Drop A Comment if You Want to Win an iThemes Premium Theme

By Daniel Scocco - 1 minute read

Pretty much every week someone emails me to offer some kind of free product or service. Most of the times, however, you can see that it is a blatant promotional effort, where the other side is just interested in getting some exposure for his stuff. On those cases I just ignore it.

Sometimes, however, the freebies do have a good value for my readers, and on those occasions I am glad to cover them.

Last week I was talking with Cory Miller, founder of iThemes, and we ended up discussing the possibility to offer some themes for the DBT readers. I thought it would be cool since I am sure most of you guys could use a premium theme on your blog, and he liked the idea as well since it would showcase some of his latest work.

So here we go. We will be giving away 3 premium themes for 3 different readers. They have all sorts of themes there, from e-commerce templates to magazine styled ones. All you need to do to participate on the random draw is to comment below mentioning what iThemes theme you would like to win and why (i.e. what do you like on it).

iThemes has been a sponsor of my blogs for a long time, and I really endorse the quality of their work. In fact I even use their themes on many of my projects. Remember when I launched RSSDay.org a while ago? That site is using an iThemes theme.

Update: You have until the midnight of today to comment (the timestamp on the comment rules). Tomorrow I will announce the winners on this same post.

Update 2: I went to Random.org and generated three numbers randomly: 32, 73 and 100. Congrats to Sridhar Katakam, Saurav and Jemore. I will contact you soon with your prize. Thanks for everyone who participated!

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144 Responses to “Drop A Comment if You Want to Win an iThemes Premium Theme”

  • medyum

    I would like to win a simple and great template like DailyBlogTips.

  • DVD

    D’oh – I’m too late too! Any plans to run another competition?

  • DIY

    Darn…I’m too late.

  • Hussein

    Oops. I missed the contest. 🙁

  • Saurav

    I wonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
    thanks daniel
    My blog will get a makeover soon

  • Sridhar Katakam

    Daniel and ithemes: Received the link to free download of the premium theme. Thank you very much. This is perhaps the very first time I ever got lucky!

  • reggae-man

    Yup) Very interested)

  • drlovecat

    Great Idea

    I need to see your exam project.

  • Mahesh

    I like “Blogging Success” Theme, the color & thelayout is what like about the theme. And it matches with most of the Tech & Developer related blogs, so that is the theme of choice!

  • BloggerNewbie

    Thanks, it was fun!

  • Barbara

    I like the iNews Theme. I like it because there is not too much information on the front page, and the layout just seemed “pretty”.

  • Vamsi

    I would like to win the “iNews”. My friends and myself are planning to start a local community blog which will act a hub/news center, discussion place for everyone in the community. In “iNews”, I like the way that the theme fits in lot of content/posts on the main page and also separates the not so important posts into a separate column.

  • borakbola

    Wow cool prize. I would like to win it too :):)

  • Rui Cruz

    Blogging Success is a must have theme for my blog.
    – very cool menus
    – 5 colors (I test them all)
    – A orderes list with richicons
    – and a somewhat cheap for those who like that theme

    Whell, if I dont win it, I might be try to buy it myself. 🙂


  • David Bradley

    Okay…so the theme I like is Deep Order, but only because the name is marginally lewd…

  • David Bradley

    The one thing that worries me about using an off-the-shelf theme, premium or otherwise, is that there will be other sites out there that will closely resemble yours. How many of you have seen site after site using Cutline or the default WordPress themes? Even with a premium theme like Thesis, once people catch on to how good it is, there will be lots of sites running it.

    That said, I’d give it a try on one of my sites if I happened to win 😉


  • Medical Transcriptionist

    Feeling missed, couldn’t get on to this post before the deadline.

  • Blogguebo

    I really want to win iThemes Premium Theme for my upcoming magazine style template blog. Hope I’m the lucky winner Daniel. 🙂

  • JLow

    My readers would know that this is my 3rd theme.

    Fickle-minded me cannot decide on one that’s both appealing for the topic of my blog as well as a workable one for displaying ads effectively and flexibly…

    Anyway, here goes my comment entry.

  • Michelle

    me me me! I want to win!meeeee!

  • Steve

    I really love the iNews theme. I think its perfect for the news site I have been wanting to bring out.

  • Emir

    I never had premium theme…
    Would be nice to have one if I didn’t pass the time…

  • hammed

    Oh I don’t think I made it to the cutoff. Anyway, thanks for the offer. More power to your blog.

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