Friday Blogroll: bLaugh


This Friday I want to present the bLaugh blog, also known as the (Un)Official Comic of the Blogosphere! I have been subscribed to their RSS feed for a couple of weeks now, and those cartoons are really funny.


Authored by Brad Fitzpatric and Chris Pirillo, here is how they define the blog:

We love to laugh – so now we’re preparing the world to bLaugh! This is the (un)Official comic of the blogosphere – colorful, satirical, and comical. Expect parodies of “A-List” bloggers all the way down to the meme of the day – no holds barred.

They also have a big archive where you can find comics about almost any topic that appeared on the blogosphere. Check it out.

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5 Responses to “Friday Blogroll: bLaugh”

  • Daniel

    I was not familiar with that one Mark, thanks!

  • Mark Alves

    Another good comic that’s (usually) about the blogosphere is

  • engtech

    I finally cleaned out my RSS feeds (I started unsubscribing like mad to the ones I didn’t read).

    Now I just “read all” and hit “J”. If I want to save something to read later I put it on my shared items.

    RSS utopia!

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