Google Is Rolling a PageRank Update Over the Weekend

By Daniel Scocco

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Google rolling a PageRank update on April 1st, but it looks like they waited until the weekend to roll it out.

The update looks like a subtle one to me. In fact the homepage of most of my sites didn’t see any PR fluctuation. I discovered the update while browsing through my blog and finding that some recent posts have already gained PR.

What about you, did you see any major PageRank fluctuations on your sites or around the web?

One thing made me happy though: the consistency of the updates. Last one had taken place in January 02/03, so this one is being rolled exactly three months after. I hope Google will finally keep a regular pace with the PageRank updates, as this would give more certainty to webmasters.


75 Responses to “Google Is Rolling a PageRank Update Over the Weekend”

  • Ishan

    Well, I have checked a few sites and PR seems to have changed.

    I am waiting for my blog’s PR to change. It went to 0 from 3 about 6 month ago due to me selling links. Any tips to get it back?(I have removed the links)

  • Anil Gupta

    Yeah, my scopeformoney blog gets Pr 2, before this update, it was PR 0

  • David

    that is what i love about google , consistency of the updates! they never stand at a point…. for this reason i use blogger instead of wordpress.

  • oceanlu

    Mine too, though it is only 1, anyway I’m still happy πŸ™‚

  • mrtom

    Yes, I’ve noticed a major change of PR today. I started my blog at a new address 3 months ago (I got my own domain). Until today the PR was 0, but it has reached PR=5.

  • Pascal

    Hi Daniel,

    I got page rank for my blog from 0 to 3. I got PR 3 for my two posts also. I got PR 2 for most of the pages (more than 25 posts).

    My channel also got PR 4.

    I am glad about this PR updates.

  • Melvin

    My blog is still pr0 for some very unknown reasons. I dont know, its been a pr0 ever since and I guess google doesn’t like the name melvin in the domain name, wht do you think? :))

    • mrtom

      yeah it looks like you’ve found the word banned by google. Bad luck πŸ˜‰ But seriously, how long have you been running your blog? In my opinion today’s update doesn’t mean updating PR of all the sites.

      • Keith Davis

        Why not all the sites?
        Is it done on an incremental basis?

    • Daniel Scocco

      Did you sell paid links at any point in time?

  • Robert

    Yup, one of my sites has just been updated from zero to page rank of 2 now, my other site hasn’t seen any change however

  • ebta

    My page rank still 0 after drop from 4 few months ago..
    I hope get better rank this time

  • baton

    > I hope Google will finally keep a regular pace with the PageRank updates, as this would give more certainty to webmasters.
    me, too
    And as for me, I had no fluctuations on my two blogs: 2 and 0 pr

  • Keith Davis

    Well spotted Daniel
    All my posts have gone to PR 2, which I’m pleased with.
    Main site still has PR 3 and blog has PR 2.

    Was hoping that main site might go up to PR 4…. next time maybe.

    Need a few tips from you Daniel on getting that PR higher.

  • Blogging Tips

    This update my blog’s PR remained same.(PR 2)

  • Andrew

    Well this is weird. A recent post of mine got PR5 while mine homepage has PR4… I thought that’s not possible. But maybe the update is not over and I’ll also get PR5 for the homepage (hopefully).

  • Rene Silva

    Thanks for the info, my blog regained its PR (3). I lost it when I changed from a blogspot subdomain πŸ™‚

  • Jay Was Here

    we just jumped from 0 to 3 thanks for the info.

  • Paul-Sorin TiΓ…Β£a

    I confirm the Google PR update. My blog (founded on January 2010) got the first-time PR: PR3. One of the sites i’m administering got PR3 from PR1.

  • Jay Willingham – CampusByte

    Yup new blog went to pr 3!

  • Sujith

    Whooooooooo celebration time started. My blogs page ranking doubled to 6 from 3

    • Keith Davis

      @Sujith – just checked your site PR 6!
      Fantastic – got any tips? LOL

    • Ann Krebber

      Hi Sujith,

      Congratz for your good luck. Very awesome. Can you share your tips?

      • sujith

        The tip for higher page rank updated visit my blog

  • Auto Sales Guy

    Yes! Google did an update last night.

