. That good that friend can search my blog with google search to write my name. Lucky my name is not been use by other before. For those who still haven’t get your own name in the domain name. Get it for yourself since it so cheap for a .com domain name.

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