Do not open new browser windows

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

When creating a link you can insert the <target="_blank"> attribute to make that link open in a new browser window. I must confess that I used to do that mistake when I started blogging. The logic was quite simple: “I will add the target attribute so that when users click on external links they will not leave my website but rather have a new window opened”.

The flaw behind this reasoning comes from the fact that opening unrequested browser windows will only upset the reader. You should leave the decision about where to open the link entirely to the end user. Also, do not worry about sending visitors to another websites, there is a reason why most browsers come with a huge “Back” button!

Update: If you are not convinced about this, read here, here, here and here.

Poll: Do you think that external links should open a new window? (closed)
Yes: 45%
No: 55%
(Total votes: 77)

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38 Responses to “Do not open new browser windows”

  • Anastasia

    I can argue about it. I get very irritated when links don’t open in new windows. I tend to close windows very wuickly thus I close the site I just left too.

  • Daily Good Tips

    Yes… I agree with you I also never add _blank code in my links because I hope reders will click back button after they visit the link. I will get new traffic.

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