Do Your Posts Pass The “So What?” Test?

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

Last year my buddy Chris Garrett wrote a really good post titled Who, What and So What?. It basically explains how most bloggers tend to focus on the topic they are writing, instead of focusing on the readers and on figuring out how they will benefit from the information.

Here is how Chris describers it:

A much overlooked aspect though is “So What?”. What should the reader take away? Where is the benefit? Why should we listen to you?

I agree with him completely, and I got admit that sometimes I commit this mistake too. That is, sometimes I focus too much on the idea I had for a post, simply because I think it is cool. Then after hitting the “Publish” button and not receiving a good feedback I realize that I forgot to put the readers into the equation….

Before writing and publishing your posts, therefore, remember to run the “so what?” test. What will your readers take away? Will it provide value to them?

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31 Responses to “Do Your Posts Pass The “So What?” Test?”

  • Magnolia

    I’ve come full circle on this idea and for those of us who wish to profit from our blogging needs to realize the truth in this.

    At first, I approached my blogging as more of a creative outlet. But, the problem with creativity is that it’s totally subjective and most people really don’t give a crap.

    Since I began to refocus my blog I’ve seen my blog traffic increase 100%. I have a LONG way to go yet, but the lights have certainly come on regarding the “so what” muster.

    In fact, I have asked myself that over many of my posts that provide a certain amount of warm fuzzy connection for my readers, but not a whole lot of useful, helpful information for “them”.

    Given my topic of perimenopause, this is really a very important factor that if overlooked will cause my blog to be mediocre at best.

    So, long winded way of saying…..’point well taken and I agree whole heartedly with you’

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