Have You Considered Doing a Flipbook?

Mark Zeni

If you are not familiar with the term, know that a Flipbook is an HTML page that simulates the behavior of a digital magazine, where users can read the content and flip the pages as he would with a book or magazine.

Creating an online Flipbook has several applications. For instances, you might use one to showcase your products or catalog, to present your content in a more engaging form and so on.


The cool thing is that as long as you can put your content in a PDF, there are many tools out there that will do the rest. You just need to upload the PDF and they will do the rest. This site has a lot of information about converting PDF to HTML5 Flipbooks, so check it out.

Alternatively, you can go directly to online tools that offer this feature, such as FlipSnack.com.

People seem to enjoy flipping through digital pages, as demonstrated by the success of the mobile app Flipboard. This means that using digital Flipbooks on your online marketing strategy could be a smart decision, so give it some thought!

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6 Responses to “Have You Considered Doing a Flipbook?”

  • sangeetha menon

    I went through both Flipbook and another I guess Yumudu (not sure). I wanted some toold that can give me the ability to give a download of such flip magazines to my readers in the form of an ebook other than the online reading/flipping.

    Can you suggest any please.

  • Prinxess Rabi

    i heard your podcast first time and its really informative, but what i found that most people do comments just for links or traffic and one more thing what do you think do comments also work for e-Commerce portal?

  • John Koslo


    I used a flipbook about 3 times for my marketing campaigns, and was about 5 pages long (short intro, building up positive expectancy, and then a call to action). I also did some split testing between a beautiful designed pdf book and a simple (black&white) book. I have to say that I almost did not get any conversions. After some surveys people mentioned they don’t like to “read” a book about a product. They prefer more to see a summary on one page and click through it. What worked best for me was a 2or3-step sales funnel with a tutorial. But I have the impression that marketing by using landing pages and those things is a little bit passed. One of the good things that works these days are Blogs with great quality content articles and sometimes a review about a product. – John Koslo of http://koslopolis.com

  • instaforex

    I think this to be a great idea concept…have never tried it, but I think it will improve engagement on our website.

  • Connor Rickett

    I’ve looked into it, and it’s always seemed labor intensive to do on one’s own, but most the online options want either too much money or too much control over the content.

    I just did a quick look through your PDF to HTML5 resource, though, and it looks pretty cool. Although, I think Yumpu might just have paid him, because he mentions Yumpu a Yumpu–I mean, a lot–he mentions Yumpu a lot. Yumpu.

  • Mike

    Pretty cool idea, first time im seeing it myself. One question, will this still function well when viewed from a mobile device since Google is now considering that for rankings?

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