Going To Advertise Your Website? Use a Landing Page!

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

This is one mistake that I did on my early blogging days. I wanted to experiment with paid advertising, so I created an AdWords account, and purchased a couple of banner ads as well.

I pointed all those ads to my homepage, put in the money, and crossed my fingers for the results.

After a month or so the traffic was coming, but it was not sticking around as I would have expected. The paid visitors were visiting few pages around the blog, and the conversion into subscribers was very low.

Then I thought: “Hmmm. There must be something I can do to improve the performance of those ads.”

After thinking and researching around a bit I came to answer: use a landing page!

Landing pages are as old as the Internet, I know, but somehow I was missing this key step, and I see many bloggers and webmasters doing the same mistake these days.

Whenever you buy advertising or plan a special event, it is essential to have a custom made landing page, tailored at the visitors that will be coming and structured with your goals in mind. This simple tweak can do wonders to your conversion rates.

Once I started using the landing page for my ads, twice as many paid visitors would end up subscribing to my blog.

If you want to check an example, you can find one of my landing pages here. There I have put a brief explanation of what the blog is about, an invitation for the visitor to subscribe, and a showcase with some of my best content.

As you can see, that page is much more friendly to a first time visitor than my homepage is.

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39 Responses to “Going To Advertise Your Website? Use a Landing Page!”

  • Keith Davis

    Hi Daniel
    Specific landing pages – just what I need or more precisely… the example you give a link to.
    This post is going into my favourites… thanks a lot.

  • zhuzhiyan

    I’ve been running some AdWords and have been optimizing as I go. I think a custom landing page is exactly what I need to do next.

  • medyum

    Daniel: What about links that someone leaves on other sites, such the link to my blog with this comment. Do you think such a link should be to a landing page or to the blog home page which contains the latest post? Thanks.

  • DJ

    There’s nothing better than LP!

  • diabetes man

    Thanks for sharing…I can learn from your experience….very great

  • Landing Page Keywords

    I just wrote a post on how I utilize Google Analytics to optimize my landing page keywords. I really don’t know if this is any big secret as I am sure lots of other people optimize their landing pages in this way, but it works for me and maybe someone else would be interested too.

  • DJ München

    Since I use Landingpages, the increase of conversions went up 40%.
    So now it’s time to analize…..

  • Amanda Evans

    Thanks for the great information on landing pages. I have read so much about them, some good, some bad, and have decided to finally see for myself if they really do work. When using paid advertising, like yourself I have it directed to my home page. I can’t wait to see what happens when I use a specifically designed landing page.

  • Dan

    Another great way to to increae the Quality and Relevance of your landing page for Adwords is to have your keywords in the landing page url (which is the Adwords destination url).

    For example, if your keyword is “adwords marketing”, make the landing page reside at the url http://www.adwords-marketing-tool.com/adwords-marketing.aspx

    Google will recognize the keywords and boost the Quality

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