  • Jan Husdal

    While my overall PR has remained the same for years now (PR5), and did so this time, too, I find it more interesting to look at how individual pages and posts are doing. Some go up, some down, some lose their ranking, some regain their ranking, and I can’t for my life figure out why.

  • CD

    I am a new blogger, got my blog out about a month ago. I did not even know what a PR means, but was reading online about the update. Imagine my surprise when my one month old blog, got a PR of 4! I have not spent a single penny on promoting so far…so was pretty surprised…pleasantly I must add…

  • Mathew Day

    Not much fluctuation for me, I gotta start putting in the work for next update. πŸ™‚

    Congrats to everyone who did get a increase in their PR, hard work pays off!

  • Furniture 247

    i got page rank 1 for one of my site and other sites lept same.

  • Agent Deepak

    My PR is same as before. Need to build some strong links.

  • gerns

    my pagerank change 0 now is 3…great

  • Steven Finch

    We have seen a change with a few of our sites. Overall there wasnt much change.

  • Michael Martin

    My site is brand new without any history or domain redirects and is a PR5 with the update this weekend.

  • Harrison

    I’m still at a 4. Went from 3 to 4 in January but nothing this time.

  • Jongeren

    My forum pagerank went from 0 to 4

    Thank you Google

  • Say No

    Three of my sites gained PR.

  • Miftahgeek

    I got PR2 !! πŸ˜€ Change from PR1

  • Nick

    Went from PR 0 to PR 3. Woot.

  • Siva

    Hello guys, how to know whether some pages of the website has gained PR?
    my home page site shows PR 0

    • Daniel Scocco

      You need to browse through the Internal pages.

  • AW

    I got a small but welcome lift from a 3 to a 4 which showed up yesterday. Quite nice having been on 3 for best part of a year.

  • Darren

    How would I check my page rank?

    I’ve tried some checkers and they all bring back different results.

    Is it done by checking google results? Or is there an actual method of checking?

    • Daniel Scocco

      Go to Google and type “google toolbar.”

      After you download and install it you just need to visit the site you wanna check the PR.

      • Darren

        Not a fan of using the Google toolbar, but I’ve set it up so i only see the Pr icon

  • Jay Was Here

    Went From 0 to 3….thanks for the update.

  • sani

    Got PR 2, Previously it was PR 1

  • Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT

    Thanks for the heads-up! I’d made some huge changes to my site last August – and I’m very pleased to say it finally regained it’s position (PR 4) prior to this transition.

  • BloggerDaily

    As you said, I also happy with the consistency of the updates. Hope it will give better impacts later on =)

  • Bryan Brackney

    Yay! now a 4!

  • lena

    This update was pretty good for me. My site went from PR 3 to PR 4 finally. And the most popular articles got PR 3 (from 0).
    But surprisingly was it that my friend’s blog and my mom’s blog which both are like 6 weeks old (I helped them set them up and gave some pieces of advice to get it running) went from PR 0 to PR 3 and PR 2 respectively.

  • Julius

    I haven’t really been paying attention to page rank for the past few weeks. thanks for this reminder!

  • Harsh Agrawal

    My website PR stats the same with PR 5. Though few of my new blogs and service all of them got PR 2 min and PR 3 max.. πŸ™‚

  • Qimi

    my blog PR drop from 3 to 2 . I would like you can give a few tips to improve my PR

  • Camper

    One of my underperforming sites picked up to go PR1, however my favourite site which gets all the love and links is still PR0. Oh well. Is there a fixed number of PR’s per keyword I wonder, I mean in 10 years time will there still only be a limited number of PR’s to go around?

    • Daniel Scocco

      PageRank does not use a limited range of numbers of absolute values, by rather floating point numbers, so the answer is no.

  • Kumar

    Dan, Just a general question on PR. Mine went up from 0 to 1. How much traffic does someone need to go to higher page rank ? Any thoughts on the page rank ?

    • Michael Martin


      Page Rank is not determined by traffic to your site, but simply the quality & quantity of inbound links & to a lesser extent internal links to the site and page itself.

      PR is more about visual candy & a cursory value estimate of a site as its really only effective in determining the value of a link coming FROM that page than any ranking determiner of the page itself.

