Google PR Update: Here We Go Again!

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

Keep in mind there is nothing confirmed, but several people started to notice changes both in PageRank and backlinks count numbers.

One of my sites apparently gained PR as well. DailyBits went from a PR2 to a PR4.

I tried to check on Google’s data centers but most of them are behaving strangely (reporting a PR0 even for established websites). One tool that appears to be working is this one.

No one was expecting such an early PageRank update in 2008. The last one, as you probably can remember, happened late in October and it created a lot of buzz due to a new policy that Google decided to adopt towards websites that were selling text links without the nofollow tag.

Have you noticed any changes?

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121 Responses to “Google PR Update: Here We Go Again!”

  • baton

    Heey! Pr update today! 🙂
    As for links, I sell them on one blog, which was pr2, and still pr2, so if you sell links moderately, it will not influence noticeably

  • expertinn

    I was just searching some tools for predected page rank but it was very discouraging.
    You may seen there are some tools available to check the pr.
    These tools are basically set to measure only a few variables while as google measures are several times sophisticated. NO tool can tell you exact prediction even there are some websites tools which show very high or very low results.One you mentioned is showing pr10 is just set to display that while some of them are set to display zero. If you want to see reliability of the tool just check their own site for pr or some known site and you will see how the trend is set by so called tool masters.(say I have given subject for article on the issue)

  • Farooq Azam

    Google had not made the criteria public. It updates after 3 to 4 months.

  • Abhishek Gupta

    Google has updated its PR in December 2009, and I saw my website PR has been Increased but my friend website PR has not been increased and he was also doing link building for his website…can any body tell me how can its possible.

    Thanks for sharing

  • Jessica

    Google does not update pageranks like before every 3 months considering the last update was 4 months ago,now generally updates individual sites, to be honest no one knows whats going on with pagerank update anymore

  • Sem Services

    Today google has updated PR. 2 to 3 PR.

  • Window Film Guy

    I think today PR updated again. I had one site go from a 0 to a 2 and am very happy that it has moved up

  • medyum

    one site pr4 to pr3
    one site pr4 to pr4

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  • GMP

    I am really happy today!

    I got pr 2 in my new blog. It is just 2 months old!

  • oteller

    I was shocked today when I saw that one of my blogs was dropped from a PR 3 down to two. I thought we’d at least get a few months break before this all started again.

  • Free best software

    Today i’ve received two new updates – from PR0 ->>PR2 and PR1–>>PR2. Thanks Google !

  • Horst

    I got PR 2 from PR 3. 🙁

  • tuxalot

    Looks like Google did a PR update today. I now have a measly PR of 1. My site is only 1 month old so I can’t complain I guess. Promoting like a mad dog, trying to not pay too much attention to PR but it’s hard!

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