Why You Must be the First, in Google’s Search Results at Least!

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

People always say that you need to be in the first page of results in Google if you want to receive clicks, right? Well, this will hurt, but the reality is that merely being in the first page is not enough. In fact, if you are around the lowest positions, you could end up getting a meager 1% of the overall clicks on searches for those keywords.

This is a very hot topic, but strangely there it not a large amount of research around it. The most reliable study so far comes from the Cornell University. They used an eye tracking technology to discover what percentage of users would click on each of the 10 results appearing on the first page of Google for certain topics. The results, at least my opinion, are pretty shocking, as the image below illustrates (image via SEO Researcher):

click distribution google first results

Let’s use some numbers to understand it better. Even if you manage to rank in the first page of Google for a keyword that receives 2,000 searches per day, you could end up receiving only 28 clicks daily if you appear on the ninth position. Even the web page appearing in the second position will only receive 268. Not a bad number, but it pales in comparison to the 1126 clicks that the first result would reap.

It is a pity that we don’t have more data to confirm those numbers (if you do please share with us). Google would be in a very good position to find out these patterns, but I guess they have no interest to reveal them.

Regardless, the takeaway message is: there are increasing returns as you move up into the first page of results. if you are aiming to get organic traffic, therefore, you need to appear in the first position for your target keywords!

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43 Responses to “Why You Must be the First, in Google’s Search Results at Least!”

  • Shaun

    I just checked a keyword that was on page 1 and wasn’t getting as many clicks as I thought. No wonder, Position #7 owch.. put me down or put me up but get me out of there.

  • Emily

    Finally got listed on the second page of google search result.
    I hope its good.

  • Free arabic movies

    Thanks alot … put please try to help us .. with how to do that …
    how to be the first postion ??!!
    I know it’s by back links Right ????
    So … I need any help in how to get more quality backlinks!!!


  • f1f7

    60-70% of People generally scan the top 2-3 results and click on 1-2 of them. Others will go deeply. I generally see top 10 results and click on 2-3 sites due to tabbed browsing.

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