Google Finally Rolls Out A New PageRank Update

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

For those of you who thought this was the end of nominal PageRank updates, well, it was not. Google is rolling a new update right now. Some people started noticing it yesterday, and I believe the ups and downs will continue over the weekend.

The last update had been on April 2010, so around nine months ago. That is quite a long time, especially if you consider at some periods in the past Google would roll a new PageRank update every three months or so.

The PR on most of my sites hasn’t changed a lot. Some of my niche sites gained 1 or 2 points, but that was it.

Judging by the comments on online forums I believe this update has an upward trend, as most people are seeing increases in their PageRanks.

What about you, did you see any fluctuations?

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55 Responses to “Google Finally Rolls Out A New PageRank Update”

  • john abhraham

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  • Usman

    This time Google is very strict in awarding higher page rank for new websites

  • Melvin

    Yeah, for the first time MelvinBlog got a pagerank, a pr 3. 🙂

    Anyhow most of my sites just maintained their current ranks

  • raybak

    Didn’t noticed a major chnage in my sites just one site earned 0 to 1 PR which I think is not bad..

  • Bill

    On another Google note, anyone else missing the Estimated CPC columun in the Google Adwords Keyword Tool? Thanx.

    • Bill

      Never mind, looks like it’s back or I was doing something stupid.

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