Grab Your Facebook Vanity URL at Midnight


If you have used Facebook in the past, you probably have noticed that profile pages have really weird URLs, something like The problem with those URLs is that they are impossible to remember, can’t be shared easily and are not descriptive.

To fix the issue, Facebook will start letting its users pick “vanity URLs,” which will contain the name of the user. If your user is called John Doe, for instance, you should be able to pick or or some other combination of name and surname.


Well, you should be able to pick those URLs if you act fast. Facebook is opening the new URLs at midnight of this Friday (eastern time), and they already stated officially that it will work on a first come first served basis.

Unless you have a unique name, therefore, it should be worth to go there at 12:01 and secure your vanity URL.

Update: In order to access this feature, once you are logged in just go to

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40 Responses to “Grab Your Facebook Vanity URL at Midnight”

  • hikaye

    Great content. I just got mine…Thanks

  • Medyum

    You guys all missed the small print which says that you must already have a Facebook PAGE (not account) and that PAGE must be followed by at least 1000 people.

    FB has done a terrible job of getting that word out and there are going to be an awful lot of disappointed people at midnight tonight.

  • cam

    I just changed mine and signed up for twitter with the same username. Im also going to register so all three are the same. I plan to make a name for myself so this is ideal I guess.
    I was a bit late with my google profile, someone chose my name first so I had to settle for second best with a few numbers on the end.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @beepboop, thanks for the heads up 🙂 .

  • beepboop

    “very unique” == fail.

  • Panduan Bisnis online

    This is fantastic. I am going to add it to my sites. Thanks!

  • Mr. I

    Got ishan001! Not great but OK!

  • Saw CN

    Great content. I just got mine…Thanks

  • Tom Bradshaw

    Great find – those previous URLs are SO ugly!

  • GoBusiness101

    Yeah! I will get mine soon! Nice post

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