      Much more important, but not publicly seen, is Google’s internal TrustRank of a site.

      ,Michael Martin

      • Kumar

        Thanks Martin for the clarification !

      • Antoony

        Hi Martin,

        QUOTE: [“……& to a lesser extent internal links to the site and page itself.”]

        I do not understand exactly what you mean. Can you make it clear? Thanks a lot Martin.

      • Michael Martin


        I don’t want to hijack Daniel’s post as he can speak on this as well as I can – also these comment threads are only 3 deep so I had to reply to my comment rather than yours directly.

        What I was describing is passing PR within your own site by internal links more so within content of other pages of the site – this works more effectively than internal navigation or sidebar links and absolutely over internal footer links.

        More so as an anomaly than anything my new site – – I started in late March with no history or power links, initiated with a PR 5 – so I don’t put much stock in these external PR numbers of visual candy πŸ™‚

        ,Michael Martin

  • reviewmylife

    The PageRank of my homepage went from 2 to 0. Anyone have any idea why?

    However the PageRank of my individual pages still seems to be the same as before. I don’t think there has been any effect on visitor numbers though, so I’m not too worried.

  • Jarrod@ Optimistic Journey

    I didn’t receive a change what-so-ever this past weekend. I was a PR4 about 2 months ago then I went down to a 3. Still a PR3 as of today!

  • Steve

    I got dinged on a couple of blogs but some new blogs gain page rank. I guess the updates let you know what is working and what isn’t working as far as SEO goes.

  • Michael Thomas

    We just updated our site a few weeks ago, and brand new pages have all been updated with new PageRank. I agree with you – hopefully Google will keep this update frequency so that we can have a more accurate understanding of where our sites rank!

  • reviewmylife

    Maybe their updates are still going on. After going from 2 to 0 at the weekend (as I wrote a few comments back), today (Thursday) my homepage PageRank has gone up to 3.

    So there was a period or 3-4 days when I was 0 during the change. Has anyone else seen this kind of behaviour?

  • Antoony

    Excuse me Daniel, I am new here, hope to be accepted here at your blog.

    I really hope google will remain its consistency of the updates. Yeah, like you said above that It will make webmasters have a certainty.

    Here I will share my case on google PR updates: I have one blog which gets only a dozen additional links receive PR 3 from n/a. But, the other one which gets hundreds additional links gets slap from PR 4 to PR 2 even though It does not utilized yet for monetizing. That’s the big G πŸ™‚

    Thanks Daniel,

  • Changsheng

    My blog got it’s first PR last weekend, thank you Daniel for the blogging tip newsletters:)

  • Pinoy @ How to blog

    Mine still has pr0 but I’m aware because I’m not building links yet

  • Marc

    I have noticed a lot of my “PR nothin” blogs just got a PR1 or 2, alas they are all pretty new.

    But the real shock is my “auto insurance” blog got PR3 and it’s only about a month old w/a new domain! I thought is was an error with my google toolbar where it shows pagerank, but nope, it is real.

    Looks cool, but what will it do for traffic and serp?

  • Abdul basith

    I have read this article one week ago. After read this i checked my blog’s pr status on It shows my pr is 1 (as before). But yesterday i have installed google toolbar(with pr status). When i go to my blog, pr status shows as 2. I go to and check it. That also show as 2. I am happy for that. Thanks for info, daniel. Please update when google updates PR.

  • Jayesh

    That is what i love about google , consistency of the updates! they never stand at a pointÒ€¦. for this reason i use blogger instead of wordpress.

  • Emmetson

    mine got PR=0 now. before that it was grey on the google toolbar on my firefox

  • Quarter Pie Interactive

    Hello Daniel, Do you know if there is a trend to the PR Update rollouts? I have done some major updates on one of my websites and waiting for the changes to affect the PR (positively hopefully). It seems like the next update is about 2 months from now if the last update was done after 3 months as you mentioned and if this is a regular trend about PR Updates.

  • jamal

    My site got PR from 0 to 2 it is nice to see when you finally got page rank i want to increase my alexa rank hmm waiting for some time.

  • Paul-Sorin TiΓ…Β£a

    When? Today?

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