Don’t Miss The Webinar This Thursday

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

As I mentioned last week my friend Clay Collins will be running a webinar exclusively for the Daily Blog Tips readers about online product creation. I’ll be there too, and I believe the topics covered will help you a lot if you are planning to launch a product (either right now or in the future).

The webinar will take place tomorrow (Thursday 12) at 5pm Pacific (7pm Central, 8pm Eastern), and it’s completely free.

Here’s the sign-up link:


Below you’ll find some of the things Clay will be talking about:

  • How to combine your product development and marketing efforts so that you’re killing two birds with one stone . . . and creating proven marketing (effortlessly) while you’re creating your product.
  • How to start making money with your product even before you launch it, and why this method can actually improve the quality of the product itself.
  • How to determine with certainty, before you offer your product or program, how much you’re likely to sell.
  • How to turn people’s questions, comments, frustrations, and feedback into solid income (and make the exact product everyone’s been desperately wanting to buy)

See you there tomorrow.


5 Responses to “Don’t Miss The Webinar This Thursday”

  • jordan @ Dan Post Boots Review

    This is great, I’m ecstatic to find out what Clay Collins has to say about how to make money blogging. As a new student of affiliate marketing, I’m always looking for more ways to make money over the internet. I truly believe that the webinar itself is great to have for free, but also giving away a $47 ebook for free? I’d ask Clay if he were out of his mind for doing it, but in all honesty I’m so glad he did. Thanks a lot for doing this.

  • Tim

    Really happy that you’re offering this webinar. Thanks.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Les, nope we won’t talk about domains. We’ll be focusing on the product market research and product creation aspects.

  • Les

    Will the discussion include anything about domain naming? Having a hard time choosing from suggestions over at I know this will also impact product/service selling.

  • Rob Start

    Sounds interesting, especially the part about how you make money before even launching the product.

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