Google Released Page Speed for Firefox


Google just released a Firefox/Firebug add-on called Page Speed. It is basically a tool that will help you improve the loading performance of your website. After you run it, you will see a list with all the factors that would make your site load faster, with an image illustrating whether or not your website checks for each.

page speed

There are some similar plugins available for Firefox, but this one seems to be more robust. It checks for a wide range of optimization steps, including proxy caching, DNS lookups, CSS combination, Javascript loading and parallel downloads. Worth a try.

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32 Responses to “Google Released Page Speed for Firefox”

  • Jocuri Copii

    I have tried the Page Speed functionality in FireBug and it has helped me quite a lot in optimizing my site’s page loading speed. I have done everything that I could to optimize my site, except for the things that should be done by the hosting company like DNS lookups or gzip compression.

  • alex

    I use this plugin but my firefox crash or workly hard in anytime! What is problem?

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