Help to Set A World Record: Download Firefox 3

By Daniel Scocco

A couple of weeks ago we run a poll, asking the readers what was their favorite browser. Here are the results:

favorite browser

As you can see the vast majority prefers Firefox, but other browsers still had a good number of fans each.

Anyway, if you are not using Firefox yet and want to discover what the fuzz is all about, today you can do that and help to set a world record at the same time.

Today is the official launch date for Firefox 3, and the Mozilla foundation is trying to set a Guinness world record for the software with the largest number of downloads in a single day.

If you never user Firefox, I am sure you will love, and the version 3 is the fastest browser I have ever seen!

download firefox


37 Responses to “Help to Set A World Record: Download Firefox 3”

  • Glen Allsopp

    Hmm as soon as I click on download it offers me to download version 2

  • Daniel Scocco

    Hmm for me also. I guess it is a matter of hours before the download becomes available.

  • _ITALIA_

    Firefox3’s pledge-board already has more than 1,559,696 people that have downloaded or will download FF3 today! Looks like a record-breaker to me <=

  • SEO Genius

    Well i already use firefox 2.0 so i may as well go to 3.0 hopefully it will be as nice and smooth as 2.0.

    Do you know if all the plug ins work ok with 3.0 for example seo quake?

  • Daniel Scocco

    @SEO Genius, for plugins I don’t know, but I am sure Firefox 3 will be much better than FF 2.

  • Anil Gupta

    Firefox is my favorite browsing client. And I’m hoping that Firefox 3 will be more fast than its current versions

  • Tony

    Firefox is the absolute greatest browser, hands down.

  • Vishal

    I am ready to download it as soon as it hits the internet. I have even pledged to download it. As far as your poll is concerned I wasn’t able to vote for it, don’t know why.

    Anyways, we gotta set a record.

  • Glen Allsopp

    They haven’t shown it yet but you can use this link:; lang=en-US

  • richard

    BE AWARE!!

    I have been using the beta version of ff3 and downgraded to version 2 after a month or so. This was about a month ago.

    Reason: a lot of addons were not working under ff3beta

    I have no idea if this is solved, but I doubt it.


  • Glen Allsopp

    Most of mine are working

    The ones that aren’t include:

    – Delicious (I’m sure they’ll update this)
    – Digg this button
    – Smart Digg button

  • Anthony

    The Firefox 3 attempt at the record does not begin before 18.00 British Summer Time, 17.00 GMT. Don’t download before then and do it within the next 24 hours.

  • Supermance

    can’t wait for firefox 3 !, but i have to re-install my add ons again later 🙁

  • Sridhar Katakam

    For add-ons that don’t work w/ the latest version, you can try

  • Juraj

    I’m a big fan of Firefox and I have also added one of the download day buttons on my homepage to help manage the world record and spread this wonderful browser.

    Now I’m sad that the Firefox 3 is still not available on the download day. If they were not sure it would be ready till today, they could (should) set the release date a few days later (especially since they wanted as many users to download it on one particular day as possible). I think it’s a shame.

  • team ray

    thanks for the heads up

  • Juraj

    Sorry, I didn’t know it would start at 17:00 UTC 🙂 Now the Firefox 3 is already alive!

  • SEO Genius

    You can download firefox now! its all go!

  • Dan Cole

    This reminds me of roller coaster rides… The line is a mile and a half long!

  • Sridhar Katakam

    Gmail feels much zippier now in Firefox 3.

  • Matt

    If download is proving difficult you can get if from

  • David Herbert

    I did my part. I downloaded the new web browser a couple hours ago.

  • myBrainfart

    Why is firefox so much better than the others? It’s obvious why it’s better than IE, but what about Safari and Opera?

  • Ari Herzog

    Is it me, or are these comments more reminiscent of a Twitter exchange than a blog?

  • Melvin

    So how can I set a record then? 😉 I’m a firefox user since birth…


    It is the very first attempt for setting such a world record. No matter what the volume of downloads would be, the record is gonna be there in guinness.


  • Daniel Scocco

    @myBrainfart, I find FFox faster than those, and it has a collection of plugins and addons that is priceless.

  • BloggerNewbie

    Well, I’ve never even heard of FireFox but I’ll give it a try! How long has this browser been hangin around? I’m probably afraid of the answer – it may show that I live under a rock 🙂 I have been with IE for “100” years so…

  • Transcriptionist

    And the alt tag for the download image here is “downloadfirefox1” ?

  • karthik sridharan

    Firefox is extreme safer one. I am using version 3 for the past one month. Then and there you have to update some addons and plugins which will make our browsing more comfortable.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Transcriptionist, yeah why :)?

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